Shannon Beador Believes Lydia McLaughlin Escalates Their Fights

Shannon Beador believes that Lydia McLaughlin is the one who escalates their arguments. In her blog this week, Shannon calls her interaction with Lydia ridiculous and can’t believe Lydia called her insane, insisting it wasn’t her dinner party.

“I will always defend myself when people accuse me of doing something I didn’t do. My interaction with Lydia at Kelly’s party was ridiculous. Lydia is the one who escalated yet another disagreement with me. Had she just let me say I wasn’t referring to her when I squeezed Kelly and Tamra’s legs under the table, it would have been over and done with.

I was so excited to try Farmhouse, one of the newer restaurants in the OC, with some of the ladies. When I told Meghan that a few of us were having dinner, I asked her to come. It wasn’t my dinner, but of course Lydia was going to blame me for doing something wrong again! And Lydia also thought that calling me “insane” was appropriate. Very cruel.”

Shannon also talks about Peggy Sulahian during dinner, calling the new Housewife, “confusing.”

“Peggy is just confusing in general. I didn’t recall her saying that she had cancer when we had lunch a while back, but at the Farmhouse she said she did. I hope that Peggy doesn’t have cancer. I am definitely not getting involved in any cancer issues again.

I think it’s hilarious that Peggy thinks I have a “pattern” when she has spent a minimal amount of time with me. If that’s the case, then I guess I can say that Peggy has a “pattern” of confusing and frustrating many people. Over and over again.”

Thoughts on what Shannon said?

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14 Replies to “Shannon Beador Believes Lydia McLaughlin Escalates Their Fights”

  1. Shannon – are we watching the same show? YOU JUST CAN’T LET ANYTHING GO!!!! You keep going on and on and on and on and on. And then you try to involve everyone around you and keep going on and on and on and on and on….So sick of watching you.

  2. This woman obviously has some serious issues…she has fought with every cast member since she appeared on the show. Bravo, please do us a favor and replace Shannon and Tamra.

  3. This woman shows signs of a break with reality..nervous breakdown.. menopause.. drinking issues.. it is a lethal combination! Her poor husband can’t discuss anything with her without her going “crazy”and he can’t be a husband to her and offer advice without her telling him” he doesn’t support her”! Would anyone want to have a physical relationship with “Cra-Cra”? I have to believe that it’s “her” behavior and victim mentality/ low self esteem /anger issues that drove him to have an affair in the first place.. I know it was wrong but everyone has a breaking point! She’s “Nutszilla”! It’s the same disconnected narcisstic behavior she displays with the girls! She can’t let David’s affair go, she can’t let any perceived insult go from anyone.. the poor misunderstood victim and bastion of morality can’t accept any responsibility for her actions or behavior! She’s destroying herself! Look what she’s doing to Tamra (her only “friend”.. calling her 25 times a day is NOT “normal”)..who can be a friend to that.. she’s too needy and demanding! Did you see her “command Tamra” to “come here now”! Tamra breezed over it but I thought.. this is not new behavior for Shannon and it’s NOT the way you speak to friends! She’s scary out of control behavior coupled with these medicated moments of lucidity make me fear for everyone around her! Family may have to have an intervention to get her into Rehab or mental health facility to get her some help! She’s NOT okay!

  4. Why don’t you mind your own business. You have had issues with several housewives because you are NUTS! You start drama and then run screaming “I’m done! I’m done!” or you go crying to your husband “Waaaa….David, they are calling me stupid”! You are bat crap cray girl!

  5. As much as I am team shannon, i would have to agree she can’t let stuff go. She has the right to be upset with certain people and certain situations but needs to definitely approach it with a calmer demeanour. Lydia is a total button pusher and shannon took the bait.

  6. A pure work of sick, looney art Shannon is. She’ll drive anyone to drink with her non-stop crazy behavior & attitude. All I can say is I pity David, her girls & even Archie.

  7. Shannon keeps acting like a loose cannon. She needs to seek therapy. It would help her try to resolve all the issues she is having.

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