Shannon Beador And Gretchen Rossi Talk RHOC On WWHL


Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador and Gretchen Rossi appeared on Watch What Happens Live Monday night to dish on what’s going on with the show and answer viewer questions with Andy Cohen.

Andy asked Shannon what the current state of her relationship with Vicki Gunvalson was. “We’re not speaking,” Shannon revealed, adding that she doesn’t think their relationship will ever be the same.

Next, Andy asked Gretchen for her opinions about anything she’s seen this season that she wanted to share. “Vicki and Tamra had so much to say about my relationship with Jeff and they beat me up all the time about everything and I was attacked all the time and I find it interesting that Vicki is now coming on the show with a family member that is sick with cancer when they said I shouldn’t be on a show with somebody that’s sick with cancer. They also had a lot of false accusations about me and now Vicki is in that same hot seat. Part of me feels compassion for her, but part of me feels like karma has shown up and her name is Meghan.”

A caller asked Shannon if she knows why Vicki and Brooks recently broke up. “Well I don’t know because I wasn’t speaking to her before it happened, but from what I know they’ve had struggles within their relationship. I think they’ll probably get back together if you look at history, but I don’t know the inside info.”

Gretchen revealed that she is now friends with Tamra Judge’s former BFF Ricky and Andy said during the commercial break that Shannon and Gretchen got into an argument because Gretchen told Shannon that she had been drinking the “kool-aid” and that Tamra is a pot-stirrer. A viewer asked Shannon how she has been able to forgive Tamra. “I have seen a transformation. I have spent a lot of time with her. She went through a lot and we’re very close right now and I’m a very good judge of character. We’re in a good space and she’s a good person.”

A viewer asked Gretchen if she has an opinion about Brooks’ cancer. “I’m not a doctor, I don’t know whether he has cancer or not, but I do have to say there is a lot of shady shade coming out of what’s happening. For me with Jeff, I wanted help from everyone around me. If someone was questioning me, I would have brought out the medical records in 5.2 seconds. I don’t blame the women for questioning it.”

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83 Replies to “Shannon Beador And Gretchen Rossi Talk RHOC On WWHL”

  1. Firstly I have to say, and yes I am milking it, for an 89 year old I have just managed for the first time to figure out how to watch these clips in UK!!! All by my 89 year old self!
    As I said yesterday I don’t like Gretchen but that is probably the best I have seen her. Her makeup although heavy was more natural looking. I would have loved to hear the disagreement between the two of them about Tamra! That would have been more interesting than the other clips! If Shannon is now not speaking to Vicky how can she say she is a good judge of character and now Tamra is her bff! This whole show this year more than ever frustrates me to screaming point! Think it’s time I gave up! It’s only you guys on here that keep me going with this rubbish called OC!

                1. What a dream! I hope your heart could handle that! 🙂
                  Oh, and we say boy toy and you say toy boy…same thing. I don’t have one…but maybe hope for one in a dream one day? LOL! 😉

    1. Hi Sally! Never been to the UK, would love to sometime! That’s great that you are electronically savvy at , you go girl! On your comment, about Shannon’s “good judge of character” comment, I was wondering the same thing, how she could say that. Remember last season in Bali when Shannon told Lizzie and Danielle that she had been “snowed” by Tamra and she “never gets snowed”? Um, yeah, not only did that happen, but also since then at some point when David was cheating on her for 8 months, a woman who Shannon did not know “befriends” her at her twins’ basketball games, asks about her marriage, etc. Hello – if I were just getting to know another woman as a friend, I wouldn’t be sticking my nose in her marriage, asking questions about it, etc. That is a red flag. As for Shannon suddenly thinking Tamra is a great person and Vicki is not, that’s just crazy to me, especially considering all they have been through together – the relationships seem so fickle and are constantly changing.

  2. Don’t ccare for greedy Gretchen, but she made total sense…Vicki should remember how she treated GRETCHEN with Jeff–worse than what is happening with her.

    1. I don’t think it was the same situation at all. Vicki works and supports Brooks financially. Gretchen was always going off to party without Jeff, while living high on his money. That money should have gone to his kids when he died too, not to some floozy who only lived with him for a short time and wasn’t even his wife.

      1. @judge Judy–yes, I agree with what you said about greedy GRETCHEN scamming poor jeff for his loot. But what I was referring to was how Icky Vicky kept hounding GRETCHEN, making Gretchen’s business with Jeff her business, like what everyone is doing with Vicky now. Jeff seemed smart and knew he was dealing with a gold digger. Does Vicky realize this with Brooks?

