Shannon Beador Defends Her Marriage To David


Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog this week to discuss her trip to Mexico and her fight with David. Shannon says she is reaching her limit with people chiming in about her marriage and was shocked to see Tamra calling Vicki about her husband’s email.

Shannon writes, “It’s especially difficult to watch these episodes that are about my marriage. It was hard enough to go through as we were filming, but as I watch again, I am basically reliving it. While some of it is positive, some of it is not.

I am glad that you get to see David and I packing for Mexico. There is a sweet moment in my dressing room where I giggle when David hugs me. When David and I are connected, sometimes I act like a little kid and get giddy around him because I am still so in love with him. I am really looking forward to going on the trip and starting to initiate different approaches to my relationship because the ones I have been using have been failing miserably.

I was very disappointed to see Heather and her assistant talking about me and suggesting that I “stir it up.” I never have a hidden agenda to cause trouble. If Heather feels that people are going against her, I have nothing to do with it. I don’t make decisions for other people or try to manipulate them.

I was even more disappointed with Tamra after seeing her phone call to Vicki. After she apologized to me for revealing confidential information to Heather, you see her doing it again to Vicki. Wow.

Mexico had its ups and downs, but the ups definitely came out on top! David had never been to Puerto Vallarta so I was so excited to share it with him. Vicki’s condo was beautiful and the view was breathtaking! David and I have never stayed in a condominium with anyone other than our immediate family so this was definitely going to be a different type of trip for us! We were very appreciative of the invitation! When Vicki showed me to our room, I wasn’t as concerned about the size as I was about the noise. I am a very light sleeper and the bedroom window was right next to the highway; every time a bus or a motorcycle went by, it sounded like it was in the room. We travel with a noise machine, but that didn’t even drown it out and David and I were up most of the night!

David and I felt uncomfortable about suggesting that we move to a hotel because we never want to offend anyone, especially someone that is showing us such amazing hospitality! I’m glad you get to see David and I in a lighter moment again as we laugh about the situation. We we’re very grateful that Billy offered to switch rooms with us!

The Garza Blanca is a beautiful hotel! It was so much fun riding the jet skis. I was half terrified, half ecstatic! David loves to be a jokester and you can see that as he starts to tip the jet ski! I have been terrified of the water since I saw Jaws as a kid!

I am not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt when David hesitates answering whether he enjoys spending time with me. But I do appreciate his honesty. If I want our relationship to work, I have to listen and hope that he continues to be open about how he feels.

I am not a fan of women smoking cigars and you will never see me with one. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If Vicki likes to smoke, then more power to her! (Just not around me!)

Vicki is always a great person to talk to. She was incredibly supportive as I told her about my issues with Tamra and Heather. She has had her own problems with Tamra so I know she can relate to what I am going through. I have been getting some backlash with some semantics issues. To me, the words “We’re done. Please leave,” coupled with a finger pointed to the door is the equivalent of being kicked out. Once again, if you don’t agree, I respect that and you are entitled to your opinion.

And now to the worst part of the episode. Prior to Mexico, David and I had our fair share of conversations about tequila. I was a bit shocked about his newly acquired taste for tequila because he rarely drinks, and never drinks straight alcohol. He explained to me why he likes it and the conversation was done. At dinner, I was just telling everyone that tequila was David’s new drink. In my head, it was my way of affirming him. I had no ill will or hidden agenda by making the statement. I was completely misunderstood by David and Vicki (and probably all the others) so I was frustrated. I don’t want to make excuses for my behavior because once again, it was wrong. I’m just trying to explain.

At this point, I have basically reached my limit with people chiming in with their opinions about my relationship. You are seeing little snips of my life. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors. I understand that I am opening myself up to criticism by being on this show and I really am okay with it. It’s just that some days are harder than others.

Stay tuned! I have even more drama to come!”

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  • Twinkle

    Watching Shannon is like waiting for a huge car crash…..just let it happen already. Do the words shrew, nag, fish-wife sound appropriate for this woman? IMO – Shannon is mentally unbalanced and has NO BUSINESS being on any RH show. She is so unstable that I can see her harming herself, her poor hubby or even inadvertently her own children.

    Shannon – By continuing to blame Heather for your own craziness; this is not only a boring storyline it’s dishonest. Each week when Bravo replays scenes, you are coming off quite unhinged. Do yourself a favor and get on some medication and quit this show. It is not good for you nor do you appear decent, honest or pleasant to have around.

    I too would have thrown your butt out of my house. Waaaaaay to bring the cray Shannon….ugh.

  • Lala

    I like Shannon! She sees that she’s not perfect and is willing to work on it. Yes, she nags David, but she’s just trying to get his attention. Heather, on the other hand,, acts as though she is perfect and is a real bitch to everyone. She nags Terry just as much…and Tamra and Vicki and …

  • Shirley

    Yes Shannon, you are not happy to receive feedback, yet after several of the same comments about your behavior, you would think you would see a pattern. Instead, you continue to make excuses. You are the gossip, and yet you don’t want anyone to repeat it. But, you repeat it with each and every person who will listen. This is manipulation. You are trying to sway other housewives to your side, but each episode it is back firing. Even the audience is no longer on your side.

