Shannon Beador Insists She Did Not Have An Agenda To Get Kelly Dodd Drunk


Shannon Beador is taking to her blog to react to this week’s episode of the RHOC in Ireland. Shannon reveals what happened while the cameras were down and why she thought Heather should record Kelly in the hallway. Beador also insists she had no agenda in trying to get Kelly drunk at dinner.

“Well, I am having an amazing time in Ireland! Don’t like the fighting, but I can honestly say that there’s nothing better than a few fun gals having a Hooley Kickin’ time in Ireland!

Before I dive into this week’s episode, I have to address something in Kelly’s blog last week. She stated that “Shannon couldn’t wait to run to Tamra in the store and tell her what I had said.” Let me make it clear. I had no intention of hurting one of my best friends. But when Tamra specifically asked me what Kelly and I spoke about, I was not willing to lie. Tamra told me what my mother-in-law said about me and it may not have been the best time either, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. But what is most distressing about Kelly’s blog is her statement that Tamra hit her. Tamra did no such thing. She pushed Kelly and quickly walked away. I was witness to everything, as well as the other ladies present. Kelly needs to stop blaming others for her horrendous comments and start telling the truth.

So let’s get into this episode. We had no idea that we were going on a farm to milk cows. Joe was an amazing host. As much as I said I would gladly put on a huge protective suit so that I looked like Tamra and Heather, that was not the case. I was clearly the biggest marshmallow of the bunch! #wishfulthinking

I wasn’t excited about eating steak at the farm. And then when Vicki started talking about her uneven nipples, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe that she pulled her bra down to actually expose her breasts. Would never happen on this end…

When Kelly apologized to Tamra at dinner, it just seemed to follow the same pattern that we have seen before. She goes for the jugular and says the most hurtful things possible, and then apologizes like it was nothing. Kelly said that she did not intend to hurt Tamra by making the statement to me about Tamra’s daughter.

It’s interesting that Vicki says that she “understands where Kelly is coming from, that she felt ganged up on.” Well, Vicki was one of the people that wanted nothing to do with Kelly and sat with us on the ride home from the pub crawl. She clearly let Kelly know how she felt…and it was pretty obvious when she sat with Tamra.

Bicycle riding was funny. We all are flipping out of practice when it comes to that! But when we arrived to our destination, I could not get over the beauty! I was a bit shocked with Kelly’s reaction to Heather opening a champagne bottle and bringing Fireball. We all have a history with Fireball. Kelly didn’t drink at our picnic and neither did I.

We were all exhausted at the end of our trip. But we had one last dinner and I wanted everyone to rally and have fun! Kelly told us that tequila was an upper when we first landed and were so tired. So that was my drink of choice for the night because I was exhausted along with everyone else! Kelly has never turned a drink down in my recollection. She was drinking a tequila when she was sick at dinner with Tamra and Heather before her beach party. I ordered doubles to get the ball rolling. We were on vacation and I was just trying to end the trip on a high and fun note. Yet Vicki, who had no problem accepting the drinks ordered, said that I had a “mission to get to get Kelly drunk.” Give me a break. No one had an agenda…I didn’t, Tamra didn’t, and Heather didn’t. What I found disturbing is hearing Kelly say that if she has too much to drink, she is going to snap. Not normal.

Kelly left the table after dinner and about 30 minutes later came to my door with Vicki. Kelly was dressed to the nines. Kelly, the gal that said she was too tired to drink, was ready to go out and have a good time. Interesting.

Heather, Tamra and I went to the pub much later, and Tamra texted Vicki to come down. Vicki started to bad mouth Kelly and tell Tamra things that Kelly was saying abut her. Tamra started to text Kelly about it. When we got out of the elevator to go to our room and finish packing, Kelly was literally running down the hallway towards us. It was unsettling. I asked Heather to film it because Kelly was over the top.

