Shannon Beador Accuses Kelly Dodd Of Fat-Shaming


The drama between the ladies on the Real Housewives of Orange County is raging on, especially on social media. After last week’s episode where Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd got into a fight over Kelly bringing up Tamra’s daughter, the ladies are now fighting over social media about fat-shaming.

First, Shannon took to Facebook to share a photo of her phone with a long explanation of what happened.

“I have stayed on the “high road” this season of RHOC as certain cast members have said very hurtful and viscous things about me and my family on social media. This time I am going to speak up. This is a screen shot of something posted by Kelly Dodd. This Twitter follower tweeted to me “Hey fatty, congrats on stirring the pot by telling Tamra what Kelly said,” on Monday night. I have gained weight and despite all my efforts, it isn’t coming off. You will see it on the reunion. I responded to him to defend myself– not only about his fat shaming, but to say that one of my best friends asked me a question about Kelly and I told her the truth bec I do not lie. I would have expected the same from Tamra if the tables were turned. As you can see, this person responded to my tweet with a very well mannered and classy response. Not. And to continue— my not so good friend Kelly was outed today for fat shaming one of her Instagram followers. I was a victim of fat shaming on Monday night and I absolutely feel for the poor viewer that was slammed by Kelly today when she said “Put the fork down. You kid is going to be embarrassed by you”, on her own Instagram page. Kelly’s comment is fat shaming and a hideous statement on so many levels. Has Vicki been instructing her puppet Kelly on the art of deflection that she thinks she has perfected??? Not working this time. Check in with me when you are 52 Kelly bec I have been thin all my life and then something happened…”


And here is a screen shot that one of Shannon’s followers posted of that very comment.


Now, Kelly is defending her words.

“If some troll can come onto my site and spew hateful vulgarities and speak of lies about my husband and kid … you better believe I’m going to fight,” Kelly tweeted.

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Kelly continued to rant about “the troll.”

““I am going to get in front of this issue! This Troll came onto my site to tell lies and shamed me and my daughter and my husband!! I went back and did the same thing to her! She said my daughter is embarrassed of me amongst other vulgarities… She doesn’t know me and I don’t know her,” Kelly wrote. “I went on her Instagram and commented just like she did me!”

“Listen, I’m at fat camp, I have a thyroid problem and I’m fat right now,” Kelly continued. “I have no room to talk. However, I am not going to put up with trolls harassing me and my daughter! I know now to ignore the trolls! Because this is exactly what they want – to make me look bad – and I fell into her trap!”

Photo Credit: Bravo/Facebook


165 Replies to “Shannon Beador Accuses Kelly Dodd Of Fat-Shaming”

  1. I cannot stand all of this body shaming. It is sad that “adults” do it so often too. I have never even thought of Shannon as overweight, and if it is so, as she said, it happens as we age more easily than when we are young. I just wish Shannon did not let it get to her so much that she did the same thing as a response. Body shaming is just plain wrong.
    People may be rude, insensitive, ignorant, intolerant, and downright mean, but when we do the same and give them the time of day, we are lowering ourselves to their level. So many go to Twitter to bash people just for fun, and there is a mute button and a Block to ignore them. Just ignore them.
    Kelly has shown herself to be very immature and she drinks to much. That is still no excuse for her rudeness. I wish she would leave the show, but as it stands I won’t be watching next season. I am barely getting through this one.

    1. Well said Sandy ! That’s why Shannon needs to exit this show. She’s not cut out for this nonsense. And this is my last season too unless at least half these ‘women’ are fired

      Kelly once again finds a gutter lower than the last one. In her life , probably not a day goes by where she does insult someone. She’s so repulsive, she should run for political office lol

      The reason I’m not on social media is because 99% of people are not there to be nice. They are there to anonymously say hurtful aweful things . They’re like vultures and they think it’s all just very funny

      I hope you and your family are well ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Hi Rain. Well said yourself. I am not on FB for that reason, but on Twitter and I only Tweet nice tweets…mostly retweets of others’ nice pictures, art, and some nice or cute sayings. I won’t feed the trolls.
        We are doing fine here. How are you and yours? I hope you are well. ❤️❤️❤️

            1. Oh wow did you see it and if so did you enjoy it? I found it charming!
              I’m done for the day, they are fed and left them with the Apple pie. I’m resting now! It’s tiring having visitors but we had great fun going through my mothers old photograph albums! She has been dead for 33 years so lots of memories! Lots of laughs as well!

