Shannon And David Beador “Very Solid” In Their Marriage


Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador has been trying to repair her marriage with her husband David after learning that he had an eight-month affair last year. While the couple seems to be doing better since filming season 10 has ended, a new report reveals that David surprised his family with an exotic getaway over the weekend and they are enjoying life in Hawaii!

“David is such a sweetheart,” an insider reveals. “He surprised Shannon and the kids with a vacation to Maui over the weekend and they are really excited to spend some quality time together.”

“They are doing really well and are very solid in their marriage,” the source tells RadarOnline. “Shannon and David are continually working on their relationship and are completely devoted to each other and to their kids.”

Aloha! Long day, but so worth it to be here right now! #familyvacationsarethebest A photo posted by Shannon Beador (@shannonbeador) on

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  1. I just watched her first and second season, and YUUUK. She never stops talking about “HER MARRIAGE” The first interview to the last. Marriage isn’t a separate thing, you are your marriage. God I am sick of hearing about it. Go on a speaking tour about “marriage” And get a voice coach to learn how to speak without WHINING.

  2. Oh puhleeze, totally was set up by Shannon! This marriage is a phony sham, Shannon will be staging the whole thing, I’m sure David and the girls had their lines to learn. Why the hell was Shannon running to Vicky to tell on meghan, Shannon absolutely doesn’t believe Crooks has cancer, ugh, Shannon isn’t in Hawaii, she’s hiding up Vicky’s ass.

  3. I am happy for them! They are a beautiful family and I hope they stay together. I am proud of David for manning up and not walking out. Its hard to be the guilty one and it takes guts to work through all this. Glad he has the guts. Those beautiful girls deserve their parents together. I hope they are having a wonderful time.

    1. I’m with you. Shannon is a good person going through a hellish period in her life. I have no problem cutting her some slack on this. This isn’t the type of thing that can be resolved in 2 episodes. Yes, she has some cringe worthy moments, but its the price that David, not the viewers, has to shoulder and bear through.

      1. I’m team Shannon, she’s the real deal! Those other housewives hide all their dirty laundry but she airs it all out. It opens her to ridicule and criticism but I root for her and her family. Yes they’re a hot mess but so are most of our lives

  4. As much as she wants us to believe she is “fun” and “positive” why is she negative all the time. Even in that post above “Aloha, long day…..” stop bitching about sitting on an airplane flying to Hawaii. It’s 5 hours from here, you’ve sat at a bar for longer than that. My god, she is beyond annoying. Those poor kids….

  5. I have to say I missed you all ladies ( and men lol) earlier today ! When the site was down and I didn’t know what was going on and I was worried i would never get to share comments with you again!! Oh geez, if I had to go to that Realitytea turd bucket !!! Ick!!! Glad to see you again 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. It will take time but you can do it <3 stay strong laugh at the haters and give them your 'judgy eyes' lol shannon needs to remember when she starts to feel down and insecure which is normal to remember – they are together they are working on it he is with her she is with him and with God they can overcome this 🙂 try to appreciate what he does do for you instead of what you 'think' he should do for you 🙂 guys dont think like women 🙂 ignore the rumor mills and dont let them get to you it is probably the chick he dropped trying to cause you trouble any way she can 🙂 dont give her that satusfaction

  7. It is so funny there has only been 6-10 shows and you all act like she has been talking about the affair for 5 seasons. We have to read when you all post about your marriages (mine included) how would you all like it if someone told you to shut up we don’t want to hear about how many years, how happy, or miserable you are. I’m actually proud of her, she was real and didn’t try and hide it or not allow them to film it to cover it up. It is a reality show about these ladies lives, this is a HUGE part of her life, if she hid it she would be trashed for not being real.

    1. I am referring not only to this season, but the 20 shows last season. The very first show she was whining about her marriage. Maybe when they brought her in they suggested speaking to that, since it’s reality and all. I just think it belongs on marriage boot camp and I am so tired of her. So, I zip her sequence unless something unusual happens and everyone starts talking about it. Like the BD dinner where she had her usual sanctimonious, displeased bitch face on and continued bitching throughout the meal. So, I turned the TV on and watched. Then I forced myself to watch her usual whining interview to camera about how hurt she is and her victim crown (thankyou to the poster who named the victim crown) was duly in place. And as far as us posting about our life and our troubles, some of the trolls have totally blasted many of us and said WAY more to us than to STFU. If she didn’t want it on the show, it wouldn’t be. Viki’s marriage ended and we never heard about those affairs because she and Don chose NOT TO SPEAK PUBLICLY ABOUT IT. I never get this thing about it all not being private. Yeah, that’s what happens when you go on a popular show and whine to the world every time the camera is on you. If that’s not possible to do, then like in her first season when they went to Viki’s condo in Mexico, HER ROOM WAS TOO SMALL. They were in a paradise with chef’s cooking, maids cleaning and a view to die for and she bitches about the ROOM VIKI GAVE HER! So, it’s not just the marriage thing.

      1. When it comes to the trips Bravo pays for those not one person from the group. Don’t kid yourself Vicki is not going to let go of that kind of money for people who are not really friends. The judge also ordered things not be disclosed in her divorce and she signed a non disclosure about how much money Don gets in alimony. Vicki whined plenty about her marriage and relationship throughout the seasons. I also think labeling someone saying they play the victim when they talk about something that’s hurtful and hurt them is completely different. Shannon and her husband agreed to speak about this together that’s different from Don asking the court to order no one to speak about it. I often wonder why some people even watch as they don’t have anything good or positive to say about any of the HW. Shoot I often feel that way after I watch, “there’s an hour of my time I will never get back”.

