Shamea Not Happy with Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams’ Friendship

Porsha Williams and Shamea Morton have been friends for quite a long time before this season of the RHOA. Everything was going along just fine until Phaedra Parks brought up the topic of Shamea and Kandi Burruss hooking up.

Shamea told the Dish, “I didn’t care about what Phaedra said as much because she’ll do anything to get herself out of the hot seat. The thing that hurt me was having Porsha not defend me, or even go as far as co-sign it, in a sense, even though she said that wasn’t her intention,” Shamea added. “The least she could have done is remove herself from that conversation, not add to it. That was very hurtful.”

After the episode aired Shamea mentioned that she had a conversation with Porsha about making a public apology about the rumors that were being spread. Porsha wrote in her BravoTV Blog back in January, “For the record, Shamea has not mentioned or told me that there is anything going on with Kandi other than a close friendship,” she explained. “The reason I mentioned that they were even close is because Shamea is indeed close with them. That was meant in no other context other than friendship.”

Porsha then added that she didn’t want to get caught up in the rumors between two of her good friends. “I really wanted to remain neutral and that is such a hard thing to do when both people who I respect and admire feel passionate in their point of view. I don’t ever want to see someone who I call a friend hurt in any way, and I pride myself on defending someone who I call my friend, but this situation overall was a very tough one for me. My hope is that we can all move on from it. I do not want to watch anyone feeling attacked or throwing any shade.”

Shamea believes that Porsha never came forward about the public apology.

“I told her I felt like in her blog she was being more neutral, and saying she didn’t want to be in the middle of it and not necessarily sticking up for her friend. I just felt like there was no apology,” Shamea said. “I was planning my wedding, and Porsha was supposed to be there with me, it’s very disheartening.”

Shamea has always been skeptical about Porsha’s friendship with Phaedra. “We’ve been blessed to always trust each other and love each other through it all, but I told Porsha, ‘Girl, stuff like that is detrimental and very harmful to a relationship. Not even just me and our friendship, but me and my fiancé [Gerald Mwangi],'” Shamea said. “Thank God I got a great man, but you can mess up my happy home. I can’t take risks like that with you and not when you co-sign stuff like that. I don’t want to be a part of that.”

Shamea still believes that her and Porsha’s friendship will be were it once was. “I am hopeful that we can, but at this point it’s just going to take a lot on both sides. I’m actually kind of drained and I’m tired of trying. I continue to tell Porsha to be careful,” Shamea explained. “I would have never done anything like that to Porsha, especially not to someone she already had some sort of past drama with. I don’t know if we can ever get back to that place. Would I like for us to? Absolutely. I love Porsha, and I want nothing but the best for her. I just don’t know if her loyalty lies with me anymore. I’m afraid that in the future she might meet someone, a new friend, and then her loyalty would change again. It’s going to take some time.”

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21 Replies to “Shamea Not Happy with Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams’ Friendship”

  1. Phaedra and Porsha aren’t her friends. They threw that poor girl under the bus with all sorts of wild accusations and wouldn’t come to her defense when questioned about the rumors, and Porsha is supposed to be Shamea’s best friend. There’s no low that Porsha won’t stoop to on camera to fake and get in the middle of a storyline.

  2. Recognize that Porsha is JEALOUS of the fact mthat you are now engaged to be married to a successful man (unlike her who has to buy a man to be her baby daddy)! She is a spoiled, petty disloyal selfish piece of work who has no loyalty! Flick and frack have no friends except each other ” for a reason”! Don’t hang on to something that doesn’t exist anymore! Keep your distance!

  3. Porsha?
    She has absolutely no loyalty, no concept of the reality and is a pathological liar..
    Phadera & Porsha deserve each other..
    Birds of a Feather..


    She’s removed her RHOA moniker from all her social media, and there are two dependable urban blog sources that have been contacted by some flapperchops behind production. he was not offered an extension nor renewal papers for the contract that just expired as of reunion’s close! The big hubbub is that whatever came out during the reunion (that was so scandalous it blew Andy’s wig back) was a MAJOR contributing factor. This reunion is going to be JUICY. So. here. for. it.

    1. Yes! Rain told me yesterday, and then I read about it!
      Phaedra lied about her divorce date and even produced false papers if itis true.
      I am sure this will be one hell of a reunion!

        1. I would not put anything past her. We shall see. Wow.
          Phaedra, the daughter of mother and father preachers, always preaches, yet she is the biggest hypocrite. She is a liar and a backstabber.

