Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd Bond Over Failed Marriages?

Two of the stars of The Real Housewives of Orange County currently have pending divorces. Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd have separated from their husbands and plan on moving forward with divorce.

This duo has clashed since Kelly’s first season, but according to a new report, they are attached at the hip and have been great support to one another during this tough time.

“Shannon and Kelly are getting super close right now and have been spending a tremendous amount of time together getting glammed up and hitting the nightlife as single women,” a source close to the ladies says.

“They are having the time of their lives and it is so strange because all of the bad blood between them is completely gone,” the insider told RadarOnline.

“Several of the other ladies feel like their kinship is strictly to ensure that they both get back on the show,” the insider claimed, insisting those rumors aren’t true.

“Kelly is teaching Shannon how to be a bold and confident woman again, and Shannon is teaching Kelly how to ensure longevity as a Housewife,” the insider concluded.

Did you ever think we would see these two getting along?

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21 Replies to “Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd Bond Over Failed Marriages?”

  1. It’s about time. I always thought these 2 would get along minus Vicki. Deep down, Shannon is a fun, good-time girl. Equally, I believe Kelly has more depth and feeling to her than always come across. Therefore, I am not surprised that these 2 could become close friends and compliment each other quite well!

    1. Oddly, I’ve appreciated Kelly this season. I sure thought she was unhinged last year but she’s turned herself around. It’s pretty obvious that she’s not going to be Vicki’s puppet. I’m glad she’s seen the light. As for Peggy, Kelly’s hot button is controlling people, and Peggy sure tries. Kelly’s having none of it. Vicki’s “whooping-it-up” always feels contrived and not age appropriate whereas Shannon genuinely likes to party hard.

      1. Most of Vicki’s behaviour is contrived imo. Whether it is the ‘whoop it up’ Vicki; the ‘woe is me’ Vicki; or the ‘whimsical’ Vicki that is supposedly clueless and innocent to any goings-on.

        In a way, I’m glad that Vicki did not stick by Kelly in Ireland otherwise Kelly might have felt a sense of misplaced loyalty to her this season. Essentially, Vicki has inadvertently given Kelly an opportunity to socialise with the others and, low and behold, she actually gets along with them as well, if not better, than with Vicki!!

  2. Of course “Several of the other ladies feel like their kinship is strictly to ensure that they both get back on the show,” its because [they] do the same thing and think everyone has the same plan. Can anyone on this show be happy for the others without always having ulterior motives?

  3. I think Shannon is a lot of fun when she wants to be (she’s always down for dressing up and gets herself stuck into things) but obviously has her serious and spiritual side too. I hope that she will get the opportunity to let her hair down and enjoy herself a bit more now that she is free of David! Xx

    1. Who can forget Shannon streaking at the 70s party. If that ain’t a party girl I don’t know what is. Give her a costume and she owns it.

      1. It’s almost as though when she isn’t or doesn’t have to be ‘herself’, she becomes less inhibited and more herself!!

        1. Happy Shannon is a different person. Her first year, David was in the throes of his affair and she was miserable. This year, she knows her marriage is in the toilet. I think we see the real Shannon when she’s happy. Next year should be interesting for her.

  4. Stranger things have happened. They both have one thing in common right now, divorcing spouses & relating their woe stories to each other. Plus, they both love to party & drink.
    This is a now for now friendship.

  5. Shannon and Kelly have two things in common: they both have alcohol issues and are both nut jobs! Both husbands have got to relieved to be free from them.

    1. I’m thinking the same. All I can picture in my mind is David & Michael doing that Greek dance with the white kerchief & singing: ” Free At Last.” I feel free for them.

  6. I do believe these two would make a good pair – out and about – obnoxious but entertaining at the same time. As for their husbands – they probably feel like a boulder has been lifted off their shoulders.

  7. I just said to someone tonight that with both of these 2 single and getting along, they will be a riot next season. They could possibly be the new Sonja and Ramona

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