              1. That sounds like a great time Suze ❤️❤️❤️ I’m glad you had fun and laughs

                Yes I did quite enjoy the show. It took me a bit to realize this is more of a comedy or farce vs a ‘Downton abbey’ type show. Her kids all have colorful personalities and that actress is lovely . I’m glad you told me about the show but I wouldn’t have bothered or paid attention to it otherwise

                1. So pleased you are enjoying it. He went on to be so successful in conservation and it is a great feel good show.

              2. Hello everybody! ❤️ I haven’t had a chance to get online much so much to comment on. Firstly, Suze I’ll bet you’re pooped, I know I am too when I’ve got visitors to cook for and overnight! I hope you’re catching up on your rest and it sounds like you had a great time, I’m so glad. I’m making an apple pie for hubbys return home tonight too, seems to be the popular choice in the fall, apple, yummy! And I’ll bet yours was excellent. 😉 xoxoxo

                Rain I hope you’re resting too, it can’t be easy I understand with your autoimmune disease, I’m sorry. xoxoxo

                Real Sandy, you’re a very intuitive lady and I find myself nodding my head when reading your comments. Once again, I agree 100% on your assessment here. The only thing I want to add is, I think some people should be banned for life misusing Twitter. Kelley is one of them. It’s used like a weapon in her hand, and she gets a go directly to jail card. bloop

                1. Hi Miss M! Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

                  I know you must bake an awesome apple pie too! What kind of apples do you use? I have not baked a homemade apple pie in many years, and I liked Rome apples…not sure if they are even around any more! I can bake. I just would rather make the main course. Homemade is always best.

                  Take care Miss M. XOXO

                2. Hi Sweetie, My brother and SIL are here until tomorrow so I have had two meals to cook. Today we are going out for lunch so that’s good. They can sort their own meal out tonight. Yes my apple pie was good just as yours will be. we took them to see Floors castle yesterday and had a coffee and it was warm enough to sit outside. Unheard of this time of he year here! Xoxoxoxxo

                  1. Hi Suze! I am so glad you got out to Floors and enjoyed the weather, the food and your family! The weather here is summerlike. It started out like spring yesterday, and then was summer by afternoon in the 80s…hot. The same for today….Broke a record yesterday with the warmth. They called it a Bermuda high…not sure why…just a name maybe…since our weather comes mostly from the west here.
                    I bought some apple turnovers on the weekend….not pie but close?!
                    Love you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Enjoy the day. XOXO

                  2. Wowwww Suze look at you go go go! Cooking meals and desserts and running around you’re making me tired! I was too tired to make pie last night so I will make it today. However like Scotland, here in the northeast we’re suppose to reach 80 degrees today ! and I’m not going to feel like baking :(. More like swimming! unfortunately the pools closed but I could jump in the lake. 😉 ❤️❤️❤️❌⭕️❌⭕️

                    1. It is 80 degrees here now and should get even warmer. *I am in NJ.
                      This is very summery, and I have the AC on again today, since it feels even hotter with the humidity. I am still enjoying it…though my little dog tires more easily with this heat during our walks. I had to change my clothes yesterday after our afternoon walk…not realizing just how how it was outside.
                      It is not baking weather today. I understand. I did roast a chicken yesterday, but today I am making a turkey chili. Even with the AC on, it is not baking weather to make pies…more of a cooler day sort of thing.
                      What kind of apples do you use in your pies? What is a good baking apple? I may actually bake a pie…at least maybe next month. You have me wanting to try. I have the recipe, and I will buy a crust (packaged) rather than make my own…so it won’t be too much work. 🙂

                    2. I wrote a comment…just wanted to add that 80 degrees F is not quite 27 degrees C. for Sue…and it is getting hotter here. 🙂

          1. Hi Suze! I am glad everyone enjoyed your apple pie. It is so sweet of you to make your brother’s favorite. 🙂 You are awesome!
            Have a nice nap my sweet friend. XOXOXO

            1. Well, I am having problems with this site. That was supposed to be a response to Suze, Rain. It took forever after I hit post your comment and I hit it again….
              Oh well.
              I know you have good days and bad days. I hope you are having more good days than bad ones, my friend. XOXOXOXOXO

                1. Rain, he is doing okay so far. Thanks for asking. ❤️
                  Today my 91 y.o. FIL had to have his dog put down, so it was not a good day because of that since my FIL lives alone and she was his best friend and his last dog. The dog was almost 18 and had a good life.


