Shannon Beador Insists She Did Not Yell at Lydia McLaughlin

Shannon Beador is sharing her side of the story when it comes to her first meeting with Lydia McLaughlin in her blog this week. Shannon explains that she and Tamra had told Lydia several times they didn’t want to talk about Vicki and insists that she didn’t scream like Lydia alleged. However, Shannon admits she regrets pointing her finger at Lydia.

“On to Ava’s birthday party. The setting was absolutely beautiful and the theme was darling! The perfect place for a family birthday party…until my encounter with Lydia. Within the first 30 seconds of meeting Lydia, she felt compelled to bring up the fact that she spent time with Vicki. I found that odd and still do. Lydia was completely aware that there is a not-so-pleasant history between Vicki and I, yet Lydia chose to bring “the update that Vicki gave her” right up when meeting me for the first time. I think that was quite inappropriate and rude.

As Tamra and I sat down to have a conversation with Lydia, she brought Vicki up again. Tamra said that we didn’t want to discuss Vicki based on our histories with her, yet Lydia would not stop. I did not yell at Lydia. I spoke firmly, directly and passionately. I do regret that I pointed my finger, but I was definitely not screaming as Lydia alleged. In her interview, Lydia said I took “crazy pills” and was an “evil witch,” all within ten minutes of meeting me??? Wow. Those are pretty cruel things to say. You didn’t hear me making any derogatory comments about Lydia. Especially when she just wouldn’t stop talking about a person Tamra and I had no desire to talk about. And then to hear Lydia’s mother labelled me a “lost soul” after our 3 minute conversation??? I get to know people before I start to judge them.

I was just looking forward to spending a fun and festive afternoon with my family and Tamra’s family and friends. Never did I expect to be pushed and prodded at a 2 year old’s birthday party. It looks like Lydia might be a pot stirrer. Tune in next week for more evidence of that.”

Photo Credit: Bravo