As far as the bus ride goes, here we saw the cruel and erratic Kelly we have become familiar with at this point. I had reached an understanding with her on the trip to Ireland, but she decided to convince herself that I somehow had a sinister motive when ordering drinks on our final night to have fun. When she yelled that I needed to take the hair off my chin, I was dumbfounded. Kelly attacks people with the cruelest words she can say. It is so incredibly hurtful. I was beyond upset that Vicki sat there on the bus like nothing happened. Once again, Vicki is not telling the truth and playing both sides of the fence.

It becomes uglier than you can imagine next week. It is unconscionable.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Can’t argue with logic ! You’re borderline there Shannon but sill love you ❤️❤️❤️

Can we fire 4 of these women . Please please bring back Lydia and her awesome mom! 🙂

I Call BS to her whole point of view there was Not any time in the store for Shannon and Tamara to have that much conversation

The subtitles say different Tamra asked what Kelly was saying

that’s exactly right ! Shannon couldn’t get in that store fast enough to tell Tamra ! You are a liar Shannon!!!

I believe what Kelly said about Shannon.. she is just yuck.. get rid of her

that was a total set up on Kelly.. and notice how plastic face Heather was smiling and then going on about a psychotic episode .. just like what she did to her buddy Shannon.. and Heather, how dare you defend psycho Tamra touching someone and defending her by saying that she shouldn’t have brought up about how her kid – who can’t stand her for being such a psychopath, crap mother.. Shannon (Gillette)

Heather acts high and mighty but she sure as heck is no psych She said same about Shannon Blahahahaha Heather knows it all call a paddy wagon

No class at all when you purposely set someone up to fail. That’s just trashy and low! I thought Shannon and Heather had a moral compass but apparently not!

Shannon is desperate to be BFF with Tamara to keep job ? Wish Tamara would retire

Shannon forgot a very important thing Kelly said LMAO
Kelly revealed the secret Vicki had on Shannon Your a Drunk Kelly was told secret by vicki just have another drink Shannon she probably has stock in Grey Goose Vodka for the bottle a day she drink JMO

They were really horrible to Kelly. Granted she goes to far. But they definately were ganging up on her. It shows they have no compassion for someone hurting. It amazes me that these women constantly gang up instead of being the bigger person & trying to defuse the situation. Shannon is absolutely lying; she was trying to get Kelly drunk. And them getting to together to plan filming her is a complete setup. Why didn’t Heather, Shannon, &Tamra want to go to the bar by themselves & be filmed by Bravo? Because they are boring.

Kelly is a mean drunk flat out she needs to avoid alcohol totally but that does not excuse Shannon for trying to deliberately get her drunk in a foreign country that is just evil evil thing to do especially since pretty much everyone has figured out Kelly gets in trouble when she drinks that’s a No Brainer!

ITA Kelly maybe brash but she did not deserve these jealous POS to try to set her up and they treated her like crap Tamara thinks she is the Queen now that Vick screwed up I think they need to stand in order of wealth

Sorry Shannon, don’t believe you. No means no so don’t write off that you initiated getting Kelly plastered by purposefully ordering doubles. You’re a mean girl and a lush.

Lush??? I guess that makes Kelly the poster girl for drunkenness lol

I’m not defending Kelly. She cannot hold her liquor and should not drink. All the others have said that. So why is Shannon pushing her to drink and ordering doubles? Shannon is not a saint and I can’t stand a hypocrite. Shannon should encourage her to stay sober but it’s ironic, she can’t cuz she drinks too much too, then gets crazy. Remember all the previous seasons? They thought Shannon had a psychotic break. Now it’s Kelly.

I’m not getting your point but I respect whatever it is

Very true, Shirley, very true.

Shannon tres to divert attention away from her own drinking. that’s why she wanted the others to drink. am I the only one that sees this? has nothing to do with Kelly

Yes you’re the only one who sees that

Nope, I see it too. Shannon also has a drinking problem.

Thank you anonymous. How many handle do you have lol

I don’t see it!


Oh no if Shannon has a drinking problem then I’m a complete lush….. Which I am not

Hi Daisy, if she has I will eat my husband stinky old golf hat! They all drink on this show, I think they need it to cope with people like Vicky and Kelly. I certainly would need it that’s for sure.