                  1. Oh, no! I am sorry for you F-I-L for real. And I’m glad your husband is responding to treatment, if that’s what you mean, yay, if not, I am sorry. A pet for an older person means so much and I cried when I read that. Please tell him how many of your friends here are so sorry, OK? I wish so much he could get another dog, maybe. Wow, what a sad, sad thing. oxoxoxox❤️

                  2. That’s so sad for your FIL SanDy!!!! Poor guy!! Most of us here are pet owners and we all appreciate the joy they bring and also the sorrow of their loss!!

                    I’m glad your hubby is doing ok ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    1. Thanks Rain and 3 D’s. You are both too kind. I appreciate it. My FIL is an active man in good health and he has a better memory than I do. Walking his dog kept him moving even more. He lives over an hour away and my BIL was with him today, thankfully. Pets are special, yes, and they bring lots of love. ❤️

                  3. I’m SO sorry to hear about your father in law’s dog 🙁 . I just lost one of mine last month, the two I have left are still sad, so is my cat and she hates dogs. I hope he gets another one. Maybe one that’s already grown and house-trained. True, they do help keep you active and especially for people who live alone. It’s a reason for us to get out of bed in the morning.

                    1. RSandy, ((((FIL & fur baby♥️)))) this breaks. my. heart. And your husband, healing prayers as well

                    2. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious pet. They are family.
                      You are so sweet Queenie. At 91 he is not getting another dog. When my in laws’ last dog passed, we bought them this last dog. Then years ago my MIL passed but even years before she did, she said if anything happens to this dog, don’t get us another, but the dog outlived her and ended up with a very long life indeed.
                      I know what you mean about dog’s missing other dogs. My dog had a best friend across the street since he was a puppy and for nearly a yeat, but the owners gave her away…could not deal with her barking….etc. We did not knoe until one day she just was not there. That was many months ago and my dog still looks for her, and it is sad. Every day he looks and stops at her old home…eaiting for her to come out and play. I took him to a dog park once, but those dogs were big and he is a toy breed, so it was too much for him and one dog there scared me…like he would devour my little guy.
                      Sorry…just wrote too much. Thanks for your thoughtfulness, i am sorry about your dog. Yes, they do get us out. I walk mine several times each day. ❤️❤️

                    3. Oh Queenie ❤️ I’m so sorry I missed your comment in your mail first time as I don’t always read thoroughly…. I’m so so sorry you lost your fur baby too. And my heart hurts for you and your other babies, of course they’ll mourn too. My pup mourned both my kitties when they passed I just gave him all their love and he rebounded a little quicker I’m sure of it. Blessings sweetie. I understand your loss and pain. ❤️⭕️❌

                  4. Sandy, I am so sorry, he must be devastated. My SIL with the new pup lost her old dog last week. It’s so sad they mean so much especially when you live on your own. Xoxoxox

        1. I hear you about the concept of focused Tweeting. My work Twitter is strictly professional and my personal Twitter is strictly for things thst make me feel good. Cyberspace is already devouring itself with enough mentally toxic waste as it is. I’m often left jaw dropped to what some people will post on social media- it leaves me with visions of rabid keyboard thugs foaming at the mouth as they punch out every word in some kind of blind rage that I simply don’t identify with, lol. These platforms really bring out the worst in a lot of people – and show the true essence of what they are in the core of their being. ALTHOUGH… I do believe a person has the right to shut someone down if they come to their social media pages spewing vulgarity or harmful things. I’m not talking about simply disagreeing with someone maturely ( this year we saw Carole Rad & B Frankel behave horribly and cruelly to anyone having the slightest difference of opinion from them on Twitter)- but going to someone’s page just because you have a proverbial hard on for them and want to lash out…not cool. No bueno. Take that somewhere else, or you might end up with the negative attention you are so direly seeking. #welikenicetweets lol

          1. Well said, Bon Vivant. I totally agree. Honestly, I enjoy all the beauty that is Tweeted, and some share our nice Tweeting only as well.

