Shannon Beador and David Beador Continue to Fight Over Spousal Support

Exes Shannon Beador and David Beador spent another day arguing in court, when the judge ordered David to pay more than $10,000 a month in spousal support.

After the nearly three-hour hearing, the former couple continued to bicker in the hallway, a report reveals. Shannon choked back tears as she got into an elevator and yelled at David, “You are such a nickel and dimer! It’s disgusting!”

The former couple appeared on Monday, October 15, at Orange County Superior Court to discuss David’s request to amend the $22,500 family support for Shannon and their three daughters — Sophie, 17, and 14-year old twins Stella and Adeline.

Both sides agreed in July that David would pay Shannon $10,500 in spousal support per month, with the understanding that David could ask to modify that amount at a future date. The remainder of the support would go to their daughters.

At Monday’s hearing, David told Judge James L. Waltz that the financial paperwork Shannon filed does not provide an accurate accounting of all of his ex’s earnings. David told the judge he believed Shannon made closer to $900,000 and therefore should not receive spousal support, RadarOnline reports.

Meanwhile, the judge admonished David and said the income and expense declaration he provided was incomplete and not professionally executed. David explained he only had the lunch hour to prepare his various financial documents that were required for Monday’s hearing.

Andrew Hunt, a court-appointed forensic accountant, testified he reviewed earning recipes from both Shannon and David. Acting as his own attorney, David asked Hunt if he knew how much Shannon was getting paid per RHOC episode. Hunt said he believed Shannon was making about $24,000 per episode. The forensic accountant also said he believed the spousal support the reality star is currently receiving is within the appropriate range.

David asked the judge if he could show Hunt the RHOC contract signed by Shannon and said, “I’m just trying to provide a basis for the fact that he’s using $300,000 as her year-per-year salary when she was making far more than that. That’s all I’m trying to prove here. Honestly, I hate this, and I just want to settle the whole thing.”

Shannon remained calm during the hearing and let her attorney do the talking.

Shannon’s attorney, John Benedict Phillips, maintained David still had the greater annual income. Phillips said according to a report, David’s 12-month income ending in December 2017 was about $108,168 per month.

David, however, argued his business earnings often times fluctuate, and some of the earnings reflected in the documents are ongoing projects that may or may not have been completed. He also noted a business loss he suffered earlier in the year.

After listening to Hunt’s testimony, the judge stopped the proceedings and said both sides would better benefit with more up-to-date financial and earning records after they file their 2018 taxes. He ordered David to continuing paying the monthly $22,500 family support and told both sides to return to court in February.

When asked for a comment after Monday’s proceedings, a clearly agitated David told Radar exclusively, “What a mess!”


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