Shannon Beador: I Don’t Know If I Can Trust Tamra Barney Again


Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog to discuss what happened with the e-mail her husband David sent her. Shannon also reveals that she is shocked Tamra lied to her and says she doesn’t know if she will ever be able to trust her again.

Shannon writes, “I’m having trouble even finding words for this episode. Things happened that I didn’t think were possible. I went through a three-day period where I felt ambushed at every turn. Let’s dive in…

Before I went to Tamra’s house, I had told her that David sent me an email suggesting that he move out. He NEVER suggested divorce and it is so upsetting that Tamra exaggerated this in her interviews and to Heather. Also, to set the record straight, David apologized for sending the email to me 24 hours later. Tamra left a luncheon with Heather and I went to her home right after that. Heather stayed at the restaurant and met some of her friends. David sent me a text telling me that Tamra had betrayed my confidence with Heather.

You see Tamra denying that she said anything to Heather. In her interview, Tamra states that she would never tell Heather anything about me because we were “enemies” and “Why would I go and tell Heather Dubrow anything about the enemy? That would make me look like a big giant a–hole.” She did tell Heather. I told Tamra that I “believed her 100-percent” because in my mind, there was no way my new friend would betray me like that. But she did.

A few days later when Tamra realized I knew the truth, she asked to meet with me. She explained that she told Heather about my argument with David and his email in an effort to create sympathy for me. This excuse makes no sense because if that were truly her intent, she did not have to give her all of the details and inaccurate ones at that. I have multiple issues going at the same time with Tamra. First of all, she betrayed my confidence. Second, she looked into my eyes and lied to me. And finally, she gave incredibly personal information to someone I would not have confided in. I didn’t want a false rumor to start around town that my husband was leaving me. I couldn’t imagine what such a rumor would do to my children. While Heather certainly doesn’t owe me anything, I was hopeful that if we had a conversation “mother to mother” she would confirm the truth — that Tamra told her about the email David sent me. “Pick a side” versus “pick a lane.” They mean the same thing to me. Maybe you feel differently…

I have never in my life been asked to leave a home or any public place. I was physically and emotionally exhausted when I arrived at Heather’s home. I didn’t have any energy to argue with her, let alone yell at her. It was disturbing for me to see Terry standing in the background with various expressions on his face. I never knew he was there. Heather states, “If you told Tamra about an email and if Tamra repeated the information to me, why are you mad at me?” The easy answer — I wasn’t mad at Heather. I wanted to know if Tamra had repeated what I had said in complete confidence. I understand Heather’s loyalty to Tamra and that my expectation of learning the truth may have been very unrealistic. However, my conversation with Heather did not warrant the treatment I received.

Moreover, I am dumbfounded that Heather would tell Tamra that I never apologized for what happened at my Christmas party. As you saw, I said I was sorry more than once. Heather says that she texted me after I was told to exit her house. She absolutely did. Why would I under any circumstance respond to a text that was sent five minutes after I was kicked out of a home?

This was an emotional episode for me. I am most upset about Tamra’s betrayal and the fact that she could look me in the eye and lie to my face. I appreciate that she owned what she did and took responsibility for it, but I don’t know if I can ever trust her again.

On a more positive note, receiving the email has put a tremendous focus on what is most important and that is my marriage. David and I have a long, bumpy road ahead and I am hopeful that some of you can relate and take the ride with us as we start to learn some life-changing lessons. The drama keeps coming.”

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  • Andrea

    I feel so bad for Shannon that she is going through this on live tv. Tamra is a jerk for telling heather but I love how Shannon is not afraid of heather. She kind of seemed afraid of Tamra? I dunno

  • DebBrenn

    Heather is an even bigger piece of crap for how nasty she was in the face of someone who was obviously hurting and worried about her family.

    • Debred

      How is Heather to understand that after everything Shannon has been willing to say on national TV about her marriage.. She’s also talked about how they don’t sleep in the same room, go to bed at the same time, etc.