            Again, so very well stated, Bon Vivant. You have a gift when it comes to writing. I enjoy reading your comments.. ❤️

    2. I have said it before and say it again. Kelly needs psychotherapy. She needs anger management. She is not a happy person.

    3. You got it twisted. Kelly did the body shaming, not Shannon.
      Kelly told a woman to put her fork down. Geez! Kelly Dodd is unbelievable. Nasty viper. The epitome of a narrcissist! ! Always the victim. Ugg. Grow up Kelly Dodd and take responsibility for the crap you spew and the crap pot you stir !! Andy…. please do not resign Kelly for next season. She has single handedly divided the cast and spewed her hatred all over the place. Cannot take another season with her. I already refuse to watch RHONJ because of Teresa. I wont watch RHOA anymore. So, if you continue with Kelly I simply will add OF to the do not record list.

      1. …and for clarity, I’m responding to the need for therapy. Between this show and solo interviews, it’s clear Kelly has some issues she needs to work out regarding relationships, self-worth, social awkwardness and self medication with alcohol all clearly stemming from the past. The muck eventually catches up to everyone and explodes in their face if they don’t work through it, and we’re watching her train wreck right before our eyes on national TV.

  2. That buck-toothed drunk is past counseling, past an exorcism. Boot camp and then a 4 year stint would shape her up…maybe. That or a lobotomy? Or getting dropped off in the woods with a bunch of hungry animals? She’s excruciating to watch and worse to listen to that voice with her 8th grade vocabulary. And Shannon isn’t fat, she is going through menopause and getting that weight gain. Welcome to the club.

  3. Maybe Kelly should look at her own home rather than others. and maybe she should look to her own cruelty rather than have crocodile tears every time anyone comes back at her when she is being a total bitch, God, what a ( insert every word I don’t like to say….)

      1. I think you’re right. I’ve been around people, in the past and the slightest thing would set them off, either into a rage or bawling their eyes out–UGH, DRUNKS.

    1. Hahahaha You little whackadoo, earl. Playing hooky from school today? Go learn something, child…

  4. Rain ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Lol I’m so not easily offended honest especially by the earls no Ernestine’s or what have you o my gawd hehehehe

    1. Miss M, Daisy and Rain – you all deserve my LOL Award. I was ready to write something snippy to to that lil AH Earl but you ladies did me proud.

      1. Rain, my friend, you have a lot to deal with. It is okay. We are only human. Life is not always easy, and we all have those days, for sure. You are amazing.
        You are able to self deprecate and see yourself clearly, and that in itself is wonderful. You are a sweet, caring individual with a great sense of humor, and I love your posts and the wonderful person that you clearly are, Rain.
        Let’s all move on and smile. 😀 ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Peace out.

        1. You’re so sweet Sandy 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️ I think all of us here are wonderful in our own and bring our own life experiences and hopefully learn from each other and enrich each other’s lives xoxo

  5. Sandy! Btw, I made a note to you about the kind of Apple I use for baking somewhere I don’t know now. But anywho, I love Paula reds for baking and Macintosh too.

      1. You’re totally welcome. I don’t know if they’re a northern apple or what but we are in major apple country where we live so….we get slot of varieties to choose from

  6. I just looked them up and yup it’s a NY state Apple and it says they’re great for apple sauce but not great for pie filling cause they’re soft when cooked down. But that’s how we like our pies in my family , more like a creamy chutney consistency and not like whole slices of apple. Everybody has their own special way though. 😉

    1. Maybe they are in some specialty places like perhaps at a place called Delicious Orchards…not down the street, but has a lot of apples. I usually see Gala, Fuji, Delicious, McIntosh, some Honeycrisp, and granny smith and sometimes Pink Lady. Right now I have organic Fuji and organic Gala apples to eat raw.

