Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson Continue Their Feud During Season 11 Filming


It looks like the infamous cancer-gate scandal is continuing on the Real Housewives of Orange County. An exclusive source has dished to Radar Online that the drama is unraveling between Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvaslon.

“Shannon is not going to let Vicki live this down and she is also not going to let her back out of it. The two of them have been going at it and they have only taped together just a few times.”

Not only have the two blondes carried out their feud, but the source also shared that the whole cast wants her to prove her innocence. “Shannon and the other girls want Vicki to take a lie detector test to prove that she did not know that Brooks was lying about having cancer.”

Will Vicki oblige and take the test? “Vicki said, ‘absolutely not. She was really insulted that they would even suggest that. She really wants everyone to just drop it so that they can all move onto someone else’s bulls**t,” the insider said, “but that is not happening.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

  • Aunt Bee

    If VICKI refuses to take the test – that to me is an admission of guilt. Doesn’t matter though because I won’t be watching since Bravo allowed her back. Her being back is an insult to all Cancer sufferers and survivors. Shame Bravo shame.

    • duff

      I’ll be watching. I actually believe Vicki eventually figured out Brooks was conning her but she was in deep denial, which is why she reacted so strongly to the accusation. But Vicki makes this show. If she wasn’t on what would Tamra do? Continue to crawl deeper up Heather’s butt? Probably. And that is horrible tv. I thought Shannon would be a good addition but she just seems to be Teather’s puppet.

    • Sally☕️

      Bee, I totally agree of course! I won’t be watching either!
      The only plus for Rain, is more people will like Shannon! Just in case she reads this!

    • FarFromPerfekt


    • Asshole

      Who gives a shit. Vicki is and has always been a big phony, and Shannon, probably as a result of being on the show an having producers prod her on, won’t give it up.

  • geminigirl

    I don’t think I could do a whole season of these 2 shrill voiced nitwits bickering with each other. OMG… poor dogs everywhere will be howling once the reunion comes around.

    • Sally☕️

      Lol xo

  • VaNonna

    I will definitely not be watching this season since Bravo is bringing this liar back on. Anyone who would lie about cancer for a storyline is simply a low life.

  • I will probably watch it even though I felt she was lying early on last season because I know what it’s like to have a spouse with cancer. I know what it’s like going to all of the appointments , dealing with his and my anxiety wondering what the MRI will show if there is another recurrence, etc, etc. And the OG of the OC wasn’t going thru any of it.

    • Sally☕️

      Vineta, you are obviously a better person than I am because I can’t watch her again! 😀

      • Nah, I just don’t hold onto grudges. I learned there’s no point in it because the other person couldn’t give a crap about your grudge. And isn’t that the point of holding a grudge? So you gotta let it go and live without letting that other person waste a single second of your time.

        • Sally☕️

          But that’s why I won’t watch as I don’t want to waste another minute watching Liarface!

        • DeeDee

          Vineta I have to remember that. It’s perfectly worded.

          Hi Sally!

          • Sally☕️

            Hi DeeDee xo

  • One Rotten Egg

    We all know Shannon can’t let go of ANYTHING…and we all know Vicki G is a LIARFACE.

  • Naynay

    Every time this piece of sh%ts name comes up I get so pissed off, there’s no way I can watch this season without throwing things at my TV. If I could throw her at my TV that would make it all worth it.

  • Gaild

    Vicki needs to GO. Bravo needs to listen to the fans who are NOT going to be watching RHOC until she is gone!

  • LoriNYC

    I will ONLY watch if Vicki takes a lie detector test! Otherwise……I will not be watching. She’s a liar and needs to accept responsibility and then MAYBE she can be forgiven. But giving a liar and scammer a method by which to continue to take advantage of people is shameful on Bravo’s part.

