Shannon Beador: Kelly Dodd is So Cruel


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog to discuss her intense meeting with Kelly Dodd and more details of her 70’s party. Beador reiterates that she did not set up Kelly Dodd and the idea is preposterous.

“First, David and I are both not happy with how our emotions escalated at the party. It is not in our character to react they way we both did. It is unbelievable that Kelly thinks that I would orchestrate an ambush at a party I was hosting. I tell the truth. I have not lied at all with this group of women since I met them, and I’m certainly not going to start now. I’m not looking for any dark secrets or any stories about Kelly. I have only met her four times and would never do such a thing. I did not set Kelly up and the idea is preposterous.

David was absolutely provoked by Vicki. You can see how she walks around the table to come inches from his face. It is insane to hear Vicki say she didn’t have a problem with my husband. Vicki absolutely had a “beef” with David before the ’70s party. She has had a “beef” with the both of us for the last year and a half. David is not proud of the words he used when arguing with Vicki, but it was quite ridiculous for Vicki to insinuate that I was manufacturing drama—that is what she did last year.

I haven’t been seeing Dr. Moon as much as I used to which is actually a good thing because I have been healthy. But when he told me about his new cupping technique, I had to try it. He adds a twist to traditional cupping by using a micro needle to make small holes on the skin under each cup. After a few treatments, the toxins, which under normal circumstances cannot fit through pores, can now actually come through the skin. I love the concept. I felt great after the treatments!

I wasn’t happy to meet up with Kelly and you can absolutely tell that from my demeanor. I didn’t expect for her to grill me about my friendship with Jaci, and she just BAM started in with it. I wasn’t there to be cross examined. Heather and I live in the same community with Jaci and while I see her around the neighborhood often, Jaci recently helped us both with an HOA issue. I don’t count how many times I see or talk to Jaci. Bottom line, I didn’t know Jaci and Kelly knew each other. I’m not going to keep addressing it because I know the truth. And if Kelly didn’t want her husband to “feel uncomfortable” with talk about a trip she took with another man, she shouldn’t have brought it up to Jaci. Kelly doesn’t know me. She has met me just a few times. And now she knows for certain that I “set her up”??? She knows nothing about who I am.

Kelly insulted many of my guests. Such horrendous judgment. Kelly’s mouth is mind boggling. She is so cruel.

And just an observation—at the end of our brief meeting, take note that the wine bottle Kelly was served was completely empty.”

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  1. Here we go again! Kelly is preposterous ( that’s being kind) and should never have been a HW. I would never be any where near a woman like her!

  2. Shannon makes me want to throw up. She’s soooo sanctimonious now, calling others out for their drinking. She was a flippin’ drunken basket case last year (and I actually liked her better then). And it is NO WONDER that her slimy, ass-hat husband cheated on her; ugh she’s awful. Wipe that stupid, appalled look off your face Shannon, you’re a VERY small, constipated fish is a big sea.

    1. I agree, Shannon makes herself look stupid. Quack doctors, pretend marriage, selling her mansion she couldn’t afford, the list continues with her. As for Kelly, whoa, Andy just hired another boozer.

  3. I haven’t watched one episode all the way through yet . This show has become non watchable for me . I have to say though that I enjoyed watching w w h l last night . Jenny wasn’t in to Kelly at all

  4. Seeing comments on various blogs agreeing that Shannon some how deserved to be cheated on disgusts me. The only thing worse than seeing that comment from some male viewers is seeing it from female viewers. Regardless of your feelings about Shannon, which many seem inordinately strong for a woman you only know from a reality show, wishing that kind of pain on someone shows a lack of empathy reminiscent of sociopaths. I appreciate that this particular blog has fewer of these commentators than the others. Any woman who hopes that this happens to another, might sing a different tune when the same possibly happens to them. Remember, like Shannon points out in her tagline….Karma’s a bitch.

