Shannon Beador Admits Husband David is Filming RHOC Less After Abuse Allegations

RHOC star Shannon Beador may not be getting along with all of her co-stars, but she says in a new interview that she is “not afraid.”

Beador was asked if Kelly Dodd’s presence on the show would ever make her leave, and her answer might surprise you. “Let’s make it clear — I’m not afraid of anybody. If you wanna come, if you wanna bring it, I’ll be there,” she told PEOPLE. “I am a nice person, but there are certain buttons.”

Shannon revealed that she and Tamra Judge are trying to make amends with Dodd, but she shared that there is “something strange” about someone who seems to enjoy pushing her buttons.

“I personally don’t enjoy upsetting people so I think that there’s something strange about that. I think there’s something thats a little off,” she said.

Shannon and Kelly had a very dramatic encounter at The Quiet Woman. Beador threw her plate across the table and the ladies were asked to leave the restaurant. Now, she admitted to being a “little bit embarrassed” by her “level of emotion” that evening.

“I was not in a very good place emotionally. I had just put on a bunch of weight. I just didn’t feel good about myself and so I … wore them on my sleeve and I reacted, I think, a bit more strongly than I would’ve,” Shannon admitted.

While Kelly repeated a rumor she heard about Shannon’s husband David, it seems Vicki Gunvalson is who Shannon will never forgive. Last year, Gunvalson alleged that Beador’s husband, David, had physically abused Shannon.

“I’m never gonna make amends with her,” Beador said. “Why would I ever be friends with someone that makes up false, criminal allegations about my husband?”

Shannon shares that this prompted David to film less this year. Although she said she and her husband are in a good place, Beador said she thinks viewers will see that “we’ve grown apart.”

“We’re doing well,” Beador said but added that “relationships have their highs and lows.”

She also admitted that the allegations took a toll on her family. “We’ve been through enough publicly, and to have to defend a fake allegation, I was really upset about that. I didn’t want my family to get hurt.”

Thoughts on what Shannon had to say?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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If I was David, I would be ashamed to be on the show with psycho Shannon too

Realty???? The cheater obnoxious abuser is ashamed of her ??? Smh

Either you believe THEM or you don’t. They both admit that he cheated and they both say the abuse allegations are not true. I wont condone David’s cheating, but I would have been filing for a divorce just from what I saw of psycho Shannon in the first season, before she knew of David’s cheating,

you’re perpetuating a typical male narrative that even wihen the man cheats it’s still the woman’s fault . I’m not surprised . You don’t condone his behave, BUT …. always a but. It’s still her fault isn’t it ?
Honorable men leave before they cheat .

O…M…G! This woman and her shrieking has totally done me in! She has to have someone to blame for her husband’s affair because HEAVEN FORBID that she accept that SHE might be partly to blame! She obviously needs to punish someone else for David’s affair so why not blame it all on Vickie…PU-LEASE!! Shannon, grow up! You gained weight because you ATE! Accept responsibility for YOUR actions and quit blaming others for YOUR life. You need counseling.

Enough of the nonsense that he cheated because of her! Yes she is crazy, isname , intolerable , you can still all that and more . Just do NOT say that men are not responsible for their own actions. It’s simply stupid

Totally & desperately she needs counselling, Benny. She does not enjoy upsetting people? she sure could’ve fooled me. She seems to be a nightmare to be around, I would run far from a hysterical freak like that who sees only her point & no one else’s PERIOD. David was unfaithful & there’s never a right to that. I cant imagine her pain when she found out. Having said that, I will then add that I do believe, wrong as it was, she also drove him to it by her nasty, disrespectful behavior that we all witnessed toward him the first… Read more »

I still like her. I know women who are like her. She has been through a lot and like most of us could use some counseling. If she has always Bern so bad why didn’t David leave her long ago? Give her a break.

Awesome post Aunt Bee ❤️❤️❤️

If you Google “David Beador arrested” you’ll find where he was arrested in 2003 and charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and battery against a cohabitant. Shannon said “There was no abuse, no physical anything. We had an argument that was resolved very quickly afterward. I just thought that if I called the police the fight would end. We’ve moved on and it’s over and done.” So, did he really hit her and she’s lying about it now or did she lie to the police in 2003? She’s one to call Vicki a liar.