Shannon Beador Gives Update on Her Weight

RHOC star Shannon Beador has been struggling with her weight, sharing that she gained 40 pounds.

Shannon just gave an update about her journey to The Daily Dish saying, “There’s not much more new on the weight loss, except that I’m doing my best to do it. My hormones are a little bit off, so we’re trying to get that regulated, so I’m not losing as much as I was before, but I’ll get there,” she shared. “I mean, I’m definitely not back to where I was, so that’s all positive. And I try not to look at the scale now, because it can be frustrating, so I just look at how the clothes fit.”

Shannon’s ultimate goal is to lose the 40 pounds she gained. “Yeah, that was my goal, so we’ll see if I get there. No, I will get there,” Shannon said. “It’s a question of we’ll see how quickly I’ll get there. But I will get there.”

Sweating my ass off walking up this hill! 😩 #stilldespiseexercise #tryingmybest #reunionaroundthecorner 😳

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At the beginning of the season Shannon asked fans on Instagram for support during her difficult journey.

So let’s just get to it. Yes, I have gained weight. A lot of weight. About 40 pounds to be exact. I have not had plastic surgery or fillers, it’s just plain and simple weight gain. There are multiple factors that have contributed to my size and it will be addressed this season on the show. To those people who intend to write cruel or derogatory comments to me, I want to let you know you will be blocked and the comment deleted. Gaining weight and trying to take it off is a struggle that most women will face at some point in their lives. I am hopeful that my fans and viewers of the show will be supportive of my journey. I am very grateful and thankful to those people that have already reached out to me with their kind thoughts. ❤️ Let the season begin…

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Shannon was asked about if that is what she has received from fans.

“I think that since my Instagram post at the beginning of the season that people have been very respectful and supportive of what I’m doing. The bottom line is, and I’m really embracing this idea this year, is that there are always gonna be people that are gonna be haters. They can sit at their computer [key]board and write nasty things to you because somehow, some way it makes them feel better. And I’m learning to let that roll off my skin a lot better than I have in the past,” Shannon said. “But I’m telling you, for the most part, people have been very, very supportive, especially about the weight issue.”

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32 Replies to “Shannon Beador Gives Update on Her Weight”

  1. I wish Shannon the Best of Luck!
    She should hire a personal trainer or go to a health retreat.. (get away from David.)
    Get into, a Consistant Routine and focus on all aspects of her health ( Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual).
    Life is much too short to be unhealthy and unhappy.

    1. Yes! Well said. I have heard that Canyon Ranch is a very nice health spa/retreat…but I have never been there, though some friends have. They have more than one location now too.I am not advertising. I just know you are right. An escape to clear the mind a bit and just focus on health is a fantastic idea.
      Life is too short.

  2. She needs to get off the show …….the behavior she shows is not normal and you can’t tell me when the cameras are off that her family is happy about the portrayal of their mom……it’s embarrassing to relive it over and over again on TV………..

  3. Keep at it…it will come off. I am sorry to see how her marriage has affected her health. Although she blames Vicki for her poor health…it seems David is the real problem and she was afraid to admit that at the beginning of the season. We can all see now that he is the problem in her life.

    1. I agree Cat, it all stems from her relationship with David. I can’t help but feel that her negative thoughts about herself is more in her head than in David’s. But it must be the biggest hurdle to overcome with a spouse who has cheated. It’s hard not to internalize the blame. I’m sorry I know I say this often, but poor Shannon. She has a lot on her plate that she’s dealing with. I agree she needs to get away to work on her then come back ready to work on them. Good luck lady! Keep working on it, the weight and the marriage.

  4. As her recent appearances on WWHL indicates, she lost, but then gained some of it back. I think GF needs to get her head together (and out of a lousy marriage) and then everything else will fall back into place.

    1. Im not sure her marriage is lousy. Marriage is hard work and its constant hard work. At least, that’s my experience. She needs time to get her head sorted then she’ll be strong enough to work on the marriage.

      1. When David broke their wedding vows and cheated on his wife and mother of his children, it became a lousy marriage. They seemingly put a band aid on it, but I knew it was over then, and I still think so today.

