Shannon Beador Is Hopeful For A Friendship With Heather Dubrow


Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss confronting Tamra Judge is Bali. Shannon says she isn’t waiting for an explanation from Tamra but has hope for her future with Heather Dubrow.

Shannon writes, “Before I begin, I have to say one big “Yikes!” about my hair in Bali! The humidity did my hair no favors and I am so happy that you were all able to see it. LOL!!!

I never met up with Vicki and Tamra after our dinner in the prior episode, and stayed up talking with Lizzie and Danielle. As our group got together in the morning, there seemed to be a bit of a divide between us new gals and Vicki, Tamra, and Heather. I was still reeling from the information I was told the night before, but I have learned my lesson and had no intention of starting a conversation with Tamra when the whole group was in the van!

We had a jam packed day visiting a temple and trying new and adventurous things. I have been quite vocal about my dislike of fish so I was proud of myself that I joined in the fish pedicure. I was also shocked that I allowed a monkey to climb up my body — multiple times! I figured that if I traveled halfway across the world to come to Bali, I should absolutely participate in everything that I could. . .

. . .Except for the bike ride. On our last day, I was ready for a little pampering and relaxation at the spa. I couldn’t take another car sick van ride! The hotel’s spa was beautiful! When Vicki and I saw there was a crystal healing facial and massage we were all over it! We got a little silly in the pools and ice room and then had an amazing massage and facial!

I had a moment to sit with Vicki alone at the spa and decided to tell her about my long conversation with Lizzie and Danielle. I told her that they both apologized because they made some inaccurate judgments about me before they truly got to know me. I also let her know that Tamra was involved in telling the girls false things about me. I have heard many times from Vicki that Tamra has hurt her in the past. I don’t want to get involved in a “telephone” game so I suggested she speak directly to them when we returned to the cabana — because apparently Tamra has said unkind things about Vicki’s life as well.

I don’t understand why Tamra is saying so many cruel things about me. I haven’t done anything mean to her. I don’t lie and I’m not crazy — and she knows it. I want an explanation as to why. I am a loyal friend, and was a loyal friend to her. I don’t understand it.

I am not happy that I haven’t had time alone with Tamra. Her bike ride ran long and she was even late for the Balinese dancers. I did my best to initiate a conversation one-on-one with her at the dinner table, but, of course, that didn’t work. Tamra was upset that Lizzie told me things that were said behind my back and questions why Lizzie told me. Tamra never denies saying any of those cruel statements. She doesn’t apologize for them. And I never got an explanation before she stormed away from the table. Clearly I never will. Time to move on and know that Tamra is not my friend. Friends don’t talk behind each other’s backs like that.

It is interesting that I have had some fun moments with Heather on this Bali trip. I thought it would be a nice gesture to pull Heather aside on our last night to thank her for including me on the trip. Heather also extended an olive branch by apologizing for talking about my email to her group of friends. Maybe the tides will turn. . .

Heather also told me that Terry was upset by a comment that David made as Heather was getting on the bull at her hoedown. I wasn’t present when it happened, so this is the first time I had ever heard that David made such a comment. I know my husband, however, and I know that he said it in tequila-fueled fun. He had no bad intentions, just some bad judgment. I know that when I point it out to him, he will apologize right away. I wonder why I am hearing about this comment almost four months after it was said? If Terry was so upset, why didn’t he point it out in the few times he has seen either of us after the hoedown?

After Tamra left the table, I told Heather that Tamra had said things about their friendship as well. I never questioned Tamra about her relationship with Heather; she volunteered everything on her own. She told me that she and Heather never spent any time together — that she had spent more time with me in a couple months than the few years she had known Heather. I expressed surprise when I heard that because I knew Heather was in Tamra’s wedding. That is when Tamra told me that Heather was her fake friend and insinuated that there was no close friendship. I would never ever make up something like that. I did not want to hurt Heather’s feelings, but I always believe that people should know the truth.

Our last night in Bali was a drama-filled night. I came home from the trip with no hope for a friendship with Tamra and surprising hope for a potential friendship with Heather down the road. Stay tuned for the finale. Wow — it knocked my socks off!”

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6 Replies to “Shannon Beador Is Hopeful For A Friendship With Heather Dubrow”

  1. I’m glad to see Shannon happier and with people supporting her. I don’t think I’d trust Heather much more than Tamra.

  2. I don’t understand how all of the sudden Shannon can forgive Heather? Just because Tamra talked poorly about her?

    1. Shannon is not the brightest bulb! This season had been a huge game of telephone…I believe lies were told on both sides. Lizzie twisting words shows the type of person she really is. . Tamara is not innocent, but Lizzie is evil … She spoke behind everyone’s back also. . How is that any better? Shannon’s blog is irritating to read! Real Jersey belle your point is a good one!

  3. I have enjoyed the Beador’s this season and I have to agree I would not be trusting Heather she is a ratchet person along with Tamra but I also wouldn’t be trusting Lizzie…Look forward to more of the Beador’s…oh and I would just like to say I don’t think Shannon drinks anymore or any less than Tamra and all the girls of OC.

    1. We agree again, Lia. A drink is a drink, whether it’s a tall glass of wine or a shot of booze filled up with water. And the ones I see calling for refills, stumbling, and making huge asses of themselves on this show are the finger pointing wine drinkers. Lisa needs to run down to the OC and teach them some manners.

      1. Yes DeBrenn it has been just another ploy to humiliate Shannon…And YES YES I love Lisa and Ken with all there sexy fabulous life!!

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