Lol Yuck. Good thing your right because the hat sounds so not yummy. I could possibly laugh Kelly off but 5 minutes with Vicki I would break out the booze


You are spot on! Alcoholics want others to drink as much as they do. I didn’t realize Shannon had a drinking problem until I saw this scene.

Definitely right Shirley!

Exactly Shirley, Not to mention her quietly going over to the waiter and telling him to double up on the amount of alcohol he puts in the drinks. If they wanted to have a good time knowing how Kelly reacts when she drinks then why in God’s name would you push it on her. Shannon knew exactly what she was doing. It amazes me that Tamra and Shannon have acted as erratic as Kelly but that’s ok but when Kelly does it they try to destroy her. Remember Shannon with the Debrow incident and her screaming that they were going… Read more »

Right on! Well said! I can’t stand these girls!

EXACTLY Sadie Baby!

AMEN Sadie!! I thought I was the only one who felt affected that way, from watching this trash. Heather has got to be the worst–bragging constantly, so uppity. I really have to wonder if Miss Terry pushed her into this, so she’d be too busy to keep an eye on him.


Sadie Baby, I feel the same way. I get very upset with their awful attitudes as well. I know a couple of women like them & long ago, I ran far away from them. Only one solution, Bravo should get rid of all the no-goods. Time for us to enjoy some normal, regular housewives who are not lushes.

cant stand shannon,heather,tamara,they all need to go .kelly made the show live again. vicky has tuned into such a coward . they was tring to set kelly up to make her look bad , low down dirty ass women. Heather only drink champagne,so what the hell was she doing with fire ball, oh yeah a magan need to go as well

Shannon is trying to divert the fact that she’s always wasted by drinking WITH friends. notice the girls faces. covering fo her. shecouldn’t even wait for her drink. doesn’t anyone else see that?

Yes! I believe Shannon is troubled and hits the bottle way more that what is clearly visible in-camera. I do think she encourages others to drink so she can drink what she wants and it won’t be obvious.

You are absolutely right!!!

ughhh…next week’s episode is unconscionable? I thought we already went past unconscionable into ludachrist into insanity and beyond eons ago. I’m sick of it I think I’ve for real had my fill. This is like spam for tv now. In fact it’s time to just chuck the whole damn tv out since I can’t find my happy on it anymore. What the f has the world come to smdh….

Miss M,I thought the same thing. These ladies were, IMO, diabolical on the last day and night. It was actually disgusting. Kelly acts horribly, but that scene from dinner and onward was just sad, and not entertaining at all. It looked like a complete set up to rip Kelly apart. Next week looks just as bad, if not worse. Out of all the housewife franchises, these ladies act the most like high school bitches and not one, is loyal to another.

No loyalty in this show. That is for sure. I agree with what you said. Terrible show last night. It only gets worse IMO.

Their behaviors are the most debased of human traits. I imagine this to be what hell is. The absolute absence of any humane treatment. They WERE diabolical freedom girl. And worse, you can fake that. Wow. Just wow. between this ugliness and the elections I’m feeling pretty depleted right now about things. Sorry to be so glum ladies. 🙁

Their behaviors are the most debased of human traits. I imagine this to be what hell is. The absolute absence of any humane treatment. They WERE diabolical freedom girl. And worse, you can fake that. Wow. Just wow. between this ugliness and the elections I’m feeling pretty depleted right now about things. Sorry to be so glum ladies.

Don’t be glum Miss M 😀 just looking at the responses on this blog prove that most of us aren’t down with ugliness & nastiness. Bravo can show it, but most people are not having it so the world isn’t so pessimistic after all.

