Shannon And David Beador Celebrate 15-Year Wedding Anniversary


Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador is celebrating her 15-year wedding anniversary with her husband David. Shannon took to Instagram to pay tribute to her hubby.

“”Happy 15th anniversary to my husband who I love with all my heart! We have definitely been through so much, but I never could have imagined we would be in the amazing and blessed place we are today!” she captioned.

… Shannon also shared a photo of her and David at dinner, writing, “David surprised me with an anniversary dinner where we got engaged!”

David surprised me with an anniversary dinner where we got engaged! ❤️ #thoughtful #lovehim A photo posted by Shannon Beador (@shannonbeador) on

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  1. I do not see any big improvement with this couple. Shannon is too clingy and needy and always on the verge of hysteria and David seems totally checked out. I wonder if they ever had a good relationship or if they’re both just with the wrong person.

    1. When you have botox, leeches silicone etc you don’t age, at least on the surface, but your DNA tells otherwise

  2. Honey, as long as the both of you like it, then heck, I love it.

    Good-lookin’ couple and hope they heal…although I don’t think the RH forum is the place to do it. Their issues are so deep, they need to step away and focus purely on their family & marital restoration, without the collateral damage that comes from the cameras. Prioritize.

    1. I totally agree with you, Bon Vivant. I hope they get through this and live the good life as a healed family. Reality TV with the children on camera as well is not a place to do it. They do look great too! I wish them well! 😉

  3. Why do these two bother me so much? He seems like he’s either on meds that dull his senses or he’s just “slow” and she loves being histrionic. I feel bad for those kids, but these two need to step away from the cameras and learn how to act like parents and not roommates to their kids. Like I said earlier, this week she didn’t bother me so much but that’s probably because she wasn’t whining about her marriage and he just seems afraid of her now. It’s almost like both of them wanted to be on tv so much they didn’t care how bad they came across and/or how it would embarrass their children.

        1. It has been out there. I have seen her pic before. Shannon did say the woman befriended her. It sounds like she wanted her lover to coach her daughter…maybe thinking he would leave Shannon for her in time perhaps too. He should have stopped that from happening, but this other woman must have really gotten to him, especially for him to run to her on his wife’s birthday!

          1. I have been chatting with my friend in US. She thinks possibly Shannon leaked it to the press to shame the woman. I wonder how her husband feels!

            1. It looks like the woman was overstepping her boundaries beyond the affair. David and Shannon are extremely wealthy. I can’t imagine this other woman is poor, however, she may have wanted what Shannon has a bit too much. It is sad it is all out there considering the children, but when you are a Reality TV personality cameras follow you and your privacy is gone for the most part. It would have come out eventually no matter what.

              1. It doesn’t matter $ wise in Newport. When we first moved there, the women were after my husband right in front of me!! I’m serious. They are relentless. As you can imagine, I told them off right on the spot. My husband loved the attention, as any man would, but as soon as the whores knew I was in their face, they retreated back to whatever plastic surgeon they crawled out from. Now we just laugh at them.

                1. Good for you! I’m so impressed! I had to do similar but to just one woman in our early days. She regretted it as the whole company found out somehow, not from me, but a word in the right ear helped!! Lol

                2. When I lived at my last home, the neighbor across the street, older than me and quite attractive married to a man in his later sixties (he had a great job of course) never said hi to me, but used to talk with my husband? I was surprised she came out to greet him only. I looked out one morning and saw her purposely bending over her plants with her bottom clearly in view of my husband. She knew he was a doctor and was looking for more money or so she thought. We had two very young children at the time. My husband was never a plastic surgeon, etc. , and she was barking up the wrong tree. He also did not like her. She could not even speak well, though she worked with her husband in a good job (casino) that he helped her get I imagine…All her flirting got her there and not her intelligence. There are women who will go after any man, married or not, and dollar signs are the big reason for that in the wealthier places.

                    1. Honestly, I never feared about my husband. He has never even had a roving eye. He was put off by her and at first didn’t even realize she was flirting, though it was obvious to me! 😉 Her husband was about 20 years older than her and they had no children together. She dressed very well and was quite attractive, I admit. She also knew it.
                      In the casino industry there were a lot of divorces, affairs, etc. They (she and her hubby) worked for casinos in Atlantic City then. (He had the top job and was very well paid and she was also quite high up in the industry). I moved away from there 17 years ago. I cannot imagine their marriage lasted very long knowing that community and the way she appeared to me, but I have no idea. He came from Europe, and I believe worked in Monte Carlo.

                    2. I was just joking with you! I have warned you about my weird sense of humour! It’s obvious from your posts that you are in a very happy relationship! It’s lovely!

                    3. Oh, I know Sally. 😉 I did put a smiley in there ^ I almost just left a smiley, but felt like writing. TMI again!

          2. The story about his “double dipping,” on her birthday, in addition to this creepy, almost look-a-like woman, befriending Shannon, would be just too much for me to ever overlook.

            1. Queenie, Me too but some get through it my friend did but I know I couldn’t! I certainly could not have put it out as they have in detail on RH.

          3. I remember also the reunion where Tamra was telling how after she got the show everyone she had ever known, and relatives you don’t even talk to, were calling her all of the time. The same as when someone wins the lottery or mega-bucks and everyone you have ever known comes out of the woodwork. That describes “fame whores” more than the women who are actually approached to do the show, IMO.

            1. I am sure everyone wants a piece of the pie…and now I want pie. All the talk of fruit trees and pies before and it is apple season now. 😉

                1. Hubby stopped at a local farm stand and picked up a homemade blueberry crumb pie today on the way home…Heavenly. I wish you were here. I have some Earl Grey too. 😉

        2. It’s a low-blow, for sure. You know they sat on this story and waited for the most “opportune” time, to publish it.
          *As a matter of fact, the first time I heard of that woman, was on this site, in the comments.

          1. I think it is super interesting how they have those really big photos of her and her husband. She can’t hide anymore, and she can’t say she didn’t know he was married like a lot of them do. Sheana from VPR said that so much I think she herself wanted to believe it, because no one else did.

            1. This woman’s husband is MUCH more attractive than David, younger, he’s apparently successful–unless he had to marry into a wealthy family to start his own business (like David). I just don’t see the attraction. Unless, maybe this Nicole woman’s husband has a wandering eye and this is payback. But, HOW STUPID or maybe just a “famewhore,” like you mentioned 3D’s, to have an affair with a married man who is ON A REALITY SHOW and everyone, not just your husband/wife, but your in-law’s, neighbors, co-workers, kid’s teacher’s/kid’s friend’s mothers, hairdresser, etc., etc. is going to find out?!?

    1. OMG how horrible to have this come out. He’s an ass and SO typical of guys his age in Newport. We’re in Tahoe right now but when we get back down I’m going to see if I can somehow attach a link to typical Newport guys like this. They drive around in expensive cars hitting on anything!!!

      1. You’re in Tahoe? Which side? Nv. or Ca? It’s beautiful right now. We go a lot, but my daughter and her husband go camping there 3 or 4 times a year. I go see plays there quite often. The last one I saw was “Swan Lake” It was so well done, and the lake was right behind the stage. We brought our lunch and ate during intermission, me and my Sister. Donner Lake is quite lovely too.

  4. Shannon is the STAR of HWOBH !

    She is the best HW on the show!
    She brings the laughter and shares her honesty about her family life without any pretense or fakeness —

    Team Shannon all the way! !!

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