    1. Woo hoo Kimby! Quite a few Shannon supporters here ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Yes those other blogs are horrible and as you said, some things shouldn’t come from other women. By no means am I saying Shannon is perfect or faultless but she’s head and shoulders above the women in that trench xoxo

    2. Why was it ok for Shannon to scream about Kelly’s life? Shannon wants everyone to think that her life is soooo perfect.. Sorry, but David is creepy, why is he on the show so much? I think they need the money. It’s time Shannon stood on her own, leave David off the show.

    3. If you don’t have compassion for Shannon, you should have compassion for the daughter that actually caught David cheating.

    4. Thank you@Kimberly! Your comments are 100% correct…wishing or insinuating that anyone deserves to be cheated on is beyond sad that anyone would say or think it.

  5. As I have said before , I do not care for Shannon at all this season. She is just angry at the world. There is definitely something going on behind the curtain, that we are not aware of.

    She may claim that she did not “, Set Up,” Kelly, but it certainly appears that way; especially since they showed that clip with Meghan overhearing Shannon rounding up Jaci, & Nina.

    Jaci was a bitch from the get go. Nina was worse. They had an agenda to humiliate Kelly in front of everyone. Kelly is right, they look like everyone other Newport Beach woman, big fake boovs, blonde hair, etc.

    I like Kelly, what u see is what u get.

    1. Women in Newport don’t all look like the fake boobs and fake blond hair. Most of us look like normal people. It’s only at night that those types creep out of their rentals, hop into their leased cars and hit up all the bars to snag a rich old guy. Next time I’m at Knit Schtick in Newport, I’ll take a picture of us all. And I”ll take a picture in the grocery store (Bristol Farms) and you’ll see for yourself.

        1. Southern Plaid, no need to apologize. Ever!! There are women who look like that, believe me. They just don’t come out during the day like us normal people….On Facebook, type in “Knit Schtick” and look at the pictures. That’s what the normal people look like. When I get back out there, I’ll get a picture of the bleached blonds with the huge fake tits that are ALWAYS on display, even at the grocery store. One time, years ago, I met my husband at this restaurant called “333” (which I call “666”) and one of them came right up to our table and started flirting outlandishly with my husband right in front of me. Tits out, one of those wretched, low-rent straw cowboy hats on her head, looking like a complete moron, leaning into him and babbling away about who the hell knows what. I sat there watching for a bit thinking “she’s insane” and then I finally told her to eff off and walk away before I call the cops. Apparently she spotted by husband driving up in one of his stupid expensive cars and figured he was prime meat. They are RUTHLESS and don’t take “no” for an answer. There is NO reason to look like that unless you want the wrong kind of attention or you are desperate (Vicki, Tamra), no-class (Vicki, Tamra), want to marry for money (Laurie) and once I saw that Jenna at the Italian place we always go to and she was sitting there with some fat gay guy and she’s very short and heavy but still, had those big fake tits in full display.

          1. GIGICAT, I have had to deal with some of these tarts and their rude and shameful behavior. I mean, IM RIGHT HERE BITCH!!!! 🙂 in SF , not so much of the fake big tits, but more of the ‘hipster’ chicks with their tramp tattoos and their panties showing ! I would even be more forgiving if these were young clues 19 year olds, but to see grown up women a thing like this, makes me shake my head . I have used few choice words but can’t say them in this forum LOL

            1. Why quibble about “panties showing” in San Francisco where they only recently banned “nude dining?” Lol. I liked Shannon last season despite her silliness, Dr. Moon, constant enemas, etc. She was a hoot. This year, she is strident, unforgiving & mean in most of the footage I’ve seen. As for Kelly, I’d drink too with that hubby…

              1. I’m all for women showing their panties , just not while flirting with married men :). Yes I know I’m old fashioned but I would never wear a v neck with no bra and come rub against your husband lol

                1. I agree Rain. I especially didn’t like Katie’s dress on the VPR story. I very much dislike that look where the entire breast bone shows down to the belly button, and the dress looks like it’s falling off, taping it to their boobs to keep them in, yuk. I didn’t see this show or any other one from OC this season, but it sounds like it’s more of the same. Just a bunch of shrieking banshees.