I agree it was ugly and horrible and they all behaved badly but I do NOT but that Kelly is a victim. Sorry , just don’t buy it

Right as Rain! How are you? It was a strange, over the top show for sure. Maybe going to Ireland was like falling down the rabbit hole…I agree in that I have a very hard time feeling sorry for Kelly. She has spewed so much trash and her behavior has always been so vile that even with the other women icing her out, in my opinion she brought it on herself. ALL of the women were acting strange; and from what HD said on WWHL, it gets ALOT worse next week. Yay. Please don’t be glum Miss M! It’s just… Read more »

And yes freedom girl there is ALOT of negativity for sure; I’m still watching it, but I’m usually doing something else at the same time; it’s not so intense that way. Hope you are doing well also. 🙂

Oh Janelle thankyou sweetie❤️❤️❤️ You girls all lifted me up tonight you have no idea I needed it. Thank you so much! After all it’s just a silly program my gosh. But if you love the steel pans check out the YouTube link below in one of the posts, I was the one with blonde hair. I snuck in grabbed some sticks and went to town.

Love you Janelle and Miss M ❤️❤️❤️ Yes , I’m like Janelle , i watch while I’m doing something. But almost all HWs shows are now a heap of doo doo. Remember last season of RHOBH and Rinna??? Argh!!! Xoxo

Thank you so much, Freedom❤️❤️❤️ And you are so right, if everyone is fed up that IS a good thing and we are on the same page, how come I didn’t see the obvious?! I really have been affected by the presidential race though….all the dissension and stuff whew makes me staticky. ((((Rain))))this in no way makes me feel like Kelly gets a pass from her own nastiness, but in this instance I do feel that because not one of them not Shannon, not Heather, and it’s usually one of those two who has shown the most tolerance when they’ve… Read more »

I can totally see where you’re coming from and it makes sense to me ❤️❤️❤️

Oh okay and now that Freedom Girl helped me to open my eyes even wider, let’s not forget on behalf of ALL the women; EDITING. Oh yes, the sway of the beast lol. So Rain, Shannon ❤️ in my mind gets credit. She’s almost a saint again. 😉 ❤️❤️❤️ Can u see how I love you girl and hate to disappoint? Hahaha it’s so true

Yes you really do love me lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So yes I appreciate that
The reason I don’t buy Kelly as a victim is that she said she doesn’t want to drink but apparently a bit later , she and Vicki are knocking on Tamras door to go out for drinks !!!! COME ON!!!!!

And I love you MORE Miss M ❤️❤️❤️

And Rain just as I was clutching my nightgown here swooning over our love fest a transiting box elder bug hit me square on the forehead and messed up my moment, effing bugs. It’s like a summers balmy breezy night in the Caribbean here, I swear I hear steel drums in the distance.

Good Girl Miss M 😀 Like I said, Bravo might dish it out, but we don’t have to take it..or agree with it. The rest of the world is not about a pack mentality. Not to mention that when I talk or even yell, I don’t screech like these Banshees either. lol.

Correction way after the fact: you CSNT fake that…,

arghhhhh cannot…CAN’T…can’t 🙂


YES ❤️

:). :). :). YES, YES AND YES! XOXO Rain, and Miss M!

Ladies! I found my JOY!!! Please check out to escape from the madness❤️

Thanks for sharing your joy with us Miss M ❤️❤️❤️ Brought me joy too !! If you haven’t watched the new comedy ‘American housewife’ on ABC yet, it’s a treat. Tuesday nights xoxox

Oh wow did u really check them out Rain??!! We’re those kids amazing?! Didn’t u love the one and only Caucasian girl beaming along it made me smile wider! So heartwarming and funky town I loooove my music it never fails me. Ok I think I should finish up that apple pie , have to make the filling. ♥️♥️♥️REAL SANDY, this is for you if you see this, I remembered you asked what kind of Apple I use for pie, tonight I’m using Macintosh because it’s what I have but I love Paula Reds;) we have apple orchards up here… Read more »

Thanks lol much better to watch! My blood pressure re went down 🙂

Sherry that’s so great! Yes all my worries just go away watching and listening to this amazing music and the happiness ♥️♥️♥️

Xoxo Janelle ❤️❤️❤️

I’ve stopped watching. Even the recaps are distressing. These blogs (the HW – not us) are pathetic. I’m done and out. How many low lives can Bravo find? I don’t have that many fingers and toes to count. I’d rather watch paint dry!