      1. I don’t even think that’s going to be a big deal, the real brouhaha is supposed to center around a C&D (Cease & Desist) that Porsha allegedly received from Kandi’s legal team. There’s going to be a big reveal and I’m watching the reunion for breakfast each week it’s on, lol.

    2. I can’t WAIT!!! This show, regardless, needs to bring in new blood. I was really excited because they had so many girls testing for this past season but none of them made it. I just need some new stuff this show is so stuck!!

  5. I want this show to get glamorous and bring in some of Cynthia and Kandi’s friends that have REAL money and REAL success. I don’t want nene back, I don’t want Kim back. I know it’s gonna happen. As long as they’re in a recurring capacity, I think I’ll be cool. I’ll be honest I wouldn’t mind seeing Nene go head to head with a bold newbie or something. If Sherin is ever on this show again I will stop watching. Her whole 10 minutes felt forced, desperate, and digesting. Never thought I’d see the day in this show where I’d want Kenya back

  6. I’m not going to lie, I’m very interested to see Porsha without Phaedra and I will be interested in seeing the fallout with her continue on the series.

  7. Like Jack says, it suuuuure would be interesting to see how well Porsha fares without Phaedra given that she’s done all this dirt in her name like a foot soldier. I’ve never seen anyone go to bat so hard for anyone on these shows in my life! You can’t even really use Brandi Glanville & LVP as a good comparison, because at least Brandi had Lisa and Ken squarely in her corner as admitted protectors until they fell out. This season of RHOA starring Porsha the Wife Slayer with Phaedra as The Silent Commander was just bizarre: with all the battling Porsha was doing as Shady Phae Phae’s “friend”, not ONCE did Phaedra ever speak up for her, defend her, or how about just admit SHE was the one who set all this scandal talk in motion and indirectly gave Porsha marching orders to start all this ruckus. Even LVP would occasionally make a peep on Dorit’s behalf over in Beverly Hills this season when the heat was on! Phaedra is all about self-preservation at any or all costs, and if Porsha remains loyal to her when this is all said and done, the she is much dumber than I previously thought.

  8. U r Not alone!
    I can not stomach Nene or Kim, either.
    In fact, I probably will, not watch Atlanta if Kim and/or Nene return.
    I am, not sure I want to get “my hopes up” regarding the “Phadera has Left” rumour.
    Since Bravo didn’t “shyte-can”
    Theresa (the Felon) &
    Vicki – (Liar/ Cancergate), what on, earth could Phadera of done to warrant getting fired ??

    1. Cancergate can’t legally make Vicky liable for naything since it was of Brook’s doing and he’s not under contract with the show. What happened this season was a direct result of Phaedra and Porsha’s own actions, although they will be afforded some wiggle room as Production was heavily involved in socking it to Kandi this season because of a non-Bravo related issue.

      Nene & Kim so far will be turning as Friends of Housewives, so we won’t have to see them full-time. In addition to all of the dust up over at RHOA, the return of the original RHoHA Frick & Frack in Nene & Kim is another reason why Pheadra was not sent a pick up letter: she’s too expensive for what she puts out on camera. She’s the third highest paid cast member, but doesn’t volly well with the others, or at least she’s chosen to be very restrained this season when it comes to conflict within the story arc. They don’t want to pay her over a million dollars to keep her lips zipped the entire season when they also have shell out money for two of their more engaging cast members to return on top it all.

  9. For example, we KNOW that since Ramona Singer has been divorced, in her own words like to “keep the company of men”. We’ve seen her foam at the mouth over men (or the lack thereof ) at the bar with the girls, but she’s not spreading her butt cheeks for a twerk every time the camera is on her just to drive the point home, LOL . Porsha’s over the top antics irk my soul, lol

  10. Honestly, Phaedra has been acting more and more bizarre. Some of those outfits of hers are like streetwalker nightmares and several sizes too small. How could an attorney want to be seen like that.
    Then she says she is an attorney 5 days a week during the day and embalms at night…but why?
    Phaedra has a few screws loose. If she is disbarred, then she has made her own bed, since she is not ignorant of the law.
    I am sure her parents are appalled. Phaedra should think about those darling boys first. They already lost a father for the most part. It is a shame.

  11. seeing her atrocious personality change from how shy she was on her first season to how she is now , is mind boggling

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