  • Oh Thank God they are still feuding. I was so afraid they would let it go and we’d not get to see how this pans out!!! (insert sarcasm of course 😀

    • Sally☕️

      😀 😀

  • Just Saying

    I’m prob one of the few fans Vicki has left but I believe most of what she says, I believe Brooks totally manipulated her and she believed him because the man is a professional con man and he conned her too. As for Shannon she forgets how Vicki tried to help her and David and tried to be her friend, wish Vicki would just slap the sh*t out of her. I wouldn’t take a lie sector test either IMO that’s a b*tchy move in the rest of the cast

    • Mary

      Vicki admitted to lying about calling Terry Dubrow in the middle of the night and even said she did it for sympathy. Sick. Had someone simply brought the idiot a casserole this whole thing may have turned out differently. However, no one did and we were left with a couple of liars who created an scenario that is an insult to anyone whose life has ever been touched by cancer. Karma’s a bitch and Vicki has some nasty stuff coming her way.

    • duff

      Just Saying, I’m with you on this one. I do not think Vicki is an angel but I do think she was duped and by the time she realized it she had too much pride to stop the whole situation and admit she was duped… so she lied. Wrong, wrong, wrong but Tamra of ALL PEOPLE should be the last one to call anyone out on lying about anything. Ms. Tammy who doesn’t understand cancer papers but claims to have survived cancer herself on Dr. Oz?! On the principle that I think Tamra is the puppeteer of this whole thing, I’m hoping Vicki pulls through and Tamra goes before Vicki does.


    I don’t even want to write what I hope happens to her. Every scenario ends very badly for that lying sack of silicone, botox, fillers and hot air. She’s afraid to take the lie detector cuz she wants to brush it under the rug. Kudos for the girls for not letting it rest. She has NO problem throwing those false medical records at people so they’d believe her/him, but now the tables are turned? I just can’t even about her anymore.

    • Sally☕️

      I wish you would write it as the same thing is going through my brain right now! Xo

      • GIGICAT

        Hi Sally – we can’t write things like this….. BIG BROTHER is watching!!! Thank God for a VERY vivid imagination…

      • Sally☕️

        Mine is vivid thank goodness! Xo

  • Anonymous

    Shame on Bravo for ignoring the masses of OC fans who have had it with Vicki’s BS she pulled on every single viewer last season with her deceit. Ive watched since the beginning and sad to say I see Bravo in a different light now. I won’t tune in while Vicki is castes!

  • Naynay

    There is absolutely no way you can live with someone and not know if their sick or not. I’ll say this again…I would have loved to hide my illness from my family, my youngest was 12 at the time, if cancer was easy to hide I would have so my family wouldn’t worry, if a 12 year old could tell I was sick, I would think an adult who is living with someone who says they have cancer would be able to tell if someone They Live With is sick or not!!!!! This is a sleeze bag woman who wanted people to like her slimebag Con-Man boyfriend, they together thought they were smart enough to pull it off, unfortunately for them everyone (including animals) are smarter than them.

    • Sally☕️

      Naynay! As you know I agree, I also think you sound like an amazing Mum xo

      • Naynay

        Thank you Miss Sally xoxo

        • Sally☕️


  • Rain

    I loves me some Shannon :)) that kookoo bird can do no wrong in my eyes lol. #teamshannon

    • Naynay

      I have learned to like koo-koo bird Shannon, after watching her exercise with the lady’s last season, it was to funny, give me wacky Shannon, not crying Shannon and I’m all in.

      • Rain

        True lol! Does she need major therapy? Oh heck yeah! But she is great television

  • starr

    This is ridiculous. Shannon never lets go. Constant pain in the butt. Matter of fact, that whole bunch are the pitts to me. Vicki do or don’t do the lie detector test, don’t care.

  • FarFromPerfekt

    Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. We see you Ms. Vicki – loud and clear! She’s such a B**ch!

  • Amy

    You go Shannon !!!

  • blue

    It would have solved a lot of problems if she just took the lie detector test if she was saying the truth*

    *not that I even remotely believe Vicki was saying the truth

  • myst7

    Remember Jill’s grudge she held onto Bravo chose Bethanny instead I will not watch OC HW’s I can say I have never been a fan of OC ,I do like Shannon she is a riot I only have seen a show here and there Gretchen may have been a gold digger but she was treated horrible i wouldn’t be surprised if Vicki is treated the same

  • Mia

    I won’t watch OC anymore either…can’t stomach Vicki…
    Shannon was the only one I like anyway