I’ll keep on this forum just so I can check in on how everyone (us) is doing. Peace and Love.

Ain’t that the truth! Me too What The, me too.

Hi What The, I haven’t watched any of this season but just keep up with clips and the stories here that is way more than enough. So don’t desert us! Xoxox

You’re a smart and wise woman Suze ❤️❤️❤️

Just had to stop and say Hi to you Suze! Thinking of you and hoping that you’re having more good days than bad. XOXOXOXO! :). :). :).

Hi Janelle, things same here just back on our own after visitors so having quiet two days before next batch! Hope alls well with you and the babies? Xoxoxox

Hey Suze!! It sounds like you’re having a great time with your guests. The girls are growing up sooo fast! They’re doing great (thank you for asking); just trying to keep up with ’em! (I’m going to be 35 in a few weeks and some days I feel every bit of it and then some :). Take care sweetie, I don’t have a lot of time to post these days but I like to pop in when I can. xoxo. 🙂

Janelle I wish I was 35! I’m 65 but I guess I would not want to go back as I have enjoyed most of my life and all the time with the kids.

Janelle sorry posted too soon, in case you don’t get back on have a very happy birthday! Xoxoxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shannon is disgusting. To insist that someone drinks when they have already said no and then to sneak off and ask for doubles. If you are upfront about just trying to have fun and not intentionally trying to sabatoge someone, just say to the waiter when you order them “make them doubles “. When Tamara asked what Kelly said she could have replied “nothing important”, but she purposely wanted to stir up sh*the once again. Then to film her in the hall! Once again she wanted to hurt Kelly. Yes Kelly drinks too much and says awful things, but so… Read more »

You said it!! I was already tied up in knots, worrying about this election, the aftermath, the war stuff going on and whatever repercussions as a result. None of us need this b.s. DRAMA!!! It’s sickening. I personally HATE drinking and drunks. I have drunk, nasty neighbors, that I won’t even socialize with anymore, because of their hateful, rude behavior. I thought it was going to be a funny, happy time–watching these fools tour a place as beautiful as Ireland. They could’ve gone to Tijuana, 60miles south and acted like drunken, back-stabbing witches.


I cannot say enough how disgusted I am about the actions of Shannon, Tamra and Heather. And Vicky just saw there after Kelly stood up for her. I AM NOT saying Kelly was in the right at all. But seriously? Secretly trying to get her drunk? So she can act in bad way that they will criticize and make fun of later? Shame on all of them.

Nobody put the glass against Kelly’s lip and forced her to drink. Buck-toothed drunk acts like she was water-boarded or something. Was Shannon being pushy? Yes. But Tamra didn’t drink anything and Shannon ordered her one too. Don’t blame everyone else. Blame the person who drank. Blame the person who lives to verbally abuse others and gets some sick satisfaction out of it. Blame the person who pouts and mutters under her breath like a 5 year old, only having the balls to speak her mind (no matter how disgusting and gutter-like that mind is) when she is full of… Read more »

Whoa Gigicat you sure hate Kelly and missed the point there Kelly is an alcoholic hard to refuse booze shoved in your face like that and Shannon knows that sneaking off to ask waiter to double the booze was a setup. Frankly all the women in the OC turn my stomach now!

Look, Kelly is a disaster. No self control, goes from zero to Def Con 5 in 5 seconds, knows no boundaries on what she can and cannot say in civilized society, is tacky and mannerless, a true “ugly American”. All true. But honestly, Shannon, I’m calling bullshit on your defense— you absolutely were trying to egg her on by plying her with alcohol after she repeatedly –repeatedly– said she didn’t want it. You were hoping she’d get drunk –again– and act out in a way that villainized her even more. And you tried to do it off camera, in the… Read more »

I 100% agree with this post!!! Everything you said was totally how I saw it too.