  7. I want to apologize to you ladies for commenting on this site, i thought it was a format about RHOC, not husbands, dogs, apple pies or pooping. You guys seem to have your own personal Housewives site going here. i will move to a site with more informative content.

    1. Too bad earl I just baked my hubby an apple pie . Then I played with my dogs all 5 of them . Now I’m going to go take a giant poop. Have a lovely day sweetheart

      1. See Daisy?? Proves my theory that all these posters are one poster with the one mission of raining on our parade lol! ❤️❤️❤️

          1. It seems like an orchestrated effort by one or 2 people with multiple names ! Could be JudgeJudy back again trying yet one more time lol. Between this arguement and the ‘you’re mean girls’ arguement , it’s starting to smell fishy 🙂

            1. Hi Rain Hi Daisy, just my thoughts! She seems to pop back now and again with the same old same old.
              Just to be clear my apple pie last week was the best, my dog has just been out to play golf and as for pooping, no problems in that area either! Lastly love you both xoxoxoxox

                1. Exactly, I did smile at moving to a site with more informative content! I didn’t think you could get more informative than here! Different varieties of apples, recipes, waxing etc etc etc!

                  1. who cares lol. Nikki realizes she has a very unique and special site and that’s becuase she allows us to be friends ❤️❤️❤️

            2. Lol Rain I was thinking the same exact thing…Judge Judy popped into my head the other day and I thought I hadn’t seen that name in a while and also Joanne who had a stroke. Does anyone know if she’s posted since and how she is? hmmmmm… Anyway on I must run pup is restless and we need to walk off his energy

              1. No word form Joanna , I hope she’s well! I think JudgeJudy did in fact complain to the owner before she disappeared. But has she disappeared lol? Or is she all these other screen names who call us mean girls and whine that we talk about our families??? Geez, I haven’t even mentioned my tits for months 🙂

    2. That was some apology. You should probably have said how much you wished you could be a part of such a lovely group of people, but since you don’t feel qualified for some reason, you have to run somewhere else where computers do the commenting. Oh, and in case you don’t know, there was a Chief Justice Earl Warren, (Yoi can google that) but maybe he was not as judgmental as you are, earl warren.
      Honestly, I don’t usually get so involved in the critiques of the commenters themselves, but you have a lot of nerve. Some of these pwople come here after having chemo, suffering from crippling disease and worse, and are still able to have an amazing sense of humor and so much compassion for others, it brings tears to my eyes. We are the lucky ones here. It is your loss.
      Ciao ciao bambino.

        1. Hi Daisy. You are too kind. Thank you.
          My day is just fine. Yesterday it was rainy and so windy. Today the sun is shining…but it has been chilly. I am doing well. Thanks. I hope you are having a nice day. I mean, I hope it gets better if it did not start out that way! ❤️❤️

          1. Hi Sandy , my hubby is having his male pms day today but I’m doing great . I wish we could have some fall weather here but oh well . My sis lives on the west coast and she said yesterday that fall has arrived . I will just have to take her word for it

      1. Great as always Sandy!! Due to the choice of the name, I guessed it must be JudgeJudy again! , clearly that’s how he/she uses screen names. Now that we are on to that, the new name will be a fruit or a reptile lol

        1. Yes, the name is of a long deceased Chief Justice.
          Thank you, Rain. I wish I did a better job of hitting my keyboard though!

          Rainbow, you are awesome! 😉 ❤️❤️

          1. Ah you’re sweet Sandy and always lovely ! We are a good core group. I hope you’re having a great weekend , inspite of the weather ❤️❤️❤️ Boys not here this weekend so we’ve been cleaning house, making some meals for the week etc. I am meeting my gay friends for late lunch soon ❤️❤️❤️ How else can a woman be adored without her gay friends lol???? I’m fat assing and having the fried chicken 🙂 LOVE ALL OF YOU XOXOXOX

      2. I have no idea where this will show since lately every comment I make ends up where it shouldn’t but I just need to complain: I finally got a piece of apple pie the other night and now thanks to you youngsters my mouth is watering for potato salad. But I do love you all.❌❌⭕️⭕️❌❌