  • Shirley

    Shannon, were you watching the same episode I was? YOU are the source of the gossip. YOU told Tamra your personal business. YOU betrayed your marriage by continuing to talk about this with everyone who were trapped into listening, even when invited to a essential oil party. While it was less than stellar that Heather repeated the gossip, you put it out and you are gossiping 24/7. I can’t even comprehend that you went to Heather’s house first. You know that Tamra told her because you said you only shared the info with her. So why aren’t you super pissed at Tamra? And when Tamra told you that Heather said you didn’t apologize? You automatically believed her? A proven liar? And by the way, while Hesther does speak in a condescending voice, you do as well. Your arrogance makes you appear like you are in sole possession of the truth. You speak in a condescending voice to your husband, about Heather every chance you get, roll your eyes, and yes, speak in a higher than thou voice to Heather. You also gossip and play the victim every chance you get. You don’t even repeat the same words of the conversation. Heather said I don’t want my children to hear this so please leave. And you translated into,” Heather said to zip it and get out.” You amped up the dialog to gain sympathy but hello, we awe watching it too. Pathetic.

    • Debred


  • One Rotten Egg

    Guess this is “reality” TV–airing very personal business to some fame hungry mean girl while the cameras are rolling, yet uses the defense of “private matter”….

  • imaroyce

    i have been were shannon is and my heart aches for her but i also know they can over come there issues all marriage go thru changes. i just wish shannon would work on a strong friendship with heather . i dont believe heather would have spread the word and i think she would have been a positive influence to shannon about over coming the obstacles. heather is a very bright woman. well spoken and to the point. but when it comes to her family she is in there and i think she is the best mother (also shannon) of all the women on the show. they really need to come together they could have a strong honest friendship and i think they could both use that 🙂

    • Debred

      I agree.

  • funkypink

    Well, Shannon WAS warned not to trust Tamra and she still confided to Tamra and Tamra did the unthinkable between friends, gossip.

    I hope Shannon and husband get counseling, too.

    p.s. Tamra is friends to no one, only convenience.

  • LocoForBravo

    I honestly think when Tamara told Heather about Shannon’s marriage troubles she thought Heather would give Shannon a break. Heather is heartless bitch!

  • Heather had me on her side until last night’s episode. However Shannon should have gone to Tamera instead of Heather. I didn’t see anyone mention that Shannon’s husband saw Heather and a group of women gossiping about them. None of that was mentioned to Heather about how Shannon heard about the gossip train, that all began with Tamara. This is reality TV and it’s stab in the back who ever you can to stay on the show. But in real life with a marriage sinking, why would Shannon confide in a woman she knows only by being on a show with? Doesn’t she have any real life friends to talk to? Shannon is all about natural healing this and that, can’t she talk to a counselor? Of course next week’s episode shows Shannon again gossiping to Vicki about her problems as if Vicki would be the one to ask for marital advice from. Shannon didn’t seem to mind chatting up with the girls and the essential oils and her marital problems. Why not just make a public announcement and get it over with and off the pity train.

    • Debred

      Exactly, she can’t keep quiet herself!