Baloney! Kelly is a major drunk ! And If she’s stupid enough to say something about Tamras daughter while her mic is on, then she’s s STUPID STUPID DRUNK . Just saying

I agree Rain totally xoxoxoxox

and if Shannon is stupid enough to run tell Tamara what Kelly said with her mic on she too is not only a major drunk but a liar to boot !

Well said Stacey they all appeared to be wealthy ugly Americans to me while in Ireland except surprised to say this lol Megan thank god for motherhood!

ITA about Shannon. Does Heather, Shannon, & Tamra now thing they need to video instead of Bravo? I think they just pulled a Jill Zarin! Can’t stand the hateful “Bs.”

cant stand Shannon,Tamara,Heather, they all need to be fired. they are dirty low down pigs.that tried bto set kelly up to make her look bad , but it made them look real bad they shoul all be fired

Not buying the Kelly victim routine ! Barf! Yes Shannon was wrong to be pushy but Kelly is already a drunk and a loud mouth so cry me a river

Yup I’m with you! Xoxoxo

What a sick hypocrite Shannon is. She was bullied once & now, she gets joy in bullying Kelly who is definitely ganged upon. Shannon was pushing to get Kelly drunk in order to create more mischief. What Tamara did with sending the selfie to Kelly showed what an evil heart she has. Kelly deserved to explode each time she did as these no classed group presses every button in her body. Man, I would’ve hopped on the first plane out. To use Shannon’s words, their attitudes & behavior is unconciable. Cant stand them. All hypocrites.

Oh, no. I hope this is wrong, but I’m putting it out there. I was just reading on another site and it was said, that the “big secret,” that Shannon told Vicki is, David has beaten the living sh/t out of her–apparently more than just once. To the point, where she left town for a couple of weeks for the bruises to heal. AND, there are pictures. I wonder if this was the “one mistake,” his mother referred to, at their kid’s band performance?

That’s terrible Queenie! I’m sure some posters will say it’s her fault and she deserved it. Wait and see

I read and reacted to that post the same way Rain. My comment is below. xo

I reread your post and maybe we didn’t see it the same way. I don’t know, I’m tired and know better than to post this late. xo. I think I’m done with this thread for sure…

I hope it is wrong. I did read that Shannon had a restraining order against him many years ago and then they resolved it, and no one gave the specifics of the possible domestic abuse or whatever. The thing is that with abused women in marriages, not saying her marriage specifically, is that they don’t usually speak up and tell anyone for fear of their spouses. They keep coming back for more. They may even blame themselves. Unless Shannon was gery drunk and upset, I doubt she would confide in Vicki about any secrets like that. Who would trust Vicki?… Read more »

Now this comment appears? It just came out of moderation? Unreal.

That is really low Queenie. Like or dislike Shannon all you want, but to post something that at this point is simply trashy gossip is mean spirited. What I find ironic about this blog is that so many have posted to to say how bad they felt after watching this last episode and how they want to watch warm fuzzy HW franchises that show only the happy side of their lives. That’s fine and dandy. Yet some of the posts I’ve read were worse than watching the show. I get that venting about how the show may have left people… Read more »
Oh the shame. Shannon clearly had an agenda to get Kelly drunk. I believe Tamra is the ringleader along with cohorts Shannon & Heather. It was obvious. Tamra is the shit stirrer & always wants to act like she’s innocent & all since supposedly finding Jesus!!! I say bullshit!!!! Shannon clearly forgets how Tamra lied to her & how Heather threw her out of her house. She forgave them but holds a grudge with Vicki who was the only one that had her back from the beginning. Shame on the gang mentality grown women participated in on the bus. It… Read more »

Just posted and not sure why it is in moderation….

This comment was right after my moderated comment was there…and nowmis not.