        1. I know what you mean! I bought apple strudel last week after all the apple pie comments. Now I have a blueberry pie. No present craving for potato salad, but I have had great red potato salad in the summer. I bought some great little potatoes in different colors for baking.
          Aunt Bee, you’re amazing. Everyone here, like Suze, Rain, Miss M, Daisy, and all the others not on this page as well, are great people. I am honored to know you! XOXO Enjoy your dessert. 🙂

  8. Good morning/afternoonie beautiful ladies of the forum♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️:)

    I’ve been making apple turnovers this weekend with my sissy, even roasted a tom turkey for fun, and my doggy had the splatters but I gave him some Imodium ad and he’s restored to his wild playful self and my hubby is coming back from deer camp soon and the sun is shining and all us wonderful and goody! Too bad earl warren can’t share a nice thing or two it not that hard. 😉 Havr a beautiful day everyone I’m going out to carve a pumpkin or two.

      1. Ahhh I love you too Rain and Suze, my sisters♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I get warm and fuzzy just saying that. I do carry all of you special ladies in my heart during the course of my day, what a remarkable gift this site has provided us. Thank you, Nicki♥️ Have a gorgeous Sunday, ALL!

    1. I think all the responses you youngsters gave to Earl deserve my LOL AWARD for today. To bad he or she didn’t give us a chance to enjoy us more. Her or his loss. Bye Felicia.

  9. Ugh oh I just wrote a post and included the site owners name and it went into moderation, so will show up after it’s been approved. I forgot about keywords my bad.

    But again, I love you girls too and you make me smile, I’m so happy I found this site it’s such a gift because of all these wonderful ladies who’ve become friends! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Sorry ladies I got caught up in making potato salad and the walking dead marathon . This is indeed a special place . Each one of you hold a very special place in my heart . I feel that I learn from each and every one of you . Suze I hope you know that I truly love you more than I ever thought I could love someone I’ve never even met in person . I don’t know why some people have such a problem with others caring about each other . I do find it odd that they always show up together . Same person indeed in my opinion . And Rain talk about your tits all you want

    1. Daisy, thanks! You have just made me cry! I love you too Sweetie xoxoxoxxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Well said Daisy ❤️❤️❤️ Suze is the heart and soul of this site. She welcomes everybody and has nothing but goodness in her heart .
      Yum potato salad xoxo

      1. I just typed a reply to you Rain but it disappeared . Suze is the greatest I agree . I hope the potato salad is yummy but I’m not known for my cooking so who knows

      2. Oh don’t you start as well! I’m not that nice ask my hubbie! He will tell you I’m bad tempered and snappy! Xoxoxoxxo

            1. Not at all . Just this morning he said that I was grumpy . My response was I’m nice you ass hole . Now that I read this maybe he was correct . Oh well I’ll never admit that to him

        1. Suze. Isn’t that of EVERY husband thinks about their wife? 🙂 the good thing about men is that they don’t hold grudges lol . You’re lovely Suze ❤️❤️

          1. You are right he doesn’t hold grudges, I do he just let the dog up on the bed without the cover over my bedding after a round of golf! Not happy with him! Xoxoxox

            1. Suze I think men do stuff like that because they know it gets under our skin . Then we bitch and they can say see you’re grumpy . It’s all a plan to try and prove their points . …. silly men

              1. It is all a plan. I agree. I sound like a broken record…broken vinyl? I ask for him not to do something…for years and years and when he keeps doing it, and I complain, I get the “stop complaining.” Then I say if you stop doing that…and it is like a continuous replay. Men just do not care that much. We do.
                That is what I think.

                    1. Sue, Rain suggested that JJ might come back as a reptile or a fruit, and I was thinking of good names for JJ…and that popped into my head. 😉

                    2. Enjoy Strictly results show. I watched DWTS results on Friday. The show airs early in the week.
                      I hope you had a nice weekend Suze! XOXO

                    3. I am watching Season 2 of Younger now…zipped through Season 1! Thanks for the suggestion! XO

                    4. Glad you’re enjoying Younger , Sandy 🙂 sometimes we just need a cute show don’t we ❤️❤️❤️ How hot was that wet tango ? 🙂

                    5. For A second, I was thinking what tango was in Younger!
                      Then I thought…wet tango…Yes! I remember that dance. It was really wet and a very hot dance. I could not believe how much water showered onto them! (They were in jeopardy right before that number too!)

