Shannon Beador Accuses Kelly Dodd Of Fat-Shaming


The drama between the ladies on the Real Housewives of Orange County is raging on, especially on social media. After last week’s episode where Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd got into a fight over Kelly bringing up Tamra’s daughter, the ladies are now fighting over social media about fat-shaming.

First, Shannon took to Facebook to share a photo of her phone with a long explanation of what happened.

“I have stayed on the “high road” this season of RHOC as certain cast members have said very hurtful and viscous things about me and my family on social media. This time I am going to speak up. This is a screen shot of something posted by Kelly Dodd. This Twitter follower tweeted to me “Hey fatty, congrats on stirring the pot by telling Tamra what Kelly said,” on Monday night. I have gained weight and despite all my efforts, it isn’t coming off. You will see it on the reunion. I responded to him to defend myself– not only about his fat shaming, but to say that one of my best friends asked me a question about Kelly and I told her the truth bec I do not lie. I would have expected the same from Tamra if the tables were turned. As you can see, this person responded to my tweet with a very well mannered and classy response. Not. And to continue— my not so good friend Kelly was outed today for fat shaming one of her Instagram followers. I was a victim of fat shaming on Monday night and I absolutely feel for the poor viewer that was slammed by Kelly today when she said “Put the fork down. You kid is going to be embarrassed by you”, on her own Instagram page. Kelly’s comment is fat shaming and a hideous statement on so many levels. Has Vicki been instructing her puppet Kelly on the art of deflection that she thinks she has perfected??? Not working this time. Check in with me when you are 52 Kelly bec I have been thin all my life and then something happened…”


And here is a screen shot that one of Shannon’s followers posted of that very comment.


Now, Kelly is defending her words.

“If some troll can come onto my site and spew hateful vulgarities and speak of lies about my husband and kid … you better believe I’m going to fight,” Kelly tweeted.

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Kelly continued to rant about “the troll.”

““I am going to get in front of this issue! This Troll came onto my site to tell lies and shamed me and my daughter and my husband!! I went back and did the same thing to her! She said my daughter is embarrassed of me amongst other vulgarities… She doesn’t know me and I don’t know her,” Kelly wrote. “I went on her Instagram and commented just like she did me!”

“Listen, I’m at fat camp, I have a thyroid problem and I’m fat right now,” Kelly continued. “I have no room to talk. However, I am not going to put up with trolls harassing me and my daughter! I know now to ignore the trolls! Because this is exactly what they want – to make me look bad – and I fell into her trap!”

Photo Credit: Bravo/Facebook