Reply to Queenie…reposted: Real Sandy October 20, 2016 at 10:36 AM I hope it is wrong. I did read that Shannon had a restraining order against him many years ago and then they resolved it, and no one gave the specifics of the possible domestic abuse or whatever. The thing is that with abused women in marriages, not saying her marriage specifically, is that they don’t usually speak up and tell anyone for fear of their spouses. They keep coming back for more. They may even blame themselves. Unless Shannon was gery drunk and upset, I doubt she would confide… Read more »

Sandy, I’m waiting for the vile comments that she deserved it etc etc . I really hope people aren’t that shitty but we know Better

I know, Rain. No one deserves abuse or any mistreatment. Shannon is practically a saint for being so forgiving. To err is human, To forgive divine, as Alexander Pope once said, yet so hard.
I know she isn’t perfect and she messed up too, but she does not deserve the comments that say she deserved it, and it is a sad commentary for mankind to hear such things IMO.

Comment # 2795220 was my reply to Queenie – I do not understand why you referenced it in your reply to Queenie, and then stated Read more at……comment # 2795220.

I never wrote a respnse to you at all. What happened was that I replied to Queenie. For some reason, and I have no idea why, my comment went into moderation.
Then, after that happened, I copied the comment and pasted it into another response to Queenie and on its own, it put that link in…not me.
If you write a comment and copy and paste it into another comment, it adds a link to the site you are commenting from.

Is that enough to explain?

Sandy, why was the link that you posted directed at my comment? I don’t get it…

I never replied to you unless you are Queenie. I even wrote her name.

If I did, then it was an accident, clearly, since I put HER name in it?
Isn’t that obvious? My bad. Sue me!

Sandy I’m not upset with you at all!! I like you very much! I just took a minute to look at this blog, and the link on your comment which was probably put there automatically was directly to my comment.

I’m so sorry I made such a big deal out of it. I thought maybe you found my comment offensive and couldn’t understand why. So sorry, really. (I won’t sue you) 🙂 xoxoxo….OK?

Janelle, try copying and pasting your comment into the comment box and posting it and see if it puts in a link.

Do I have to? OK Here goes….Please see my above comment. It was my misunderstanding and I apologize 100% xoxox

I haven’t even seen all the comments. I don’t argue here. I am really just,trying to make sense of it.
We may differ in opinions, but I am not offended about your comment.

FYI The link was not my doing! I never even saw it when I copied my post since it was not there. All Things put that link in. I never even hit it to see what it did,since I did reply to Queenie and not you.

Please see my above comment. It was my misunderstanding and I apologize 100% xoxox

No problem. I honestly had no idea it linked to any particular comment, but just this site.

Well, no link there….not sure why it linked mine at all. I am dumbfounded.

Maybe it happens if the comment is in moderation and is copied?,The moderated comment is not posted at all. Only my copied comment is posted.

when you copied and pasted it looks like you copied the posters name, as well as the link and reply buttons. I could try that and see what happens but it doesn’t matter. It’s all good. Sandy I think you’re awesome and I love your comments. Lets just chalk it up to tech. difficulties.

Yes, technical difficulities. Poltergeist in my iPad maybe? LOL 😉
I like you too, Janelle. XO

Yes, maybe because of my name posted.

Yes, Janelle. When I just tried posting with my name in, a link appeared at the bottom…but I did not post again!

What *I* think the reason to confide in Vicki, would be like what Nicole Simpson did. She kept a diary and told friends, in the event that David did something to her, that was beyond just injuries. That would explain the pics. And NO, it isn’t just some “idle gossip,” I read this posted as an item in a blog. I highly doubt the writer would make up something so heinous, without verifying the source.

Your theory makes sense to me Queenie. I guess we will find out soon enough, I’m praying it’s not true. That poor woman

Queenie, of course anything is possible. None of us truly knows what goes on behind closed doors. I am not arguing with you. I am never surprised at anything, really. I just do not know the real truth.

We will find out at the reunion I guess . Sigh! So sad .

Double sigh. 🙁 Yes, it is sad.

GIGICAT and Sandy , I know you guys watch MDLA , how cute what that young seller, Sasha , the jewelry designer who’s glamorous grandmother ( lovely pic of her) got the Navajo the right to vote Next time they want to introduce a young lady into HW , why not someone like this lovely young woman