                2. @ Rain. Ditto on the panties. Personally, don’t want to see anyone ‘s underwear. Don’t get the urban boys holding up their jeans with their hands, & displaying their underwear.
                  That’ s a fad I wish would disappear forever.

              2. I’ve lived here for all my life (50 plus) and I’ve never heard of nude finding. Where you getting your information?

            2. I hear ya Rain. I think the gold-digging menopausal and/or newly divorced ones head to Newport. Not so much LA, more to Newport. Don’t know why. Yes, there are people who alot, and I mean, alot of $, but those men don’t want those types of women for anything other than arm candy and a trip or two to Viagra-ville.

          2. When my husband and I worked at the casino, fraternizing was a firing offense, so we weren’t married yet, but we were secretly exclusive, there was this one “girl” with a huge rack who actually walked up to him right in the pit and leaned into him. He moved back, which was hilarious as she almost stumbled, and turned and walked away! I don’t think it mattered that I was there, he told me she reminded him of a milk cow, and he didn’t like people touching him without invitation. He reminded me I was invited, hahahaha. Isn’t it funny what some human females will do. ( I can not force myself to call them “women” or God forbid “ladies.” ) I would have loved to see you at that table, GIGICAT!

    2. I totally & completely agree with you Southern P. Something is eating away at Shannon & she is acting out that frustration & resentment badly. I, too feel she was in cahoots with the Kelly attack unfortunately. We’ll soon find out as Meghan . the snoop has eyes & ears all over the place. On this group of housewives, they all interfere way too much. It’s like they cant get the concept of minding their own business .
      Yes, somehow I too like Kelly & right now, a lot more than I like Shannon. I used to like her, but no more. AND, I NEVER liked any of the others to begin with & I have never hidden that.

    3. You’re so right on every count presented, Southern Plaid.
      Shannon is acting out & hitting out nastily & un-necessarily at whoever she can. She has a lot of pent up anger & bitterness as it is clear she just does not have it in her heart to forgive. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Otherwise, she’ll be an old resentful, bitter, lonely woman in later years. It’s not going to get better-only worse. In my mind, she has not forgiven David, yet she’s acting as though her world is a rose garden & so much better for David having had the affair. Rubbish!!! As for ever forgiving Vicki, never in this lifetime.

      1. @ Starr, completely agree. She can forgive David for the ultimate marriage sin- cheating, but she cannot forgive Vicki ? I don’t get it.
        She is a walking talking contradiction.

        1. I so loving disagree Starr and Plaid! People often forgive their spouses and their kids but friends are a different sorry. Vicki got involved in a horrible lie which makes you wonder about her whole integrity as a human being. David only hurt his family, Vickis lie hurt millions of suffering families . I’ve always said in this forum , if my husband cheats, it’s not a deal breaker for me if it was meaningless sex and he was sorry. I’m not throwing away decades of my life because his dick tripped him. Of course he doesn’t need to know I would be so forgiving lol xoxo

  6. Team Shannon…Kelly reminds me of a third cousin. She is loud, crass, rude, and disrespectful. She likes to drink too, not a big deal, except she drinks to excess all the time. I have seen glimpses of Kelly having some sort of humility (when Tamra told the story about being estranged from her daughter) as does my cousin, but other than that, I keep away. Keep away from Kelly. She seems to play up the crazy when her husband is around, ditto my cousin (never married – around the guys she has dated). Ugh!