    2. I didn’t remember her “treating Wretchen badly” during that time. I just watched season 3 – 9. Only the one time did anyone say much about it at that first get together with Lynn’s first scene. Otherwise, since it was only part of one season, where her tagline was “I love the bling, I love the jewelry, I love it all” Not, I am in love with a man and he is generous. She had enough diamonds in her purse to be cleaned in that scene about her engagement ring to pay for my house FGS. She “took care” of Jeff for one year. Along with all of the help money can buy. She is still complaining about how no one came to the hospital, when nobody even knew Jeff, and barely knew her. I’d say, with the jewelry, the Harley and the insurance policy she made about $175,000.00 a month for “taking care of Jeff” Whenever the ladies saw her she was dressed to the nines and blinged out, not the look of someone who had their head to the illness grindstone. She was always cackling, oh, I mean laughing, so how could they know. She is mean spirited still.

    1. I love Shannon, but have to agree, she’s a very bad judge of character. From her cheating husband to those back-stabber b!tches on the show, she hasn’t shown very good judgement.

  3. Well… Shannon’s face was plumped up again, so she wasn’t telling the truth about not using anything. Also, I wonder why those two aren’t speaking and how can Shannon be a good judge of character about Tamra…

  4. Shannon I don’t know if you are a good judge of character but you are a really good, compassionate person. I don’t think Vicki is a friend to you like you are to her. I’m sure you’ve reached out to Vicki in numerous ways now wait for Vicki to reach back if she indeed does. Swine are lovely creatures but don’t cast pearls before swine.

  5. Shannon hasn’t realized that all these women on the show are hefers. She’s nieve and believes everyone who shows her a sign of kindness is sincere. I bet you by next season. Shannon and Meghan are bffs. I’ve been saying it ALL ALONG, any time Vicky reconciles with Tamra, she pushes away everyone else!! Vicky and Tamra have w very dysfunctional friendship. I’m still team Shannon though, because I don’t sense one mailiciois bone in her body

  6. Shannon thinks of herself as a good judge of character?
    She definitely needs therapy ASAP!
    She must have conveniently forgotten the character of her husband.

  7. Shannon is a sweet but nieve woman. She tends to believe any kindness anyone shows her, that’s why that cheating skank was able to get to her. She doesn’t have one malicious bone in her body so yes , in her mind, she thinks she’s a good judge of character. She doesn’t realize how manipulative and 2 faced these hefers are

    1. You are right she is sweet and naive but not a good judge of character, People seem to take advantage of her including her husband. As much as I like her I don’t think OC is good for her! She doesn’t seem to know how to play the game of HW as Vicky and Tamra do.

  8. Does anyone of you think it possible that Tamra has changed? Maybe finding religion is good for her. You can’t change overnight because it takes time to reverse your thinking but maybe she really is trying. Opinions please.

    1. I would love for it to be true but it will take more than one season to persuade me. She has been like a yo-yo ever since her first season. She hated Gretchen, loved Gretchen hated Gretchen (ok she might have got that one right) then came Alexis, She was evil to her then all of a sudden besties! Then her relationship with Vicky, I’m not sure about that, there is something very wrong with these two! So to cut it short, I’m not sure yet and I doubt it!

    2. I believe Tamra has found spirituality in God. I have very much disliked things Tamra has done in the past. Gretchen was with Jeff for part of one season, and she is still bitching about it, and there are photos of her french kissing a “guy friend” while sitting on his lap. Now, whether she was actually sleeping with him (come ON) no one but her and him know. His clothes were strewn around her bedroom 5 months after Jeff died, according to Jeana. The situation with Viki is completely different. She was just starting the show, she was with Jeff for money, whether she loved him at the end or not. She came on to show the world how young she was and how she was giving up her life for him, which was bull. Viki has been on for 10 years and now there is illness.
      Back to Tamra, Aunt Bees original thought. I have just never seen Tamra as a mean spirited person. It doesn’t come from a place of just having a mean spirit, and Wretchen’s does, IMO. Tamra loved Simon and tried to be the wife he wanted. Problem was, he didn’t love the real Tamra, he loved who he thought she should become. That is REALLY hard to live in. The fight they had on his last episode said so much about how he just kept at her about EVERYTHING SHE said, did, thought and felt.
      I do believe the journey she has taken that we see is real. She never really kowtowed to Viki, she calls her out whenever she doesn’t believe in what’s going on. I just sense a genuine spirit there.

  9. I think Shannon is very upset about VICKI lying about asking Shannon for help the day after Brooks diagnosis. Shannon has a good heart and I don’t think she would lie about that but VICKI would. And what surprised me about Vic last night was she looked beat down and she wasn’t screaching and screaming like she usually does when backed into a corner. Maybe she is also questioning herself about Brooks and her relationship with him.
    PS: I hate that I get so wrapped up in these TV relationships. I need to get a life.

