Shannon Beador Gives Update on Her Weight

RHOC star Shannon Beador has been struggling with her weight, sharing that she gained 40 pounds.

Shannon just gave an update about her journey to The Daily Dish saying, “There’s not much more new on the weight loss, except that I’m doing my best to do it. My hormones are a little bit off, so we’re trying to get that regulated, so I’m not losing as much as I was before, but I’ll get there,” she shared. “I mean, I’m definitely not back to where I was, so that’s all positive. And I try not to look at the scale now, because it can be frustrating, so I just look at how the clothes fit.”

Shannon’s ultimate goal is to lose the 40 pounds she gained. “Yeah, that was my goal, so we’ll see if I get there. No, I will get there,” Shannon said. “It’s a question of we’ll see how quickly I’ll get there. But I will get there.”

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At the beginning of the season Shannon asked fans on Instagram for support during her difficult journey.

So let’s just get to it. Yes, I have gained weight. A lot of weight. About 40 pounds to be exact. I have not had plastic surgery or fillers, it’s just plain and simple weight gain. There are multiple factors that have contributed to my size and it will be addressed this season on the show. To those people who intend to write cruel or derogatory comments to me, I want to let you know you will be blocked and the comment deleted. Gaining weight and trying to take it off is a struggle that most women will face at some point in their lives. I am hopeful that my fans and viewers of the show will be supportive of my journey. I am very grateful and thankful to those people that have already reached out to me with their kind thoughts. ❤️ Let the season begin…

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Shannon was asked about if that is what she has received from fans.

“I think that since my Instagram post at the beginning of the season that people have been very respectful and supportive of what I’m doing. The bottom line is, and I’m really embracing this idea this year, is that there are always gonna be people that are gonna be haters. They can sit at their computer [key]board and write nasty things to you because somehow, some way it makes them feel better. And I’m learning to let that roll off my skin a lot better than I have in the past,” Shannon said. “But I’m telling you, for the most part, people have been very, very supportive, especially about the weight issue.”

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