  7. I’m so glad there so many TEAM SHANNON posters here ❤️❤️❤️ Most other sites 99% hate her. Even the way the blog entries are written , so anti Shannon for some reason and almost like they’re trying to bait the viewers to hate her

      1. As you know I always liked Tamra. For some reason, I have a soft spot for her. I don’t like some of the stuff she says and does, but I have liked her from the start. I haven’t watched this year, but it sounds like a bunch of the usual fighting at the parties, and the season is just getting started isn’t it? Sheesh.
        The clips I have seen and the few WWHL I have seen, Viki stands by the cancer lie!!! When she said in the 1st few minutes of the premier before I fell asleep and deleted the timer, that she screamed and laid in the street begging the creep not to go I realized ( not that I ever thought much different ) that there is something DEEPLY wrong with her. I had hoped she would grow up and stand up and admit to her wrongdoing. I know, ridiculous wish, but I have seen things that surprised me before, and thought …….maybe….! Has anyone forgiven her? Tamra? Heather? I might just have to watch a show, just to see who this Kelly is.

  8. “It is not in our character to react they way we both did.”

    Oh for heaven’s sake, Shannon, it’s your ONLY character to react that way. Kelly is a wannabe reality ‘star’ (talk about aiming low), who has successfully created a storyline, and Shannon has fallen right into line.

    1. Shannon wants her 15 minutes too. I find her rather boring, what does she do all day, but lunch and drink and run to doctors?

      1. And what’s wrong with that Charlie?? Your wife or gf never colored her hair or tried to update her look??? Come on!!!!b

        1. I have been dying mine for nearly 50 years and had just about every colour possible. Nothing wrong with Shannon colouring her hair at all! I don think there is a housewife who doesn’t colour her hair! I haven’t had pink! Not yet anyway lol xoxoxoxoxox

          1. What woman doesn’t color her hair unless she just wants to be gray, which on some women? Looks INCREDIBLE. Sadly, I”m not one of them.

            1. Me neither! It just makes me look old but to be fair for 65 I don’t have a lot of grey just at the sides but it still has to go! Xxxooo

                  1. Suze , the only thing I know to day is I’m a nervous wreck . Waiting for my honey to come back into town so he can go to his kidney specialist . Hoping and praying he doesn’t end up in the hospital again

                    1. Prayers for you and your honey Daisy. I know about kidney desease. Will keep prayers going heavenward.

                    2. Oh Daisy sweetie, I’m thinking and praying for you both xoxoxoxoxxo please keep us in the loop! Love you sweetness xoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    3. Oh no! I don’t know much about Kidney disease, only what I am told from someone I love who lives far away, but I do know about those we love being ill. It’s the worst. I am also praying for you and putting the best I have out into the Universe. ❤️❀=for luck.

                    4. Thanks Suze and 3 D’S. I’m not very happy at the moment. His Dr was suppose to be tomorrow. But because he’s a crew leader he doesn’t want to leave the job before it’s done so he rescheduled for Monday.

                    5. Daisy I’m sorry, the waiting is the worst so I understand why you aren’t happy, you have lots of love coming your way from quite a few here xoxoxoxoxoxox

                    6. Gosh Daisy, I pray all goes well for your honey. My own honey was diagonesed with kidney cancer & operated on last year. Thank God it was contained, removed & he sees the specialist every 6 months. Now, he has 2 tumors on the para-thyroid, surgery is Aug. 23rd. Our 51st wedding anniversary is on the 15th of this month. I know we sound old, but not in our hearts. Got married young & I still feel like sweet sixteen. I will be praying for you both for the best results ever.

                    7. Starr , thank you so much for your prayers . I will also have you and your honey in my prayers . Thankfully his kidneys are better now . Wow 51 years that’s amazing . I’m so happy for you and your lovely family

                1. Hey ladies, GiGicat, Suze , Daisy! Yes we’ve all dyed our hair at one point or another and some of us still look to cover our grey. Nothing wrong with it ❤️❤️❤️

    1. I don’t believe Shannon. I think she knew these 2 ladies had something to say about Kelly. Otherwise, where would Shannon have come up with the line that Kelly had made out with a married man?

  9. Shannon is 100% mean girl. She is constantly stirring the pot. Kelly is not mean. Shannon needs to look at her own dysfunctional life and stop pointing the finger at others. Karma is a bitch and she has a triple helping heading her way.

