Shannon Beador Explains Why She Won’t Forgive Vicki Gunvalson


Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador is standing her ground when it comes to her former friend Vicki Gunvalson. Of their longstanding feud, Beador insists the two won’t be friends anytime soon.

“I have forgiven her, I have moved on,” Beador tells to PEOPLE Now. “I wish her well – I just don’t need to be her friend.”

The decision comes after Vicki’s ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers lying about his cancer diagnosis, and although Beador has received a lot of backlash for not forgiving Gunvalson, she has no regrets about her decision.

“I am a loyal friend, I defended my friend up until nothing added up,” Beador says of the moment she realized Gunvalson was helping Ayers lie. “I was the last one standing in her court.”

“There was a lie about an illness, and people shouldn’t do that,” she explains. “To me, it’s unconscionable. My husband and I want no part of it.”

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22 Replies to “Shannon Beador Explains Why She Won’t Forgive Vicki Gunvalson”

  1. So, let’s say Vicki lied. She didn’t do any harm to Shannon. I still think Shannon is misdirecting her anger. And what does David have to do with it? Well, Shannon focusing on Vicki let’s him off the hook! No man should verbally attack and get in a woman’s face and space like he did with Vicki. On a side note….Megan…Jim doesn’t give a ding dong!

    1. Uh, it was Vicki LiarFACE that got up in David beador’s face. No, she shouldn’t have been mouthing off to her like that, but she shouldn’t have gotten up in his face. THAT is threatening.

  2. Monkey cant see his own tail. Shannon, hard hearted mean human. David, where does he fit in? trying too hard to please his cold stone, nagging wife to make up for his mistake which will never be forgotten nor forgiven.

  3. I seriously think Shannon has transferred her anger at David’s mistress onto Vicki she needs to get psychological counseling.

  4. I don’t agree with any of you! I will never forgive Vicki and I don’t know her. She is a lying piece of trash who needs to get off TV. She will never be on mine that’s for sure!

    1. ITA Suze! ❤️❤️❤️ I’m surprised people have forgiven Vicki so quickly and now Shannon and everybody else is just supposed to get over it . I guess the OGs do have power over the audience . I’m sorry, but Vicki is a heaping pile of gargbage and what she did was HORRIBLE! But then to NOT take responsibility, is simply unforgivable

      1. Hi my fave Hippie, I just don’t get it! That’s me, I will never understand unless they are told by Bravo…..l bizarre!

    2. Agree suze. Vicki LiarFACE still seems to play the victim in the whole Cancer lie scheme, as if she had nothing to do with keeping this lie going.

      What the con artist and LiarFACE did was make a mockery out of a deadly disease for sympathy and casorole. They put the hospital’s reputation on the line, the integrity of FDA approved treatments were questioned, and I’m sure countless families were hurt by their mockery.

      1. PLUS, Vicki friggin CALLS him from the car???? Is she just looking for any excuse to talk to Brooks? Ick ick ick

    3. I’m with you Suze. NEVER forgiving that POS is the very least that should happen to this sorry excuse for a human being.

        1. Her lack of remorse (even a fake one) is inconceivable. She’s so detached from reality and any sense of responsibility

        2. Totally agree….she has just become pathetic. Oh, and who wears an outfit like that get-up she wore to the beach? Those wedge shoes and vest… OMG. And her trying to look so sad and hurt talking on the beach…gag

  5. If a friend perpetrated a heinous lie it would definitely call into question her character and trustworthiness. Therefore I would want nothing to do with said friend. That lie would not only hurt our relationship but make me question everything I thought I knew about her. V has damaged the friendships she had with everyone. She says she’s over Brookes yet after leaving S’s party immediately calls him to cry on his shoulders! Her apologies are empty words because she doesn’t know the meaning of remorse. This woman has serious emotional/mental problems.

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