  • Melodie

    Shannon is just a mess. She does not know her ass from a hole in the ground. (sorry) Who in their right mind talks to anyone on national tv about their marital problems. Shannon if you want your marriage issues private you don’t go on tv where over a million people are watching and discuss your husband wants to move out. Yes Tamra was a liar and she is not a true friend to anyone period. tamra is a plastic disgusting ego maniac who has no morals or values. She blames everything bad on everyone else, she needs to take a look in the mirror she might not like what she actually see’s (Picture of Dorian Gray coming to mind here) Anyway tamra is disgusting but the only person really responsible for this situation is shannon herself. If you have issues with your husband shouldn’t you address them with your husband “You Moron”. Tamra has been divorced multiple times it does not make her an expert on marriage and or problems in the marriage. She has issues then just quits and files for divorce. Seems to me a therapist, marriage counselor would be the best person to aid in saving your marriage. Heather got stuck in the middle of this even though I would not have passed that information onto anyone but she did not do it with intent it was just a conversation. Again I don’t think heather had the right to pass this on (just want to clarify). Not sure why Lizzie is on this show she adds nothing and although she tries to be relevant she;s got nothing, so her thoughts mean nothing. Im not sure if I would have acted differently than Heather did. If someone comes to my house and discusses something with me talking about the same thing over and over and over again I might have done the same thing Not in the way heather did but maybe saying I think you have the information you came here for so I hope all goes well with you and good night.
    Deep down the OC housewives are just scraping the bottom of the barrel for a storyline and this is just not interesting. I think I would rather see Vickie in a towel in mexico then listen to the others discuss shannon’s marriage. Please bravo give us something better we deserve it. YYYAAAWWWNNN!

  • DebBrenn

    I can’t be mad at someone that makes a poor choice (Shannon confiding in Tamra). I don’t even blame Tamra this time for blabbing (also a mistake) , because I really think she was trying to tell Heather to lay off of Shannon because she’s having problems. I don’t think (although it’s possible) Tamra was being snarky this time. But I DO think that Heather spread it maliciously because she hates Shannon, and all she can do is deflect. She never owns up to her part, other than to say “I’m not perfect” once in a while with a tone you KNOW means she’s closer to perfect than anyone else. She didn’t blab out of concern, she blabbed maliciously, and she has no conscious about how much it could hurt anyone else. Her kids couldn’t hear this argument? They hear her nasty tone every day.

  • Patricia Bell

    I like you and your family and I’m keeping you and David in my prayers.
    I’m routing for your marriage.
    YOU have to schedule a vacation for yourself and David, ALONE.
    He’s a regular guy who is working hard and busting his butt. He deserves to have a “perk” that HE can appreciate.
    Take him to a basketball game.
    Fly with him to New York, get some NETS tickets and tickets to see Jersey Boys or Motown on Broadway, and RELAX.
    Ask him what he’d like to do, and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    Stay strong and watch your back with these HOUSEWIVES!
    Schedule a visit to Marriage Bootcamp.
    Be Blessed.

    • I agree. Never take to heart any email that was sent in the heat of passion or argument. We ALL say things we do not mean. When you hosted the dinner, that was not ‘catered’ all the guests were rude and did not impressed that you did all the cooking yourself! As for you and your husband arguing…well I have been married 37 years and my husband and I argue about something everyday; not to mention when we have a dinner party! Your honesty, and entegrity exceeds the the housewives from previous seasons. Tamara and Vicki have done some horrendous things. All you have to do is follow Tamara’s ex-husband’s lawsuit to obtain full-custody of their children.

  • Karen

    Does anyone else find it disturbing that Shannon always refers to Heather as Heather Dubrow? It’s weird….

  • SanD

    THANKS for this site ! I’ve just discovered it. Hope more viewers make the cross over to here.

    re: Shannon. Perhaps she is on the cusp of enlightenment. Will she choose to treasure her husband’s company, or the material STUFF she’s traded him in for?

  • Lauralee

    First Off if you listen to Shannons opening remark for the show she has no secrets hence her not being able to keep her mouth shut, I feel bad for any woman going through difficulties in there marriage. But lets be honest other than the way she treats her husband on the show she’s boring , All you Heather haters need to stop hating on the woman she’s a wonderful wife mother and talented actress and I don’t know if you were watching the same episode as me but I only heard an apology to Heather after she was backtracking about yelling at her in the first place .Cant wait for the reunion show this year because by then everyone will see Shannon for what she really is a pampered Psychopath that doesn’t need to be on a reality series but in therapy



  • Just keep strong. Been there

  • Shannon keeps it real.what kind of person puts someone’s marital business out for gossip.you and heather deserve each other.and don’t know what a friend means.