    1. Lindsey Cruz, you said what no one wants to hear, but I 100% agree with you & to think I once liked her & felt sorry for her. Not anymore, I can tell you.

  10. Not on team Shannon as she is not clean with her info. She may have not thought to set Kelly up in advance of the party, but when the 3 of them were sitting on the sofa, she did nothing to calm them down or ask that they not make a scene with Kelly. If fact, in Shannon’s own words she thought her friend should speak her mind. You’re not clean Shannon! You get others to do your dirty work for you. That is passive aggressive and you need to own that. You’re not gossiping? Then how did you know to say to Kelly she was cheating on her husband with a neighbor? Where did you hear that? From those two gals? Fess up. You don’t like it when Kelly shouts out factual, although mean, but factual comments about your husband cheating, but you have no problem shouting a rumor to Kelly? Can’t have it both ways. You were running to David in some hazy mode that you were being called names, like you were having a mental breakdown. And David should not be pointing out Vicki being shady. It’s the pot calling the kettle black. He’s the last person who should be passing judgement. Kelly is a mess, so why are you so sensitive? Just ignore it unless there is some element of truth to what she is saying and I suspect there is. P.S. Dr. Moon is a stretch.

    1. ITA! I use to like Shannon, but not anymore. The doctor think is kooky. Shannon, Heather, & Tamra have boring story lines. What is left? I’m not sure? I wish they would have brought Jeana back.

  11. Sharon is a screaming banshee. Only into the first 8 minutes of last night’s episode and she single handedly has made me realize I am done with this show. My stomach knots up every time she comes on. I actually have to thank her for giving me the time back that I used to spend watching this crap. I needed that wake-up call of how much she irritates me. Goodbye Felicia.

  12. Every time I see Kelly I want to slap that smirk off her face. It’s disgusting – a grown woman acting the fool.

  13. If Shannon was so prim & proper as she always claims to be, why did she continue to let the 2 ladies talk bad about Kelly? Why didn’t she ask them to save it for a later time? And the 1 lady saying “she doesn’t suck ????” was extremely disgusting. Shannon could have put a stop to it from the beginning, but she choose not to.

      1. I’ve just been reading on another site that Kelley says there is a worse argument to come and it’s Shannon she calls a c**t! shows the sort of person she is when you can’t disagree with someone without calling them that!

  14. Oh, Poor, sweet, innocent Shannon. She acted as badly as Kelly did. She does love to point fingers, plays holier than thou & is the worst of all. Dosent say much about her as that entire group are low classed, evil minded, spoilt, vicious & meddling.
    So Kelly must sit back & take what was being dished out to her.? No Siree.!! Granted both were drunk & acted very badly. But, Shannon was no innocent in all of this. As for the 2 invited friends, they were both in Brandy’s class & that’s as low as any human can go. Words cannot describe how disgusted I am. I thought last season was bad, but this one is no better. I guess when a group of classless, spoilt immature fools are thrown together & all their leopard spots join, it’s a tornado, hurricane, & a volcanic eruption all rolled into one. These newly rich definitely needs finishing school. My last words on this week’s episode, spiteful, hateful vixens with absolutely 0 forgiveness in their hearts. It’s a do as I say, don’t do as I do cause it’s okay when they do it. Hypocrites!!!

      1. I love that we can all disagree in a civilized and fun way so this site is enjoyable for everyone! I’m team Shannon but I’m not a rabid fan who goes into convulsions if anybody doesn’t like her lol. It’s just a show

        1. I agree. I’m team Shannon now. I never was in the past, but ever since the vicki/brooks/ LYING ABOUT CANCER shit, anybody who refuses to deal with or trust Vicki is good by me.

  15. I liked Shannon so much from day one. But now… I’m tired of her whining. She’s taken Vickis place of hating the “new girl” every year. And I don’t believe this lovey dovey act with her husband. He stayed because he doesn’t want to lose half his money… She doesn’t want to have to give up the wealthy lifestyle!