        1. Their marriage was in trouble long before he cheated and they’re doing exactly what they did prior to his cheating yet again. These two do not talk, it’s incredible. I wonder what about each other they first liked?

  5. YES – this is perfect. And I really don’t think Shannon is any heavier than Vicktim and she wears clothes that fit her instead of putting her back fat on display in an attempt to feel young and beautiful.

  6. I am incredibly proud of her!
    She has always enjoyed traveling and now she is gone 6 months at a time!
    (I board her horse and dogs while she is away.)

  7. I need my kitchen done…but…we want to sell in a few years and downsize, so I was thinking of maybe kitchen cabinet painting, new counters and or two new appliances…but then it becomes a snowball effect. It would be easier to reface..maybe…but with my new dog…He barks at everyone and it is hard to escape. Oh dear me. I have a built in fridge that is 19 years old…and I checked out the prices of the replacements…around 10,000. So, now I wonder what to do?
    My last home was easier. My FIL did kitchen cabinets and we had him change the counters, add some cabinets, etc. but I only lived there 10 years!
    I guess I let this place go more because putting two kids through private colleges was probably a good idea…but not for us, for the kids.
    Do people really love white kitchens more than wood. I have a light maple Shaker cabinet…clean lines.
    German butts….No offense to Germans, but the ones I have known had flatter buns…on average. I would take some East Indian buns anytime, but that is another story…Just looking, not touching! LOL

  8. Love you Rain!
    Yes, that is why I put some things off. I know that once I changed the counter, I will want a new cooktop…My current one has a pop up ventilation system that costs as much as a new cooktop or close, so, it will be hard to find, since it now has to be a separate purchase. If I put a hood in the middle of the ceiling, it would have to be glass or low profile somehow…and that would be more ductwork, ceiling torn up, etc. If I change the fridge to a normal fridge, I would have to change the cabinet I currently have and it would be small or stick out too much. It is always a snowball effect. I know it.
    What is a slab kitchen sink? I was thinking of an undermount?
    Also, what do you have if not stainless steel. My current cooktop is glass and I hate it. It is black and shows everything. My dishwasher and wall ovens are stainless…fridge has some inserts to match the wood….which is great for no fingerprints/smudges.
    This is now kitchen chat! Sorry guys, but I did the Housewives enough…for now?
    I may have to do a search on slab sinks.

    Oh, I saw a pic of my son in China when I did a search on King of Bots. He was with a group of other competitors. Nothing else about the TV show they are filming there now. Oh, and he butt dialed me yesterday…I heard him laughing with friends…It was after midnight in China!

    Love ya.

  9. Thanks babe. You too. The really bad thing for me with the stainless is my dogs love to lick the dishwasher. Yuck I know but always cleaning it

  10. Good for her…instead of blaming others for her own weight gain she should be working her butt off and stay away from the bottle

  11. Shannon needs psychological and pharmaceutical help….let’s get an update on that….but really Shannon does not need to come back next season unless the storyline is her divorce. I am not going to sit through another season of the fakery and her willful ignorance when it comes to her marriage. So tired of the scripted storyline with Shannon…she’s not that good an actress

    1. “I am not going to sit through another season of the fakery and her willful ignorance” unless it is about the hideous cancer liar Gunvalson of course. That kind of hideous willful never ending lying to make a buck is okay with her hypocrite ‘fans’….

      1. Im actually not a “fan” of Vicki, but when you start blaming YOUR weight gain on someone else we need to just stop with the hysterics. What you don’t want to acknowledge is Shannon is just as evil and ugly and manipulative as Vicki, but we’ll give her a pass cuz she’s fat now??? okay yall…both are liars and both have to own up to what they did…Vicki owned up to her lie…when will Shannon admit she ate the cake, the pies, the one made her or forced her…Own it Shannon (Lisa Rinna voice)

  12. Yes, losing added weight is a struggle if you drink like a fish & eat tons of steak. Nobody can whine or wish away the pounds.

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