Shannon Beador on Kelly Dodd’s Marriage and Divorce

RHOC star Shannon Beador heard about co-star Kelly Dodd’s divorce the same way everyone else did, through the media.

“It’s always sad when a family splits up, so I just hope that they both are happy and that their daughter is gonna adjust well with it,” Shannon recently shared with The Daily Dish. “I mean, it’s just never a fun thing. But it appears from the article that I read that this is what she wants to happen.”

Shannon hasn’t spoken with Kelly since she announced her divorce last month. “All of us can sit there and judge a marriage and say, ‘Oh well, this should happen, that should happen.’ Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. I don’t know really what type of marriage they have when the cameras are turned off and they go home and it’s just the two of them. Nobody knows,” Shannon said. “So they’re intelligent individuals, and hopefully they’re making the right decision for their family.”

Photo Credit: Bravo