  16. Shannon is a wannabe actress. She’s proven herself to be terribly unfunny and extremely shady. I can’t stand her, glad to see so many feel the same

  17. @ Gigicat. Thank you. Wow. People are ruthless,& desperate.
    Unfortunately, it happens everywhere,& in both the straight, & gay world.
    My husband / partner & I have been together for 17 years. I had a good friend that I caught trying to make the moves on him,& thank you God, that I did not go to jail that night. People don’t care.
    RESPECT, it seems to be vanishing from our society.

    1. I’m sorry Plaid ❤️❤️❤️That’s aweful !! I wish you and your husband many happy years xoxo

    2. SP, I’m sorry there are such douche bags in this world! 17 years is to be celebrated by you both in a very special way. Xoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. @ Rain. U know how to make me laugh.” I’m right here bitch!” Lol.
    It makes you want to pop them in the back of the head! But, orange is not my color, so I try to refrain from popping people.

    Why would anyone get a tattoo , known as a ” Tramp Stamp?!”
    Tattoos,& Piercings are not made for everyone. On some people they are HOT! But on every Tom, Dick, Mary, & Sally, they are not.

    Many moons ago, in my 20′ s, I was going to get a really cool one on my ankle,& my Mother told me she would dis- inherit me, cut me off. Needless to say, I don’t have one.

    1. My daughter has lots of tattoos, I really don’t like them my husband hates them but they are part of who she is so I have had to accept and smile!

      1. My oldest Daughter has a fairy tattoo on her shoulder. And my Son-in-Law who I adore has quite a few. Tattoos are a statement, and a lot of them are beautiful. Certainly your Daughter is beautiful with her tattoos, as is mine. And my S-I-L, handsome as the day is long. A gentleman to the bones and a downright good man who adores my Daughter.

                  1. Hello Suze, 3Ds and Plaid ❤️❤️❤️ How nice to see you 3Ds, we hardly run into each other anymore . I don’t mind tattoos and I think they can be very sexy and cool, BUT not when they’re just above your butt crack LOL. I just dislike the ‘tramp stamp’. But I’ve seen many beautiful tattoos but like everthing else, pick something tasteful. Piercings are the same, so if you’re 15, by all means have your brows and tongue pierced . BUT if you’re in your 30s, please don’t lol…. You can pierce your nipples, your ears, your clitoris etc and that’s fine . I’ve already enjoyed tattoos and piercings on other people but I never really wanted one. I prefer temporary stuff like henna . I had an Arab neighbor for many years and she did glamorous henna and she would do my hands and feet and it was amzing. It would wash off after a few weeks but that was fine. She also has this weird thing that she lit sandal wood in, then we would sit naked and cover ourselves in a blanket from neck down for as long as you can take it, usually an hour or so. Your WHOLE body , inclusding your hoo hoo would smell divine , like sandal wood, for a few days , even after showering. My husband loves it LOL ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. I do like tattoos and my family (husband and all 3 kids) have them. I have the least. One of a fairy on my shoulder and just recently a charm bracelet with the initials of my 4 grand babies. I understand people who do not but I think they’re mostly beautiful and there is usually a story to each one which I find interesting.

                      I am team Shannon and I’m really hating on this chick, Kelly, and don’t get me started on the husband!!

                      Kelly is way too ugly for me and I don’t mean her physical being.

        1. Actually, both of my Sons-in-Law have tattoos. And both adore my Daughters, so I couldn’t care less what body art they want. It is their personal choice and their body. I always simply hope the tattoo artist does things right and sanitary.

          1. I do enjoy a man in a tank top with tatood arms lol. It’s a very sexy look. Not so much a fan of neck tattoos . One of my sons gf has nice tattoos on her ankle and shoulder. The colors are vibrant and they suit her personality so well.

    2. That was FUNNY “I am right here bitch.” I liked that too. I wonder what they think the woman sitting with the man is going to do, walk away? How effing weird, like the man is going to just stand up and walk away with some tramp and leave his lovely wife sitting there!!!!

