Shannon Beador: It Was Hard to Realize David Was Distancing Himself From Me

Shannon Beador is admitting that it was hard to watch her conversation with her husband David that aired on this week’s episode of RHOC. In her blog, Shannon says she had a hard time realizing that David was distancing himself from her. Beador also comments on the allegations about Eddie Judge.

“It is difficult to watch my birthday conversation with David. For all of you that are going to tell me to just keep my mouth shut and stop complaining, let me stop you there. I haven’t been bringing up this subject over and over. I don’t talk about it every minute. But on this one year anniversary of the vow renewal, you are actually seeing me talk about things from my heart. I had no intention of going into this subject, but because of the day, it just happened. Yes, I was stressed about the whole Vicki allegation situation because I didn’t want my family to get hurt. We have been through enough. But that was six months ago and I am having the hardest time realizing that David has been distancing himself from me.

I want to be clear that I did not plan Eddie’s birthday celebration, but just suggested a fun venue for the night. Baton G’s is a kick in the pants! So whimsical! We had a great meal and a great time!

I have so many thoughts go through my mind as I watch Vicki’s birthday party and her attempts to have her minions do her dirty work. The scene with Vicki, Kelly, Gretchen, Lizzie and the fame hungry Ricky was the worst acting ever. So fake. So contrived. Vicki clutching her face in her hands saying, “What????” Give me a break. She knew what was going to be said. It was all in her plan.

Vicki tells Kelly she doesn’t want to do the “mean girl stuff” anymore? But then Vicki says, “I don’t want to hear any of this stuff about Eddie. Tell me more.” With a smile on her face. That pretty much sums up who the mean girl is.”

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9 Replies to “Shannon Beador: It Was Hard to Realize David Was Distancing Himself From Me”

  1. Shannon – if you want to be healthy again – with yourself as well as your marriage – get off the show. It is toxic and you allow yourself to be in this situation. Is it really worth it?

    1. Just watched the clip – David looks like he is not feeling well. He has lost a lot of weight hasn’t he? I sure hope he is not sick.
      And Shannon – who cares what anyone said about David a year ago – especially if it isn’t even true- you have got to stop allowing other peoples words to control your life.
      I believe there is way more to this relationship than is being said. I am not even referring to the allegations – just referring to the fact that they do not look happy together at all.
      I think that is the actual root of it all.

  2. Shannon, STOP! Someone once said that women are attracted to a man by how she feels about him, and men are attracted to a women by how she makes him feel about himself. You’re trying to keep him by insisting he show you attention, and he’s pulling back because of how crappy you make him feel. You ask him questions (i.e. about the diet dinner you made) and expect him to go from zero to a hundred with a rave review, and then are hurt when he doesn’t. It isn’t natural for him. You’re jealous of him having a good time, but you expect him to create the good time for you when you’re together. The atmosphere you create for your husband is more toxic than life without crystals.

    1. Bless Shannon’s heart, but you just said nothing but the truth. I felt badly that her girls were just in the other room while she was initiating this painful conversation with her husband. Those are not the things that young growing minds need to be privy to, and as much as she prides herself on being an open book for the show, or the fact that the girls enjoy being associated with the show, I fear that this experience will have irreversible effects on their family.

  3. Shannon is emasculating her husband on national TV. I felt bad for the guy since her first season. Everything he does she picks at, it’s not an excuse for what he has done to her but my goodness STOP IT already. She’s mad he’s exercising, not spending time with her, not getting involved and then to get mad cause he wants her to let it go with Vicki???? The man doesn’t catch a break with her!!!! Sorry as a woman I wouldn’t want to be around a husband like that so yes I can understand him pulling away. She’s way too dramatic and critical about EVERYTHING!!! All he was doing was trying to sympathize on the couch with her and she was digging for negativity from that! Why? It’s like the way Kelly treats her husband, I don’t understand that crap I’m embarrassed for those men. Just ridiculous, she really does need to get off the show and focus on herself and her marriage.

  4. Shannon talks about her marriage directly and indirectly since last season, who are you kidding? The only reason she is on this show is because she literally brings the crazy. Otherwise she has no storyline if its not about her weight or her man. I almost feel sorry for David…

  5. Shannon is a very sick minded woman & is a prize at pointing her fingers in the wrong direction. Poor David, my heart goes out to him having to live with & tolerate this insufferable person called his wife. I feel there’s no love left for her & she still wants to be treated like a Queen by him. If only she would show him a bit of love & respect, I feel it would make a world of difference to him. At this point, He is running from her & whatever little time he’s forced to endure her negativity must be intolerable.

  6. I am just now watching this episode.
    Shannon and her feelings! (Yawn) She seems to be a bottomless pit of need and resentments.
    David, cheated. She took him back.
    They moved into another house and ever since they moved something has changed for the worst.
    You can, not tell a Significant Other, ” How to Feel” nor can you Micromanage Anyone into loving you the way you believe they should love you.
    This Season Shannon is a ranting maniac, depressed and a complete negative mess.
    Eating Her Feelings.
    I wouldn’t want to be around anyone like that.
    She is Pushing David, farther and farther away.
    She might be pushing him into the arms of another Woman..

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