Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd Fight at The Quiet Woman

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd had it out at a restaurant that was ironically named The Quiet Woman.

Shannon and Tamra Judge met Lydia McLaughlin and new Housewife Peggy Suliahan for dinner and drinks to mend fences after Shannon and Lydia’s initial meeting. The ladies were able to make up, but Kelly Dodd arrived in the middle of dinner, which caught Tamra and Shannon off guard.

When Kelly arrived at the restaurant she immediately went to the restroom where she awkwardly ran into Beador. “Hey!” Beador said, surprised by seeing Kelly.  “Are you serious? Oh wow.”

“Get a look at fat Shannon right now,” Beador continued to say to Kelly. “I don’t want to tear up but in the last year I’ve gained 40 lbs. and I’m 40 percent body fat.”

“Honestly, I did not know you were going to be here,” Kelly explained, failing to mention that McLaughlin had told her before. “I have to go to the bathroom so bad. I have a bladder problem obviously. ‘Cause we all have problems.”

But Kelly continued to tease Shannon about her greeting. “I walked in here, you know what [Shannon] said?” Dodd told Lydia who had joined them in the bathroom. ” ‘Seriously?’ I was like, ‘Oh hi, Shannon.’ I was like, ‘Hi, I wasn’t mean to you.’ ”

“I love to push Shannon’s buttons ’cause she’s the Shannon-coaster,” Dodd confessed. “You press that little button and she goes off the rails.”

“Are we going to really start Kelly? ‘Cause I was a little shocked to see you,” Shannon fired back after Kelly joked about their greeting. “I confided in you just now about what I went through today, I’m confiding in you about something. I was surprised to see you here, but I’m not going to have you continue to paint me out to be a mean person. ‘Cause I wasn’t meant to you just now … I was nothing but kind to you!”

When Kelly left the bathroom, Shannon slammed the door and started crying to Lydia, who said a prayer for her. “I can’t take it. I can’t take people keep saying that I’m mean,” Beador said.

Meanwhile, Kelly was at the table with Tamra and Peggy telling them about what had just transpired in the restroom. “I had Shannon going sideways on me. Just, ‘What the f*ck are you doing here?’ It’s psycho. Poor thing,” she said. “I think Shannon doesn’t want me here. I didn’t say anything today.”

Tamra attempted to mediate the situation until Shannon returned back to the table. “You know what Kelly, I was surprised to see you here,” Beador said. “The last time I saw you wasn’t the most pleasant experience. The last words you said to me were so incredibly cool, so seeing you tonight was a shocker. And that is understandable.”

But Kelly didn’t seem to get it. “Why would you be surprised to see me here when we live down the street from here?” she asked, explaining that The Quiet Woman was her neighborhood hangout. “[Shannon]’s always upset. She’s always mad. I didn’t do anything wrong! You always want to nitpick at things that you want to be upset about. You can look at the glass half full.”

This kept making Shannon angrier. “I always look at the glass half full, Kelly,” she said. “You have been nothing but a disgusting person to me. Kelly, this is our dinner. Walk off the table now. You’re done. Move along. Have a good night. So sorry that I gave you the f*cking bathroom before I needed it.”

“Calm down girl,” Kelly said. “Maybe you need some hormones or something for your body. Because you are out of control, girl. You are crying!”

“F*ck you,” Beador yelled at Dodd, while giving her the middle finger. “Read between these lines you f*cking bitch. Get out of my table.”

“You know what, keep eating,” Kelly said as she got up from the booth.

That was enough for Shannon, who threw her plate at Kelly. “This isn’t my plate,  you stupid f*cking bitch,” she said as the plate threw across the table. “That’s not my f*cking plate.”

“Kelly Dodd is nothing, she’s a nobody,” Judge told Beador afterwards, trying to calm her down. “She’s an angry, angry, angry person. But you cannot let her get the best of you.”

“I know she’s nothing. Honest to God, she couldn’t even put a sentence together tonight,” Beador said back. “I’m sorry. If you don’t think that I’m going to beat myself up for two days about getting emotional today? I will.”

What did you think of the episode?

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6 Replies to “Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd Fight at The Quiet Woman”

  1. Kelly is such a mean spirited person. I wouldn’t want that in my life.

    To push the buttons, on purpose, of someone in a broken place is not cool.

  2. This franchise has the most classless unevolved bunch of whackadoos imo. Maybe with the exception of little Lydia. I really try to love Shannon but she’s making it harder every time she loses it. She throws her power away, she can’t control herself every time she flips out, i wish she’d spend the money and see a life coach or therapist if she doesn’t already, and skip the fengshui, that’s just window dressing, she needs to change the dress out first.

  3. Unfortunately it’s pay back time for Shannon & she’s found her match with Kelly who’s just as verbally abusive with her words as Shannon is. So much for a peaceful resolution.
    It was so very nice of Lydia to spend time praying with Shannon. She showed humility & kindness as a good christian would do especially as Shannon was rude & uncouth at their first meeting.

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