                    1. Enjoy your day everyone mine is soon over so am going to watch Strictly results then bath and sleep xxxxoooo
                      Enjoy your lunch Rain xxxooo

                    2. Sandy I watched Scrictly results show and Leann Rimes was on singing, she was horrendous, my hubby couldn’t believe she could ever have been successful with a voice like hers! The song was awful as well!

                    3. Suze, I am so sorry you had to sit through Leann Rimes. I don’t actually think I have ever heard her sing, and on a selfish note, I am glad they sent her overseas! ;). Just kidding…sorta kinda!
                      We had Pitbull as our guest host on this Latin week…Len Goodmand comes back next week. Pitbull even performed. He did make an odd comment after the hot and wet (Argentine tango that ended with a shower over both star and partner) dance that a female performer/singer was wearing when he was discussing her dance…trying maybe to mimic Bruno, but took it a bit too far, saying he wished she would take off her dress…in different words. Anyway, it was a great week with Latin themed dances. Sorry yours had Leann…but then thinking of her husband’s taste in women…maybe she is well..I won’t go there. 😮
                      On another note, I watched Poldark last night…and I am not happy with what they did, and then I went to Twitter, and should not, since the UK is way ahead of us, an now I have a spoiler (UK watchers were the ones who Tweeted) of what worse is yet to happen…and I know it now…so I am double not happy with the way this is written.
                      I hope you had a very nice weekend, Suze. (I did write you last Thursday..hope you received it…not sure).

                    4. Typos again. I meant Len Goodman. He comes back to the US…this week I think…I read an article that said next week, but I think they meant tonight…not sure. 🙂

                    5. Sandy, I have written back on Friday but I ha e had a prob with my iPad and space so spent the weekend clearing out everything I could so can’t resend.
                      This is Lens last season and I was sure he would change his mind but in the paper today it said they were talking to a judge from Italy’s version, She is Scottish! Her hubbie is Italian. She has thrown major shade at Len by saying she still trains professional dancers unlike him! I like her already! Bruno you can keep please! As long as we keep Craig I’m happy! I don’t know who Pitbull is? Sounds really sleazy!
                      As far as Poldark, I’m not watching it as I liked the original so much but the media is full of it today not good viewing! So are you a week behind us then? Xoxoxox

                    6. Sue, I am not sure how far behind we are here in the US with Poldark. I will say that last night’s episode ended with Ross’s cousin…and well, you know the rest…not a good ending, and I don’t want to spoil it in case anyone has not watched the episode yet. Now that I saw what Ross will be up to in the future, it is even worse. I even said that to the hubby last night…something to the effect of a certain person getting too close to another person now…but it sounds worse. I do enjoy Poldark, and I love Demelza and love to see Verity. They are both adorable. It depicts the past quite well, and I love the scenery.

                    7. Sandy, I won’t spoil it for anyone here but I remember Angharad Rees playing Demelza in the original series and I loved it but I’m not very good on these programmes they bring back. They are already taking the story to far! There are a few here now with new series that haven’t been on for many years, I think I’m just a misery as I prefer to remember the originals.

                    8. I tried to watch some of the Poldark originals, but they were very old and the quality was bad. I like the amazing beauty of the new series, but as you said, they changed the story, and that is hard to deal with, when you know the original was great. They are trying to appeal to a broader audience, perhaps, and it is disturbing if it changes too much, I understand, and many are not happy with it, I am sure.
                      I have that feeling with Outlander, but I know they have to shorten the books to adapt for TV, but when they totally add things that were never in the books, it makes me wonder..why? It is still a pretty great TV series, but it is not the same as the books.

  11. Don’t get it twisted. Kelly fat shamed, and THEN went on to call the woman a Troll. Kelly Dodd is horrible. The epitome of a narrcissist. Always the victim. Kelly starts crap, they screams foul when she is told off. So what if all the woman are telling you off… stop to think, you have pissed them ALL off at the same time. WOW!! Now that’s gotta be an art form there!! So Kelly Dodd,you deserve to have them all tell you off. You do it to yourself every single time.
    Andy, please do not resign Kelly next yesr. She has degraded the show to an all time low. She must go!!

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