Shannon Beador: Kelly’s Comment Was Hurtful and Inappropriate


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog to react to the fight between Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge on this week’s episode of the RHOC. Beador believes that Kelly’s comments about Tamra’s daughter were completely out of line and unacceptable and she says that in next week’s episode the drama only gets worse.

“I can’t tell you how excited I was for our Ireland trip! I was living in a nightmare of boxes and just needed a few days to get away from it all…and not have to put on a bathing suit!!!

Ireland is absolutely beautiful! Our hotel was incredible! I was literally brought back to my life a few weeks ago prior to the move, because when I walked into my room, every detail reminded me of our old house! Old school and traditional — love it!

I know I sound silly, but I really wanted to get an Irish accent down by the end of the trip. Despite my numerous attempts at “Top of the mornin’” and “Top of the evenin’,” I just couldn’t put it together!

It was really nice that everyone got along at the beginning of the trip. We had a “whale of a time” at the pub crawl. Everyone was laughing and getting along together! But after Kelly consumed a few cocktails, the demeanor of the day drastically changed. Kelly’s sense of humor can be quite juvenile, and all of us were tired of her repeated nose-flicking practical joke. But when Kelly got wind that Vicki and Tamra were complaining about it, she took things to a whole new level. And it got worse from there. I know that Tamra had continually defended Kelly in times that were even unwarranted, so it was shocking to hear Kelly go off on her. Especially when Vicki was the person having a real issue with Kelly’s joke.

I was blown away when Tamra brought up that Kelly looked into Heather’s property records. Kelly’s explanation in defending herself made no sense. And then she moved into making racist remarks about Jewish people. I attempted to try and smooth things over with everyone, but it didn’t happen. It is interesting that Vicki is so close to Kelly, yet literally removed herself from the whole situation.

As we left the pub to go shopping, I still tried to have a conversation with Kelly to bring everyone back together on the way to the bus. And then she made a horrendous comment about Tamra and her oldest daughter. I am very close to Tamra and know the devastation she has been suffered in the last two years. I quickly told Kelly that her comment was hurtful and inappropriate. After we entered the store, Tamra asked me what Kelly and I were talking about on the way to the bus. I am not a liar, so I told her the comment made by Kelly. I know I will receive backlash from this, so I will say that if the tables were turned, I would absolutely want to hear what was said about me and I know that Tamra feels the same way.

Kelly pushed a very understandable button within Tamra. Tamra is an incredible mother that puts her children first. Always. Kelly knows the pain Tamra has experienced because she explained it at Meghan’s kitchen demo. But that is Kelly. I know it all too well. She comes up with the most hurtful thing she can say to someone and blurts it out — never giving consideration to the pain she will cause. She did it to me by saying, “No wonder David cheated on you,” and now she has done it with Tamra and her family situation. It is vicious, unbelievably cruel, and unacceptable behavior. And it will continue throughout the trip…

I was so surprised to see Kelly playing the victim with Meghan when we arrived home after the pub crawl. She is the one who started the attack. It’s mind boggling how she never takes responsibility for her actions.

It was probably best that Kelly didn’t join us for our Hooley Kickin’ night at Johnny Fox’s because we had an incredibly crazy fun time and there was no tension! I think it was truly one of the nights where I have laughed the hardest! We danced with the Irish dancers and sang with them all night!

Next week it gets uglier than I ever thought possible. Some people really know how to ruin an amazing vacation. Tune into see how that goes…”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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OMG! Kelly get back to the gutter where you belong!

Love you Suze ❤️❤️❤️ Team Shannon !!!

Love you too! Xoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️

I wonder who in the world goes to Ireland and on the second day, goes on a pub crawl instead of soaking in the atmosphere and people? As for Shannon, she owes NOBODY an explanation about anything. Kelly is a terrorist. She drops her bombs and then walks away like she did nothing wrong. She is beyond despicable.

What part of Ireland did they go to? I can’t watch so thought I would ask! Xoxoxxo

Dublin and elsewhere. I sent you some info. I found about it. ❤️❤️❤️

Hey Sandy ❤️❤️❤️ Yes Dublin , looked so beautiful

This is the link if it works for anyone else. I found it amusing…An Irish article from May when the women were in Ireland. They made fun of them….

Well…I had another link too…That one just poked fun at Meghan…not too much else. My error.

Put the other link on it was hilarious!

That guy in the picture with them was super adorable, it nothing else I enjoyed that pic 😀

Thanks Sandy! Xoxoxoxxo

Gigicat, the producers probably planned the itinerary. Nothing better to get drama out of the ladies, then sending them on an afternoon drink fest 😀

If Sandy puts the Vulture link on read it re the drinking it’s funny!

Suze, I’m afraid I don’t even know what that means?? lol.

Wait and see if Real Sandy puts another link on from Vulture, it’s really funny, written about the women beng the worst thing that has ever happened to Ireland, worse than the potato blight. Picking Kelly as the worst if she doesn’t I will.

Brian Moylan is very funny and he writes great blogs. I follow him on twiier too. I will post it here:

Twitter….I meant

I did laugh when I read it! Especially the potato blight/famine as that nearly brought Ireland to its knees. Thanks Sandyxoxox

Lighting his pubes on fire…I choked on my coffee a bit…I am okay. 😉

Lol Sandy, this link has made my day, it’s nice to get some amusement out of these women and there is none watching the show from what I read.