    1. Hi, Aunt Bee. I think we are much more interested in what we all think about a much bigger topic, illness, family, friendship and all of the things we all have in our lives. I agree about Viki lying about Shannon. I also noticed more than anything that she looked tired. Brooks is the one mainly whose story keeps changing. If there was a montage of everything he, and Viki now that I think about it, has said about the doctors and the chemo etc., the stories don’t match.

        1. That was strange my iPad crashed so I didn’t think the first reply had taken it didn’t show when I did the second! Bizarre happenings…….!

        1. I second that!! Each day I look forward to see what new articles and comments are posted. Whether I agree or not, I love reading what everyone’s opinion is.

  10. I really didn’t like the fact that when Viki started crying, Shannon just kept it up. No matter what the topic was, I felt like Shannon wanted to make her point that she had sat on the phone for A WHOLE DAY, and Brooks didn’t go to her doctor. When Viki asked what Shannon wanted her to do, even she didn’t know. I am not a huge Viki fan, but I am not a Shannon fan at all, and I don’t think she is sweet or kind hearted. If she is truly Viki’s friend, then why couldn’t she see that Viki had her own stuff going on, having nothing to do with Brooks. God, she asked her FOUR times to drop it. She just sat there with that stubborn look on her face and didn’t even try to comfort “her friend”

  11. I think Shannon should be careful about saying things like she’s “good at judging character.” Tamra IS a pot stirrer and very fickle. She adjusts her behavior accordingly to stay on the show. If no one likes her, such as the end of last season, then she becomes baptized and makes friends with everyone. She’ll turn real soon. Vicki is a hypocrite. I think Brooks may have had cancer but he’s probably in remission and doesn’t want to lose the gravy train. And in all cases, I wouldn’t show my medical records to anyone. That’s private information. Everyone else doubting should get a life and just be there for Vicki when SHE finds out the truth and stops living in denial. She’s an adult. It’s her problem if she’s in love with someone no one trusts, not even her daughter. Shannon, you trusted the character of your husband and he was a disappointment. In feng shui, the goal is to maintain a neutral or balanced opinion, not be all one way or all the other way. Watch your back with Tamra and Vicki. Their goal is to stay relevant on a TV show, not making a strong and lasting relationship with you. Trust carefully and wisely.

    1. Totally agree Shirley – previews for next week show that Brooks shows his PET scans to Tamra (and maybe more ppl) and here comes Giraffe neck saying how she called the place, questioning it, etc. Maddening. And that woman who David was sleeping with able to make friends with Shannon, asking her about her marriage? Come on. Tamra is a flipflipper and has been for years!

  12. I see Wretchen still has that fake cackle. Every time she herself speaks, she cackles really loud. And this whole thing about being burned by Tamra, she told Heather one thing she shouldn’t have. it was Heather that spread it around. Tamra didn’t say it out of spite, even tho she shouldn’t have said it at all. She apologized sincerely for it and has the right, like all of us, to be forgiven.

  13. Uggg, another nothing story about the crapper O.C.?
    All things real housewives needs to have more stories on the much classier LADIES OF LONDON, instead of 4 stories about crooks fake cancer or trampa & vicks……

    1. Can we have The Real Housewives of Cheshire as well even if I am the only one that can watch it! I could discuss it with myself! Lol

  14. Was so sorry to hear that Shannon no longer speaks to Vicki. What a dissappointment, . that she’s now close to Tamara, big disaster waiting to happen it is clear. After Vicki left Shannon’s party, of course the women did nothing but dissect Brookes’ cancer & of course mischief maker, Sherlock Holmes Meghan, now a newscaster as well, could not wait to divulge her latest tattle-telling-tale of Vicki denying that she asked Shannon to help. She is so disgusting, it is nauseating. And Heather? she’s a meddling lump of artificiality of the highest order. Vicki is worn out & worn down by their interferring They need to get off her case, none of their flipping business. Shannon was quite uncomfortable with Gretchen last night, anyone noticed? the air was so thick, it could be cut. They are a group of back stabbers that are supposedly friends.