      1. Lol 3Ds, yes some women are kinda odd, and beyond rude. And you’re exactly right, does she think he’s just doing to say bye to me and follow up outside or something lol?? I don’t remember women being this way when we were growing up. Ah well ❤️❤️❤️

  19. I love a girl with tattoos. The only reason I don’t have them is because I hate needles. I also have a very low tolerance for pain

    1. Daisy my daughter would love you! She hates needles as in injections but she says it is different??? I said I’m not green! This is the girl who ran out of the doctors office when he tried to inject her. Then screamed blue murder when she had her ears pierced!

      1. Suze I did not dig getting my ears done at all. I just had to have 3 of my teeth pulled. They had to give me oral sedation and the nitrogen gas. But that made me goofy and I kept telling dirty jokes. Happy to know your daughter would love me as I already love her.

        1. My daughter is going through this very thing today. She has been at the dentist many times in the last year. She had a root canal that didn’t take and now the tooth has to come out. Thursday I will be taking her. She inherited soft teeth like me, fortunately my other kids didn’t. But she suffers with it a lot and I feel guilty for that, even though obviously there was nothing I could have done different. I ate more when I was pregnant with her than any other child. I was starving all the time. I cooked every meal when they were growing up too, but still there is that Mom GUILT. Geeze, it gets me right in the gut.

          1. I feel bad for your daughter but it’s not your fault. I was so drugged that I didn’t feel a thing. The hard part is until my mouth heals I have temporary partial dentures. I’m not walking around toothless. It may be a few months until they can do the permanent teetht. But I will be so happy to have teeth that can’t be removed

            1. Is it implants you have had? I had three implants with six teeth and it was the best thing I ever did! Expensive but so good! Xxxxoooo

              1. Right now I have the ones that come out. They are temporary put in right after the extractions . As soon as the swelling goes down I will get implants . Unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover any of the cost so I’m looking at over 4,000 per tooth . Thankfully I only need 3

                1. I had three implants but six teeth, I have just had to convert it but $16000. I don’t regret it at all!

                  1. That sounds about right . They told me it would be around 15,000 . I know that’s a lot of money but I don’t think that I can stand having the ones that go in and out long term

                    1. Daisy , 3Ds and Suze, that’s terrible about your dental issues!!!!! Ouch!!! I had told Suze a while back that I had an implant fail TWICE and I finally just decided to have it taken out for the second and last time. The process took 3 years of my life, and I’m so upset that I don’t want to do anything and I have this big gap in the back teeth. I know what you are all going through . I wish you the best Daisy and for 3Ds daughter. And yes I spent 6K and didn’t even get a tooth 🙁

        2. The only time I had it, we called it happy gas, I sang nursery rhymes so a bit more boring than dirty jokes! Xxxxxooooo

          1. I’m so embarrassed at the things I said . I have to go back Friday for a check up . … oh well hopefully they have seen worst

                  1. True story I really did . I remember telling him that I was hot. He said yes you’re very hot but the other drivers on the road don’t need to know that

      2. Needles don’t bother me at all. I had a doctor tell me once it is a chance when you allow some stranger to put dye under the skin. There was this lady here in Reno who had her lips colored and rimmed with red, and her cheeks blushed and eye-liner permanently tattooed. She was allergic to the dye!!! The photos he had were enough to make me so sad for the woman. There was nothing that could be done then. That did it for me.