    You pick on David and you do so with such a disapproving, condensed ding tone. It is no wonder he doesn’t want to be around you. He can’t say one word without you jumping on him, and then you justify it by saying you were just making a statement. I find it amazing that you can watch the same episode as all of the rest of us and not see the same thing.

    Instead of spending your day as a non working rich girl, I suggest you volunteer to do some work for others less fortunate. It will take the focus off of all things Shannon and maybe you can spend an entire day not being a victim. At least Heather owns that she comes across as condescending and superior. It is laughable that you do not see yourself as the same.

    Only you could ruin a lovely dinner out and claim everyone is judging your marriage. The fact is you seem to be so needy for attention that if the focus is not on praising your every word, you throw a tantrum. I found it interesting that at the beach you said Vickie and her beau were seeing the fun side of David and you were sitting at the same table. Weren’t you seeing the fun side of David at the same time? Shower him with kindness and affection and you will get what you say you want.

  • Kat

    Her husband could do SO MUCH BETTER. She is a shrew.

  • Missy

    I find it strange that she would focus all her hate on Heather rather than Tamra who was the one who opened her big mouth about the email. Shannon seems to find any little thing to use against Heather. We all know you don’t tell any secrets to Tamra if you don’t want the world to know about it and I think she knew that – it made her the centre of attention yet again. And if she is so concerned about her kids then why the hell does she pick on her husband in front of them by correcting the way he says things or makes fun of him being tired. Her poor kids are going to turn out like her. She’s not only a crap wife but a crap mother too!! Oh by the way Shannon if you don’t want anyone to know about your secrets then firstly, don’t tell Tamra and secondly don’t talk about it on camera as we are all watching!

  • Tippy

    Shannon’s brought all of the commentary on her marriage on herself. She shares intimate details of her marriage with the women and the public. Once you put everything out there people are going to have opinions! She really needs to stop putting all of the blame at Heather’s feet.

  • Aunt Bee

    Shannon is the Ramona of Orange County. All she does is complain, COMPLAIN AND COMPLAIN. And I am sick and tired of that “woe is me” face.

  • Cin

    I like Shannon….. she looks nervous most of the time but this is her first year…. give her time. Just get rid of Heather and Tamra and watch the show take a turn in a more interesting direction. Fighting gets old ….

  • Shannon, you are the problem—-girl, you cannot even relax and have fun on vacation. You are the problem—–the dinner with vicki & brooks was so uncomfortable to watch—-admit that you are unhappy and deal with it. You are too old to be as “needy” and “wretch”——grow up, put on your big girl panties and deal with it—-alot of people have far worse problems than your idiotic childish gibberish. Stop blaming your husband for your life, we all make decisions and live with them without whining every other minute. If I were you husband – I’d move to another country just to get away from you…..

  • Heather is not the problem, your marriage, your neediness, your constant attacks and nitpicking of your husband are the problem.
    Your total unhappiness with your life is what you’ve made of it. You have far more than most, fill your time with stupid (self-help, holistic crap), shopping and spending money. Maybe if you find something worthwhile to spend your time on, you’d be happier. You are very self-absorbed, childish and stupid for your age. Time to grow up and act like a mature woman with a little grace, gratitude, humility and DIGNITY……..

  • shannon, stop blaming everyone else for your lousy life / marriage. Own up to it, you have an unhappy marriage—-accept responsibility like an adult and do something about it other than crying, whining and blaming your husband for you miserable unhappiness……….
    BTW, you are a terrible judge of character for “trusting” tamara of all people with your personal business, and also discussing it on NATIONAL T.V.. Woman, if you talk smack about your personal life on T.V., what do you expect—your children will hear about it sooner or later. Have some self respect, you give women a bad rap………… Heather just repeated what you had been telling tamara and the audience…….Sheeezzz, stupid woman…….

  • Hard to feel sorry for stupid and greedy. You have a “warehouse” of Christmas items, big beautiful home, money to waste on all that holistic crap, vacations, etc.. When most in America have real problems like putting food on the table and paying bills for lesser homes to live in.
    Stop with the pathetic “woe is me”, poor little rich girl—–grow up, and find some self-respect already. You embarrass yourself and your family…………

  • Margot

    Shannon needs some emotional counseling IMHO. I feel as though she stopped developing after junior high. Could be alcohol addiction has held her back. And yes, she has an alcohol issue. I don’t care if it’s a big glass of water she mixes her Grey Goose shot with. *eyes rolling* She depends on it, that’s a problem.

    I do wish her well. But she needs to face herself and her demons like we all do. Soberly preferably.