Shannon Beador: I Have Forgiven Vicki and Moved On


Shannon Beador is opening up about where things stand between her and Vicki in her blog this week. She says she has forgiven Gunvalson and that she has moved on, but that she chooses not to have someone like Vicki in her life.

“Let me just dive in. I am not looking forward to having the inevitable conversation with Vicki because I have made the decision I no longer want to have a friendship with her. I don’t make decisions like that lightly. I believe that I was lied to for well over a year, longer than any other cast member, because Vicki knew I would defend her to the end. I am a loyal friend and I was the last person standing in her defense. I am entitled to make decisions that are best for me. I am not stuck in the past. I am tired of Vicki saying that I am making everything about me. I am tired of her calling me “disgusting and vile” which she has done numerous times.

I have forgiven and moved on. Tamra, Heather, and Meghan all know that. Some may say I have no heart. Some may say I am a bitch. Some may say I am a mean girl. I am sorry they feel that way. It’s not about being right or wrong. I don’t want a person that continues to fabricate things and not take accountability for them in my life. I am not going to put myself in the situation to be hurt and used again. I am only protecting myself and I am allowed to make decisions ensuring that will happen. I’m tired of talking about it.

It’s interesting to hear Kelly say to Heather and Meghan that the past issues with Vicki are none of her business. Wondering why she continues to bring it up every time we all see her?

At this point, I am ready for some fun so I want to throw a 70’s party. I just want to have a silly, quirky, and crazy fun night!

I’m excited to have the party, but don’t know what to do about Vicki. I truly am fine being in a room with her. I also remember how she defended me last year when I wasn’t invited to Meghan’s party. I want to extend Vicki an invitation, but am having an issue figuring out how to invite her. My initial email was harsh and I am glad Tamra was there to help guide me in softening the invitation.”

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22 Replies to “Shannon Beador: I Have Forgiven Vicki and Moved On”

  1. I can’t bring myself to watch this show anymore, but she is right, that it is her prerogative not to have Vicki in her life…however..she is filming with her so that is kind of impossible, isn’t it?

  2. Shannon? Don’t throw your pearls before swine. That’s all I have to say about you and Vicki. She isn’t deserving of your friendship. Frankly she is deserving of NOBODY’s friendship after the stunt she pulled.

  3. I love Shannon. She is quirky but the sanest of them all. I was happy that Vic befriended her but in the back of my mind I figured she had a hidden agenda. Also Shannon never lied about anything that I recall. I am not sure I could even forgive that evil woman let alone ever forget what she and Brooks have done. I think V befriended Shannon because Shannon is not young and outrageously beautiful. Dum dum Vic didn’t see her as a threat. Just my opinion.

    1. Lots sure are! I would far sooner have 10 like Shannon rather than Liarface! I might watch again if she goes and the chances of that are remote! Funny, I’m not missing watching at all. So maybe she should stay! I’m enjoying all my animal programmes!

  4. Sorry. Shannon comes across as a self-righteous narcissist and so wrapped up in herself she doesn’t need a coat in winter. Not saying a thing about who she chooses to associate with, but she can do that without dragging in a gang of cohorts to congratulate her for how much better she is than everyone else.

  5. Good for Shannon. Everyone knows “You are who your friends are” so why associate with a lying scam artist fraud??

  6. LOL her comment about loyalty made me spit out my coffee! She never had Vicki’s back and I still doubt Vicki didn’t trust the p o s she was in love with and unless you have been in love with someone like that you have no idea.

  7. Liar-face vICKI really dumped on the only person that had her back through all her lies. That was Shannon. Shannon went above and beyond trying to help vICKI and Crooks. Then they (v&C) kicked her in her teeth.

    Do not blame Shannon, one bit, for keeping her distance from vICKI. It’s the best possible action she can take, at this point.

    I’m still reading threads about RHOOC and commenting. However, the show has been deleted from my recording queue as that liar-faced, scam artist, literally, makes me ill, these days. My hope is that Bravo tells vICKI to hit the bricks. Only, when that happens, will I watch another episode. Bye, Felicia!

  8. I get Shannon’s point. So WHY invite Vicki LiarFACE to her party? Producers paying for it? Why would Bicki LiarFACE even want to go?

    BTW– why would Shannon ask about Vicki’s family and her interest in knowing about Brianna’s life?

  9. Shannon is not & never have been a fav of mine. Two sides to her & I don’t like that. Hope my mind changes this season, but that hasn’t happened yet. They all leave me drip-dry.

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