Shannon Beador On Drama With Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia McLaughlin

Shannon Beador is fine with how her relationship with Vicki Gunvalson is and she doesn’t understand why Lydia McLaughlin can’t comprehend that. In her blog, Shannon talks about this week’s episode of RHOC and the drama that happened at Kelly Dodd’s beach party.

First, Shannon explains the dynamic of her friendship with Tamra Judge and says that she does not control what Tamra does.

“For the record, I would like to be clear, I do not try to control Tamra or tell her what to do. That is ridiculous. She and I have had many in depth conversations about her situation with Vicki. I have told her multiple times that if she wants to be friends with Vicki again, I will support her decision. She has asked me over and over to help her stay strong because she does not want to be coerced back into a dysfunctional friendship. While it may look like I am acting like a mother hen with Tamra, I am just following through with what one of my best friends has asked me to do.

Tamra and I both text each other multiple times a day. We joke about it all the time. Good friends do that. Somehow Lydia finds a negative in that.”

Next, Shannon talks about Kelly’s beach party and seeing Vicki Gunvalson.

“Kelly’s party…it was fun playing volleyball. I am utterly horrible, but I try and talk a good game! I was not uncomfortable about going to Kelly’s. I have seen Vicki a couple times in social situations and it has been fine. I had no worries that this day would be any different. Tamra was a little anxious, especially after receiving a phone call from Vicki and then hearing about all the nonsense that happened at her orchestrated birthday party. Tamra asked me to look out for her which she often does. And she knew that I would because I am a loyal friend.”

Finally, Shannon explains that Lydia McLaughlin thinks everything is her fault.

“Lydia had the audacity to assume that my ego was somehow bruised because I was not a part of the Vicki conversation. Although I think it is clear at this point, I will say it again for Lydia’s sake. I’m ok with the state of my relationship with Vicki. I have no desire to sit down with her, or have other people talk about our past. I just want to move forward. I am uncomfortable when “things are about me”, yet Lydia thinks she somehow has me pegged. You’re wrong again, Lydia, but go ahead, keep judging.

The conversation between Vicki and Tamra was supposed to be between the two of them alone. After hearing very loud yelling, I went downstairs because I didn’t think it was fair that Vicki’s friend was standing behind her and Tamra was alone. Get your hands off of me Peggy.

Vicki was in on a cancer scam and she admitted it, so I don’t know why it’s still a topic of conversation. I was happy that Tamra and I were calm in our conversation with Vicki. It really solidified in me that I have finally moved forward with things. And when I mentioned that, Lydia had more negative things to say. I never think that things should be all about me and Lydia is simply trying to stir things up by insinuating that I do.

Actually I think Lydia wants to make things about her. I was squeezing legs under the table because of things Peggy was saying to me and then Lydia decided to think I was talking about a boob job I knew nothing about. And when I tried to explain myself, Lydia believed it was all right to say she was done and not even hear what I had to say. That is not all right. I am tired of Lydia calling me crazy and selfish and any other nonsense she comes up with. She is completely wrong and if she ever took two minutes to get to know me, she would see otherwise. Stay tuned for the rest of the season to see how that all turns out.

I wish Tamra had taken a stronger stand toward defending me at the end of Kelly’s party because I felt that I was there for her the entire day. But a lot was going on. As silly as Lydia’s accusation was, it escalated to a point that was upsetting to me. I wasn’t lashing out. I was defending myself and I will always do that when someone speaks disrespectfully and condescending to me while also telling me I did something that never happened.

Until next week when Lydia thinks I didn’t invite her to a dinner that I never planned in the first place. My fault again…”

Watch the preview for next week’s episode below:

What are your thoughts about what Shannon had to say?

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7 Replies to “Shannon Beador On Drama With Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia McLaughlin”

  1. I know that most won’t agree with me but I am still Team Shannon and Lydia heard a lot about the differences in the group by icky Vicky before Lydia even met Shannon. I think Lydia is less Christian than Tamra and Lydia is acting a lot different now than she had in a previous season.

    1. So true Aunt Bee! I’m team Shannon too but there’s something going on with her because she’s super sensitive like she was when we first met her when she and David was going through the affair. And witnessing the way they’re speaking to each other and the constant wprkouts…..the marriage is suffering. I think she is lashing out which is a shame. Poor Shannon, she’s in trouble.

      As far as Lyydia is concerned, I’m so not feeling her this season.

    2. Nope. I completely agree with you! I am not a fan of how Shannon acts but she is true to her actions and emotions. Lydia, on the other hand, always seems to have ulterior motives that I can’t quite figure out.

  2. Oh Wow!!! here we go again, me, me, me. All about Shannon everytime. Of course she had to state in her blog that Tamara did not defend her. The two of them are users of each other. Some best friends they are.
    As for Tamara, those tears were all crocodile, it was so fake. Of course she blamed Vicki for inviting the man & the conversation that took place, only because Vicki said: ‘Tell me more’. A silly take that anyone might’ve said. Oh well, another thing to hold against Vicki.
    Vicki should let it go, there’ll never be a friendship with Tamara again. What they shared was in the past & that’s where it should stay. If I were her, wherever Tamara & Shannon is, I would be far in the distance, they are not worth a decent second of anyone’s time.

  3. I can see Shannon’s point of view. She expects her friends to treat her how she treats them:

    1). Loyalty = having each other’s backs no matter what

    2). Trust = Vicki broke that one!

    I think she is sensitive and expects a lot from her close friends. Because what she expects is what she gives.

  4. I hope Shannon is quietly taking in what we’re seeing of Tamra as a backstabber. She doesn’t just not defend Shannon, she instigates making it worse. First, we watched her on the stairs listening to Lydia’s accusations, and she knew Lydia was wrong, but she didn’t want to cross Lydia, even for the sake of her friend’s (Shannon’s) honor. Second, she fed Lydia’s negative opinion of Shannon by saying Shannon calls her 20 times a day. We know that was an exaggeration, but Lydia was primed to go with it because anything anti-Shannon is good enough for her. If I were Shannon, I’d be letting Tamra call me, and I’d be very careful of what I said to her.

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