Shannon Beador Embarrassed By Allegations About Her Husband David

Shannon Beador is opening up about her weight gain in her first blog of the season. Beador admits that she doesn’t recognize herself when she looks in the mirror after gaining 40lbs. Shannon blames the allegations that arose last year about her husband David for the weight gain and admits she started eating and drinking a lot more. She says she was embarrassed about what took place and was uncertain what the future would hold.

“I’m not going to lie. It’s not very easy to watch this episode and it will probably continue to be difficult as the season goes on.

By the beginning of this year, I gained almost 40 pounds in an eight month period. I am the one responsible for gaining the weight. A combination of factors contributed to my weight gain, but it all started with the stress related to false allegations made about my husband last year. For a five month period, I didn’t know whether those false allegations were going to be made public, whether they were going to believed, and most importantly whether my husband and children would be damaged. As the stress built up, I started and eating and drinking more than I ever have. And as you see, I’m not in a good space. I look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself. I am embarrassed.

Someone thinks that they are somehow owed an apology which I find outrageous. When false allegations were made, I very clearly stated that I would never, ever speak to this person again and I meant it. I don’t have a problem not sitting with the “popular girls” in the cafeteria. And I was quite shocked to hear the cruel statements made about my good friend Tamra who is a very successful business woman and nothing but an inspiration after winning a fitness competition at 48!

And onto Sophie. I don’t even know where the time has gone. She was just in kindergarten the other day as far as I’m concerned, and now she is even taller than her father! To watch Sophie try on dresses for her very first dance was surreal. She is a beautiful young woman and I am very proud to be her mother! But please, can they make dresses a little longer today for goodness sakes???”

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24 Replies to “Shannon Beador Embarrassed By Allegations About Her Husband David”

  1. Oh dear, what to think, what to say. As much as I dont like Shannon, I feel bad for her. Like she said, she blames herself, yes, what Vicki did was awful, but she was the one who ate & drank her way into this. At first I thought it was a medical problem, but it isnt. I think too that it goes deeper than Vicki. That’s a cover up. I think David’s affair broke her heart & she is using every excuse except the truth to her problem.
    I really wish her well.

    1. Hi Starr dear,
      Hope you and yours are well, happy to see you here.
      So agree with the comments about Shannon’s weight gain.
      I am hopeful that she can overcome this, and get back to truly enjoying life.

      1. Hi Sunshine, havent seen you around for awhile now. Hope all’s well in your world too. Please stick around. Enjoy your comments.

  2. Morning, friends!
    I so wish Shannon had quit straight after that shitshow of a reunion, but I’m thinking she feels that would give Vicki exactly what she wants.
    Hope she and her family find the peace and harmony they need, and I’m thinking it won’t happen while she’s on this show.
    Miss you all, friends.

    1. I knew this was on last night but couldn’t bear to watch it. I like Shannon but the fact that Vicki is still there with her great big ego and her equally awful friend Kelly just left a very bitter taste in my mouth for Bravo and the RW franchise.

      1. Me too Aunt Bee !! I’ve stuck to my guns and am not watching , so far lol . And yes I do love shannon still ❤️

      2. Hey Aunt Bee!
        I know Vicki and Kelly took it to a new low, so glad to see you, did you watch the Southern Charm reunion?

      1. Hi sweetheart!!!!!!
        So happy to see you. Hope you are doing well.
        I know you aren’t watching, totally get it, but I just can’t help myself, maybe I need an intervention.
        Missed posting here.
        Have you heard from Sandy?

  3. She needs to leave her husband, get rid of the anxiety and stress he has caused her and join the Ramona-Coaster-after-Mario.

    1. That just made me laugh! Ramona is a mini-monster who often irritates me, but I do think she did the right thing by moving on, cutting ties, starting fresh and getting back out into the world to enjoy the years she has left.

    1. Hi Pat, I hear you. Shannon wants to continue to blame everyone except herself & victim #1 is Vicki. This was out there way before Vicki. Her problem is internal.

  4. regarding Shannon’s weight…. she looks good – normal – most women her age do weigh more than they did 10 years earlier…

    1. True ! It’s called menopause:) plus all these other women would be just as heavy if they didn’t lipo and nip tuck everything

  5. I feel bad for Shannon but don’t like her . Why she chose to go on this show when she knew she had marital issues is beyond comprehension. Truthfully if she was so worried about how it affects her kids then she should not have come back

  6. Shannon is a mixed bag for me, on one side I kind of like her but on the other I cringe a little every time she starts talking about holistic this and that and her shallowness comes up. Sometimes I kind of understand why David was having an affair.

    I bet Shannon drinks only gluten-free water

  7. Personally I wouldn’t have gained weight from eating and drinking just because someone made allegations about my husband. But I probably would if I thought they were true or he acted distant. I think she needs to look at her marriage and stop blaming Vicki for everything.

  8. The good news is, since these women can’t get along long enough to film as an ensemble the direction of the show is changing this season, and the stories will be about filming individual families more- therefore we can all fast forward through the cast members we don’t want to see, haha!

    The bad news is, it’s saddening to see what’s going on between David and Shannon. Their first scene together was so heavy, this goes much deeper than what someone, ANYONE can say in the tabloids, and cannot be fixed by Dr. Moon’s cures or the number of lemons in a bowl. These two people clearly have unresolved issues as a couple and as individuals..and to top it off Shannon appears to be in a very masochistic space right now… it’s going to be really tough to watch the Beadors this season.

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