        1. I agree CassyJ. Although I don’t trust David and suspect that he is a serial cheater, if Shannon wants to hang on to him, it’s her business. I like her kookiness and I think she’s funny. At least she’s not flaunting her wealth in every episode.

        2. She griped about the room and then when David came in he made it sound like it was because Michael was sleeping on the couch would be the reason they would go to a hotel. The brothers”room” was given up for them. I am not saying I know for sure Viki ‘OWNED” the condo, it just seemed like that. That wasn’t even what I was talking about. They go to this beautiful destination that VIKI invited them on, no matter who paid for it. She immediately finds something to whine about. They re not required to whine to camera every freaking interview. And, I was talking about the time Viki and Don were actually married and they were having marital problems. She could have easily spoken about being unfaithful, and maybe she didn’t because she was guilty too, but it didn’t come up even during the divorce, ON THE SHOW. Saying I think she acts like a victim all of the time is not “labelling” her. God I get sick of the psychobabble words. I personally saw her speak of her lousy marriage, and how David never spent time with her even when he was taking her out, from the very first show. No matter how REAL, she isn’t required to sound like an entitled bitch and whine about every single thing to camera. No one wants to have the mistake thrown in their face on national TV while they are trying to fix the mistake. That is one of the big MISTAKES people make in marriage. Then she gripes about the romantic lunch on the water Viki fixed up for them, God, nothing makes her happy, because she wanted to take a nap. Gee, in those times before she found out she would rather take a nap, and tell the world she would rather take a nap, than have a romantic beautiful lunch for two set up just for them. I call that person a whining, displeased bitch. And, lastly, I said I usually zip her sequence in it’s entirety but went back and watched because she once again alerted the public enough for there to be a discussion on here about her crappy attitude. I watch because I like to watch. So, since you were wondering. And I get sick of others asking why we watch when we then have negative things to say. Well, because I like to watch so I can feel superior to them with all of their money, then come on here and tell everyone else. So, everyone can quit saying to quit watching. We all have the right to our opinion, CassyJ, including me.

  8. Run David Run… The way she reacted to her bday dinner sent me over the edge with her. Shannon has done nothing but put her family threw embarrasment this season. And the way her girls walk on egg shells around her always asking why she is not happy is absolutely disgusting. Shame on her for bringing her kids into it. I don’t believe the girls found out from a text message any more than I believe her hair is naturally that color. She is sick

    1. anymore than I believe she hasn’t had botox lately. she’s over 50. there is NO WAY her entire face and forehead is that wrinkle free without botox. She lies.

    2. That’s something else, like you said, Amy. The way her kids look to her for what mood to be in. They are so involved in their Mom that they can’t even act like kids. They are CHILDREN. They have been taught what homeopathic thing to swallow for every one of life’s little problems, which I find disturbing. Yeah, it was HER birthday, but as parents I always felt like they were more important than me when they were doing their best to make me happy. Let’s not teach them that no matter how hard they try, we can never be satisfied. That just feels unhealthy to me when I watch.

  9. I just don’t believe this story… Shannon has treated David so badly on the show, she’s completely emasculated him every chance she gets. Their problems are so deep, a fake vacation for show is not going to fix things. It’s so painful to watch every week.

    1. Do you guys understand the show was filmed over a year ago….by the time of reunion a year and a half? So a lot can change in that time period, Shannon can heal their marriage can grow stronger. Forgiveness can happen. You all speak like things happened on last weeks aired show actually happened last week.

      1. I agree. From the pictures, they are on the road to recovery and seem happy. It may be a long journey, but they seem willing to make it. I wish them well. I hope too that David never used Ashley Madison. I like happy endings. 🙂

        1. I honestly don’t think there is any true recovery after cheating. I mean those old marriages that are “strong” have weathered the storms and all is fine. But I don’t think the heart ever repairs completely. This isn’t a dig at them, just that the vows have been broken, still are broken. It can’t be undone or unknown. Makes me glad for my 30 year marriage and anyone can say what they want but I KNOW there is no infidelity. A lot of men and women are truly happy in their lives and marriages.

          1. I said that it may be a long journey. Perhaps it is a neverending journey. I know things can never be erased and though it may not be a complete recovery, it can be like a wound that heals…but with the scar remains forever. So many people are in marriages for many years and are not happy. I have a relative whose husband’s brother’s wife has just filed for divorce after 46 years of marriage. All signs point to the wife’s infidelity and many years of a marriage of partners avoiding each other more than most, yet staying married. Neither was happy, raised their children, and took separate vacations more and more…He hunted and fished in the wilderness to escape and she went off to visit her single sister in another state for long trips. There is more, but he (bro-in-law) was shocked to be served papers from his wife even though. He would have stayed married, knowing she was probably unfaithful too.
            I agree that the trust is never truly regained and the marriage is never easy after infidelity. I still wish them luck if they can weather this storm and still see the light at the end.

  10. The show filming was a year ago, but people don’t really change too much. I a glad they are showing the kids a good time. The blogs and commentary here are written now. They’re going to be filming next years shows pretty soon, usually right after the reunion.
    Here is something off topic but about Bravo. I have Dish TV and they do that annoying first look. It reads on my taped show guide that 13 minutes of BH housewives is on and I go to see and it is actually Ladies of London. Do those of you who have charter or other tv types get this kind of thing?

    1. It happens to me all the time. I think it is Bravo getting them mixed up. I don’t blame the cable company…but maybe. They must receive the info in a certain order, but it always seems wrong when I see those First Looks. I usually miss the one I want to see the most.

    2. They lump all of the first looks together for some reason. They should really separate them by title, but I guess they think more people watch and/or will DVR housewives than the other shows so this guarantees people will watch them. I dunno, it used to annoy me too, but got used to it.

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