  20. I don’t know how I overlooked the talk of horrible women and such . One time year’s back a ‘friend ‘ thought she would corner my hubby in our hall way . She even tried to kiss him . Well my Irish temper got the best of me and I smashed her face in to the wall a few times . Not my best moment but no regrets

      1. Lol I would have . They didn’t know that I was there so I got to hear my hubby tell her that he had the best old lady ever and I’m hotter than she could ever be and to get her skank hands off him. So that was good

          1. Thank you again Suze . You really are a sweetheart . I think he’s the best ever. This year will be 29 years together

            1. 29 years ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Congrats Daisy ❤️❤️❤️ I’m sure and your hubby are the cutest ever! Somehow I imagine all of us here have great spouses and go through this world being good souls and with good karma . I love all of you lovely ladies Xoxox

              1. Rain cutie pie that is so sweet . You actually made me cry a bit . I feel the same as you about the people here . It really is a special place . I truly try to be the best I can be every day . Sometimes I succeed some days not so much

                1. Yes Daisy this site is very special! Even when I’m too tired to type or comment, reading what everybody says brings me joy ❤️❤️❤️

                    1. True Suze. I think most people know their spouses for few years before getting married. Well , I fancied myself a free spirit and didn’t know that k even wanted to get married. But here we are ❤️❤️❤️

                    2. Same, we had no intention of marrying but then the kids came so we thought it was a good idea. We didn’t tell anyone other than two friends! Xoxoxoxox

                    3. Daisy, it’s always good to practice for a while first! I seem to remember quite a lot of practice! Hahahaha!

                    4. Suze , nothing wrong with that . Plus it’s really good to know someone extremely well before getting married

              1. My typing is the pits at the moment so I love it when others do the same. I’m fine thanks. I made 4lbs of raspberry jam for my hubbie and daughter today! (Fruit from the garden!) Keep them going for a while! How are you my sweet? Getting more sleep? Xoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️

        1. Daisy and southern plaid LOL. Im glad you didn’t do any of that , you’re both too pretty to be in jail 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️

          1. Oh no Rain honey no mistakes I did do that . No worries about going to jail . She knew not to press charges . Not a shinning moment for me

  21. Tamara stirred the pot again. What is this “setup gig” that every one is so mad about? Set up to make Kelly look bad? I just don’t get it. It wasn’t Shannon at all when the story came up that Kelly went with another man, during a separation, is this the setup? My personal opinion is that “setup” or not, Kelly would have not behaved anyway! Just saying . . . . .

    1. @ Ardelle, the set up is when the 3 sat down to gossip about her, especially involving Tamara. As the Hostess, Shannon should have NEVER entertained that conversation.
      You don’t gossip about your invited guests. Major Faux Pas.

  22. I really don’t think Shannon would do something as childish as deliberately inviting those two women to disrespect Kelly. If she disliked her that much I’d think she’d just not invite her rather than bring on a big mess at her own party. Plus, Shannon just seems above such stupid behavior.

    But if that’s what Kelly thought, then she should have simply left Megan’s home, not screech like a nut job. And her husband stands there taunting the hostess, a woman? With anyone I know, these two would immediately be out of the circle of friends. Trash!

    Shannon’s husband wasn’t much better, however. His wife requested his help when Kelly and her husband were harassing her and refusing to leave. And he hid out, preferring to pick on a woman himself (Vicki). But of course no one is surprised at his creepy, sneaky behavior anymore. I thought Vicki was going to knock him out cold- maybe it would knock some sense into him at long last.

    Shannon has her quirks but I think they range from interesting to kind of funny. If she wants to undergo unusual medical treatments, etc., who cares.

    As far as blondes, etc., sorry but that woman was far more attractive than pan-face Kelly, and far more ladylike too.

  23. I didn’t get why Shannon was hanging with those two women on the couch at the party seeming like she wanted tea on Kelly…then when Nina was badmouthing her, Kelly was within hearing distance and Shannon didn’t say anything, if she was really a good hostess and understanding of the new girl, forgiving, and all that she would have put a stop to that. Also Nina could have easily told Vicki and Kelly where the purse was since she is the one who moved it. Also weird that Megan and her mom heard Shannon scoop up those two to go plot against Kelly, and at the same time David went off on Vicki. Something was in the air that night and it wasn’t “groovy peace”. I liked Shannon the first year but since then she seems to have gotten very bitter. She and Kelly both went from zero to one hundred way too fast over really nothing – and made themselves look stupid in the process.

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