Oh my gosh, that article was fantastic. He took the words out of my mouth when he said this..”I promised to keep your secret” and then lords that secret over you. It’s even more annoying when that phrase precedes the exact secret they want credit for keeping.
I’ve been saying that for months and I agree with him. I despise when these women tell a secret that they think they were a good friend for previously keeping..ughh. so annoying. This guy was hysterical and spot on. Thanks for sharing Sandy 😀

Oh!! Thank you, Sandy. I loved that. From the first word to the last word. What a perfect description of why we are often called “Ugly Americans” in European countries. Many times when I was in a foreign country, some redneck would come in a coffeehouse or restaurant yelling “Does ANYONE her speak English?” As if they should or something. Finally I said to one guy, “Hey, buddy, why would they speak English, we are in FRANCE, why don’t you try to remember if anyone from here ever came into your business and screamed ( in a foreign language naturally… Read more »

Typo, “anyone in her, meaning HERE.”

I would be that redneck ha ha . Before my Nana passed she was planning a trip to France for us. The only catch was I had to try to learn french . She traveled all over in her younger days and spoke several languages . She said would never take me to another country unless I at least tried to learn the language

Misty, your Nana sounds like she was an amazing lady!

And you’re amazing too Suze ❤️❤️❤️❤️Xoxo

Thanks that’s very nice of you to say . She was the best ever

Rain, love you xoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

I agree, 3D’s. I went to Australia, on a group tour with my ex-husband about 30yrs ago. I was mortified at how some of the other people acted in the shops, towards clerks. So entitled and uppity. No class, no manners. One of the worst offenders, was some little snot, whose husband was a manager at a fast-food restaurant. You’d have thought she was a rich celeb or something.

I love Vulture and Brian Moylan. I read him as soon as I finish each show for a good, hearty belly laugh. I especially like his RHoNY articles- and how he always ties Jill Zarin in at the end as the diabolical mastermind behind all the shenanigans we see from the women! If he tied up every ending paragraph from that series into a single writing, it could make for a pretty hilarious fan-fiction mystery novel.

Sandy has put the link on below!

Ok above! Lol

I put it…somewhere?! 😮

It’s me not you cracking up! Xoxox

I cracked up a long time ago! 🙂

Lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Love you, Suze! ❤️❤️❤️

You’re welcome freedomgirl. Glad you liked it!
(I had no reply button and I don’t receive emails anymore…not sure why since I Subscribe.)

RealSandy, that was joyous read 🙂 thank you for sharing xoxo

Love ya, Rain! Xoxoxo
I clicked the link for C.H.U.D. too. That was funny as well since I was ignorant to that term describing Kelly’s husband. 😮
Brian Moylan writes weekly blogs about the show, but I miss them most of the time. He has a funny sense of humor, and even if I don’t always agree, I enjoy what he writes. This one said it all. He did exclude Heather getting thrown out of the store because of the Kelly Tamra fight, but I agreed with all of it.

I totally enjoyed it, and i just love funny writing lol. How are you doing today ?

I checked out that new comedy on ABC last night ‘American housewife’ or something like that . It was funny enough, I’ll give it another try. I also enjoy ‘the real O’neals’ . And after all these years, ‘Modern Family’ is still top notch. I’m getting more into comedies as I get older. I used to love dramas exclusively and hardly watched comedies
Have a great day ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Xoxoxo

I’m liking comedy more and more to, Rain. I still like drama, but I almost can not watch regular tv anymore. I am SO spoiled watching Amazon streaming video, that even ZIPPING the adds is annoying! I haven’t seen any of the new shows you are all talking about, but am glad you enjoy them. I do, very much, like the new James Bond though. I haven’t seen them all, the ones with Daniel Craig, but I plan to. I watch with my S-Daughter, so I wait until we are together, she likes them, and him, too. I have to… Read more »
I am doing well. How are you Rain? It sounds like you like comedies. I issed that hoisewife show, but it looked funny. I watch Below Deck on Tuesdays. I did watch Designated Survivor…not a comedy. I was not sure I would like it, but it is very well done…great acting. My hub loves the Big Bang Theory. He watches the reruns and the new shows, and I think they are funny too. I used to watch Modern Family, but it lost its appeal now. I watched an episode last week on demand…cute and funny in some parts, but I… Read more »

I am makings typos. I meant I saw the previews but missed that new show…American Housewife. 😉 XOXOXOXO

I do love Big Bang and YES I watched all episodes of Designated Survivor so far. I don’t stay up late but I watch it next day and I agree it’s very well done. I didn’t think I would like it this much , because I tried watching Madame Secretary and got bored with that real quick. So I hope this continues to be good

Yes, Designated Survivor goes on at 10 here, and I have been watching it on demand, but last night I watched in real time. It is really very good. Last night was also a great show. I look forward to the next one…in two weeks. 🙂

It’s an amazing show 🙂 I don’t know the actress’s name but I like the woman who plays his nemesis .

Yes, she is good on that show, I agree.
I did watch American Housewife on demand. It was funny about the new neighbor and the talk about the two Fitbits. When she asked her husband if she was fat…that was ridiculous…but I am sure it happens! 🙂

Have a great weekend, Rain! Enjoy the Rain…or I hope you did enjoy the Rain!
😉 xoxoxo

Nana’s are wonderful Grandma’s. Mine was too. It was my Sister who took me out of the country the first and every time, to Barcelona! Oh, what fun, and how my world grew & we travelled so well together. We went to Rome next, and took the train to Paris from there. The train was one of those fast ones, 310 MPH, and we had a sleeping car. Gosh it was so great, we were gone 18 days that time. We saw so much, but the colonnades reaching out from St.Peters Cathedral was one of the most spectacular things I… Read more »