  15. It’s no one’s business if Brooks has cancer or not! I have been through a lot of health problems (not cancer, but other issues, for about a decade), have had family members and friends who have had cancer and one thing is for sure…when going to various doctors in not the best health with lack of sleep many times and stress piled on top of that, it is IMPOSSIBLE to remember every exact word each and every dr., patient, supportive family member and caregiver have heard during every appointment, let alone to repeat everything exactly right, i.e., the had/have cancer misstatement at Cut Fitness, so what? He was probably tired!!! So why all of the women are questioning every single thing that is said and/or every single thing they have heard about OTHER people who have different forms of cancer (i.e., LeeAnn, Jim Edmonds’ Ex-wife and Hayley’s mother) and applying it to Brooks’ case is beyond me…that is so not being supportive! Meghan needs to get a life, she has overstepped Vicki and Brooks’ boundaries for sure, and instead of rallying around Vicki they have been persuaded by Meghan!!! I feel sorry for Vicki, she has stated more than once that she is not there for all of Brooks’ appointments, she works – plus she is still getting over her mother’s unexpected death, and her biggest fear (at the time) was that Brooks would die. Why would you attack a friend under those circumstances? These women just seem like a bunch of judgmental people ganging up on her and I totally don’t get it. Also I notice it is bringing up a lot of heartache among other viewers/commenters who do have cancer or a loved one who does, bringing up a lot of bad/sad times for them etc., and that is just not cool. Cancer should not be the storyline for a show that is supposed to be entertainment. Meghan going around “investigating” online, calling doctors’ offices, etc. is just sickening. You can’t compare apples with oranges. The type that Brooks has been diagnosed with — non-Hodgkins Lymphoma — is completely different from what Leann, Meghan’s husband’s EX-wife, LeAnn, had, which was colon cancer. And they went to different doctors. So of course different protocols would be prescribed since they had different types, stages, etc. Meghan is no authority on the subject even though she seems to pass herself off as one. It’s like gang-up time on Vicki this go-around…first Meghan, then Tamra, then Heather, then Shannon, and it is obvious Vicki herself is stressed out about what Brooks and her are facing, plus all of the questioning about it, and still grieving about her mom – I just don’t get why they are doing this to her. She has said emphatically she is over listening to other people question various things about Brooks and that he has asked that his medical issues no longer be discussed by her etc. on camera. I don’t blame them! If one of my friends said that to me I would DROP IT, no questions asked. RESPECT YOUR FRIENDS!!! They shouldn’t be expected to always say the exact correct thing etc. let alone produce medical records. I would never treat a friend that way. Just doesn’t make sense, more like facing a frigging courtroom, jury and judge rather than FRIENDS or people who are supposed to be FRIENDS.

    1. So true. If I ever allowed a doctor to diagnose the stuff in the first place, I would never agree to chemo or surgery. I have been cut up enough and I have seen chemo just drop someone who had a little lump. If the body can produce something weird, like cancerous tumors, then it can produce the natural medicine in the body to rid itself of it. There are no stats on it because one can not prove a negative. People who believe like me never had the test, so it never went into the stats they speak of.

      1. I agree 3D’s Forever…and I am very interested in the Reversatrol (sp?) treatment that Brooks decided to try! Since he got that info from a 70-year-old DR. who himself also had been battling non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (like Brooks) for several years and it worked on it, why wouldn’t he want to give it a try? I sure would! It makes total sense to me! As for Gretchen saying that about Vicki back then that is crazy as if she “planned” to start bleeding at a certain time. Good riddance, hope she stays gone (Gretchen).

  16. I was just watching season 6 of OC, the “fashion show” Alexis had where Viki has to go to the hospital and couldn’t show up. Wretch made a huge deal of it, all the while Tamra is trying not to cause a spectacle, Wretch is making all kinds of snide remarks about how Viki decides to start bleeding during the show at 2 o’clock on a Tuesday. She brought it to the attention of everyone there, because according to her, it wasn’t fair that no one visited her when Jeff was in hospital, so why was anyone caring that Viki was rushed to surgery. What a complete bitch. She was still very pretty then, she hadn’t started filling her lower face with concrete yet. I see she is still griping abut it 7 years later. Jeff passed in September of 08. Long time to hold on to the fact that no one visited the poor baby while Jeff, who no one knew, and herself just meeting them, in the hospital. It would have been wildly inappropriate to just show up when he had 4 ex wives and kids all around for the housewives of Orange County to show up there. If they had gone, she would be saying they showed up just to make themselves look good. Which is ironic, since she came on the show saying, “I am giving up my life for this man, and I’m doing this all by myself” Every single thing she ever did was phony and for the show. None of it was real and she accused Alexis, who probably had some camera time that was a little phony, since her husband got a bad wrap on the show since day one. She was supposed to be her FRIEND. We overlook the faults of our friends. She was no ones friend.

      1. She was also on Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars…though not married.with Slade. She is looking too plastic. I used to think she was pretty but not anymore.

        1. She was pretty but it’s quite ironic if you remember Slade at his stand up, getting at Vicky, calling her Miss Piggy and the fat photos of Tamra, what would he say about someone that had had so much work done to their face and not for the better?

          1. I never liked Slade, though I never saw all of OC. If you watch some clips of the marriage bootcamp. Gretchen says, I am a Real Housewife and he says I slept with real can find the clips on a video search. He is sickening. She said she wanted a baby but not marriage as much as he wanted marriage..and called herself the white Oprah. That was in 2014.

    1. Slade is sleazy, all he ever wanted was to be a housewife. I don’t like either of them! I don’t think I could watch anything with them in.
      On that note that’s me done today! 😀 😀

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