Shannon Beador Admits She Was Annoyed Watching Dinner Scene with David

Shannon Beador has a lot to say in her blog this week. First, Shannon talks about the dinner at the Farmhouse. She also weighs in on watching the emotional conversation with her mom about her marriage to David and reacts to David’s digs during their family dinner.

“There was no secret, Lydia. I didn’t plan the dinner at the Farmhouse. I included Meghan last minute because I always believe in “the more the merrier”. But I never excluded you. Add it to your list of things you have against me that are completely wrong. That list just continues to grow and grow.

Funny Vicki showed a medical record when two years ago she said over and over and over again that would never ever happen with Brooks. I agreed with her until the questions wouldn’t stop. I suggested to just produce one record to shut everyone down and I was blasted for by Vicki for ever suggesting it. It became the end of our friendship. Clearly Vicki’s views on non-negotiable privacy issues have changed.”

Shannon shares what it was like to watch her conversation with her mom, Pat. She also reacts to Peggy Sulahian’s conversation with her children.

“My family always gets together for Easter and it’s always a holiday we look forward to. My mother is an absolute jokester so we are always laughing. It is difficult to watch our conversation because I never thought it would get so emotional. My mother always has amazing advice so it was nice to hear things through her perspective.

Wow. Is the best word to describe Peggy’s conversation with her children. David walked up to the roof of the boat because all the men were there. I kept telling him he would enjoy meeting Diko, so he joined in on the conversation. I hadn’t told David much of anything about Peggy’s health situation. And as confusing as Peggy continually is, Diko was as well. Diko was the one that brought up Peggy’s health as David entered the conversation. David was only trying to engage in conversation as a concerned person. You weren’t there, Peggy. Sorry you are so disgusted about a conversation you never heard. Unbelievable.”

Shannon also has a lot to say about the dinner with her family where David was throwing digs.

“Watching the dinner scene with my family, I have to say I’m a bit annoyed. I cook dinner every night and I always have “options” for everyone. We don’t get take out from “little taco stands.” Not sure why that was said.

When I turned 16, there was a gas crisis where people would wait in line for an hour to fill their car with gas. My father decided to put a gas tank on our property and we would pump our own gas through an antique gas dispenser. The first time I was about to drive to school on my own, I hit the dispenser with the car and the glass crown on the top fell and shattered. I got in a lot of trouble for that.

I was very fortunate growing up and I am incredibly thankful for that. That being said, it was important to my mother that we be humble and grounded. I had to be home at 10 AM every Saturday and Sunday to work on our 20 acre property. I appreciated everything that was given to me and I worked hard every single weekend. I try to do the same thing with my children. They have a list of chores longer than any of their friends and have to earn privileges. They do understand how fortunate they are.”

Shannon also insists she would support Tamra if she wanted to be friends with Vicki Gunvalson.

“I have told Tamra numerous times I will support her if she wants to continue a friendship with Vicki. Stop trying to deflect everything on me, Vicki. Vicki can continue to blame me if it makes her feel better. It’s sad that Vicki can’t understand that she herself crossed a line that may have done something to actually sever a friendship.”

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11 Replies to “Shannon Beador Admits She Was Annoyed Watching Dinner Scene with David”

  1. Regardless of who started the conversation, David did probe. Regardless of what Shannon said about not discussing in-depth with David, is a lie. They dont talk about themselves, so they talk about others. If Shannon was in
    Peggy’s shoes, face it, she would be livid & acting all crazy. The women have made Peggy their latest life’s mission to investigate her cancer & her responses to them. Call this “CANCER GATE #2”. I’m with Peggy on this one.
    AS for Vicki showing her med diagnosis,
    well, damned if you do, damned if you dont. Yes, Vicki did some lying with the Brooks story. !st. Brooks had silenced her to a great extent as he was King fabricator& did not want the truth exposed by her informing her so called friends. 2nd, the women were relentless in their investigation & really gave Vicki the 3rd degree of the highest order. One just cant win with these idle women.
    Their behavior at the farm House with all the snickering & bad- mouthing was despicable to say the least.
    Lastly, Shannon is far more of a loyal friend to Tamara than Tamara is to her. Tamara would throw her under the bus at the first opportunity. Truth be told, she has already begun. Good luck to all.

    1. Everything you said was spot on. I don’t know what Peggy’s doctor said to her to make her have a double mastectomy but I can’t imagine someone would do that just for the fun of it. It’s between Peggy and her doctor and no one else’s business.

  2. Shannon you are a disgusting victim and weak sister! David can’t do anything right or even offer an opinion because everything is “all about YOU”! You verbally manipulate him and “beat him into submission” when he offers any opinion differing from never let him forget he had a moral failure in your throw the entire weight of your unhappiness and low self esteem into him.. and if I were him I would already be gone! You hide the fact that you are emotionally unstable ( I think you have had a breakdown and refuse help for it) but most of all “you are a drunk” and refuse to admit it or seek help for it! You torment your friends and your family with your psychosis and if David did not love those children and want to protect them from you.. he would be gone! You won’t accept responsibility for anything in your life because you have chosen to play “the blame game”! What you are engaging in is emotional abuse and “David bashing”! The drinking issue that you engage in to cope are part of the deeper issues of abandonment and failure you suffer from! Get help or lose everything!

    1. I agree with a lot of this, but as a Christian, I don’t want to say she’s disgusting. To err is human, and Shannon is in a very fragile yet rageful headspace right now and clearly can’t see the forest for the trees. Shannon needs the proper tools to break the toxic strongholds she has over her life regarding poor communication, ego and power struggles, low self-esteem, abandonment issues.. which we are discovering as of this last episode are all generational curses passed down courtesy of the way her mother and father treated each other in their own marriage (or lack thereof). Because I believe Shannon does have SOME redeeming qualities as an individual, I don’t wish ill on her and don’t want to reduce her to simply being a vile human being …although she IS getting on my nerves something awful, and I feel like I AM in a relationship with her from which I want to escape by any means necessary. For the sake of her healthy sense of self, and her daughters, I hope she will get help for her issues & get her life on track, whether it’s with or without David. They are awful together.

      1. Great job. No good human would wish ill on anyone & most of all you.
        But, she is very difficult to deal with. I, too wish her the best even though she gets on my last nerve & I can do without her. Alas, I am addicted to the housewives.
        Honestly, I now have a full, full understanding of why David sought comfort away from Shannon, wrong as that was. He is a caged bird.

  3. They all talk about each other and all of each others personal crap. That is not gonna change. I don’t get too invested in any of it. It’s just a tv show.

  4. Bravo are we ever going to see an episode of RHofOC without Shannon tearing up about the “affair”??? The woman must get constant nosebleeds from high on her lofty perch in the Heavens…since she is so perfect. (NOT!!) I feel so sorry for her kids, and I agree with Peggy…Shannon yells all the time..

    I like Lydia, Peggy, Vicki and Kelly. The rest not so much. Note to Tamra..Real Christians do not take the Lord’s name in vain…so we can see you as you are, not what you are pretending to be.

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