More Secrets Inside the RHONY Season 8 Reunion


The cast of the Real Housewives of New York City taped the season eight reunion last week, and according to an insider, it was explosive, because, “The fighting lasted the whole taping!”

LuAnn de Lesseps’ fiance Tom, along with his previous relationships with Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan were a source of controversy. “There were at least four screaming matches over Tom,” the insider revealed to RadarOnline.

LuAnn also clashed with Ramona and Bethenny Frankel, who she accused of talking behind her back this season. “LuAnn felt like they all ganged up on her, and she is livid,” the source said. “They were calling LuAnn’s engagement a sham marriage. They said ‘It’s too fast, it was all just for the show.’ LuAnn was trying to defend her character, and thought they couldn’t be happy for her.”

After almost leaving the set, de Lesseps came to the decision not to invite Bethenny, Carole and Ramona to her upcoming wedding.

Dorinda Medley attempted to play the peacemaker, but Bethenny called out her flip-flopping. “Bethenny said she had to pick a side,” the source shared.

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35 Replies to “More Secrets Inside the RHONY Season 8 Reunion”

  1. Well, I’ll just wait to actually see it happening before having an opinion about it, but it doesn’t sound very fun to watch if it’s this volatile. It’s not entertaining to watch all of the housewives screaming over Andy, all at the same time.

      1. Actually, I like it better when he has that bewildered look on his face and his head goes back and forth across the couches, like he is watching a ping pong tournament. lol.

    1. doesn’t mean anything, they hired single housewives in first seasons of most of the shows. Irrelevant thing to say.

      1. And I believe Dorinda is a great housewife. Do you like her Aunt Bee? She would still be married, IMO, to Richard, the way she speaks of him. I have the season on my Amazon, so I watch all the shows the day after with no adds. I think this season is good so far. Luann has a point. It was Sonja that was mean about it. I do not and have never cared for her but they call her a “friend.” So THEY need to suck it up and be happy for her IMO. Sonja did not need to and should not have announced her “arrangement” with Tom to the viewers. I would be hurt too. Bethenny has always had the same exact argument with and about Luann, HYPOCRITE. And she is an absolute HYPOCRITE. The whole sleeping with young guys, Carole’s relationship with Adam. It isn’t as if he was her daughter’s husband. it was her nieces boyfriend, big effing deal. She did that to have something to be part of since nothing, before Tom, was happening with her. I do feel for Dorinda with all of her events bringing these arguments between them. She loves Luann, and Ramona. She likes Bethenny and has her own opinion, which she has a perfect right to. Not inviting 3 girls, if it’s filmed, will be stupid of Luann. Does anyone know if it will be on the show. I have only read 2 pages as I have been busy with family stuff and garden stuff. My kitties brought me a nice dead mouse today. I thought it was one of their toys at first. We live next to a 9 acre field, and the garage is their playhouse and where their facilities are. We are installing a kitty door in that door between laundry room and garage soon. Now there is a covered brick in it. It is too hot to leave it closed at all for them. I praised them and they knew what I meant. Smart little kitties. Keeping those dirty field mice away from me!!!

        1. Re: LuAnn’s wedding: considering they generally film the New York franchise during the winter months/holidays, I’d say that now that she’s secured her apple from last year’s infighting with Carole, she’s probably angling for a wedding special as she has indeed scheduled nuptials for New Year’s. I don’t care for Luann when she goes on the prowl against other cast members, actually I don’t like when any of them do it. But I must say I’ve literally marveled at how quickly she has maneuvered her walk back into central storylines over these past two seasons. She’s a cagey one, that Lu.

  2. Luanne is one of the most un-real of the group. I can’t recall her owning her stuff or apologizing since the beginning of time on this show. Despite the fact she speaks a few languages – supposedly (the French we all heard, for example), I am not even certain of her intelligence. She’s my least favorite. Loyalty chip seems to be missing among many other things.

    1. Bethenny speaks fluid French too. In Turks and Caicos it was Bethenny who said the sentence in French as they walked away after the day on the boat. Luann was speaking broken something, French with Italian?, when she was trying to cover up banging the pirate. It was funny when Alex first met Luann, and announced she spoke Italian. All the while Bethenny spoke fluent French, but did not ever say so to the girls. A lot of viewers think she is conceited, I do not. When she was showing Dorinda that safe in her closet, that was pure happiness and pride. 38 years of being dead broke, making a company out of her dreams and determination, I would be proud, too. I love her apartment and am glad the Mama’s boy is out of her life in court at least. She will have him in her life forever, but he is the one who held on so tight. $12,000 a month in support. I doubt he made half that working the little coward. Now she can sell the Tribeca place and put it in a college fund for her Daughter. Thinking only Bethenny needed to work on the marriage. When Bethenny speaks of “having thoughts” before marriage, I believe that to be like all upcoming Brides, cold feet. Second thoughts. Normal thoughts, especially being neither had been married and were both close to 40. SHE made the fortune. He was only there to help with a few details in the end. She could have hired someone to do that. But they got a beautiful child from the union, and I hope, for their sake and Bryn’s, that they can come to be at peace with each other, and it all.

      1. I am totally with you; whatever anyone says about Bethenny, no one can dispute the fact that she made it all, ON HER OWN, and I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for her. Jason seemed nice enough, why she thought she had to marry him because she was pregnant – a lot of us made mistakes and married the wrong guy – I did- and she said it on the last reunion, she took away his “toys”. So sad, too bad – I love and respect Bethenny, even when she gets snarky

      2. I agree for the most part. I love Bethenny. I like her honesty. I do however think she’s changed a little. I don’t see the softer side of her much. I think her and Carole at times are really too judgmental and selfish. Didn’t like how she treated Jules several times. Clearly Jules has a lot of issues. How true when they say money can’t buy happiness..just look at Bethenny and Jules. I liked the old Bethenny better. ( including her face) I think all she’s been through has made her more cynical. Can’t wait to see how everything unfolds. Enjoy:)

        1. I agree, Lizzie. Bethenny was the voice of reason her first go around, but it never seemed mean spirited or bitter. I’m not liking that this time there’s a bitterness to it, and that she’s sometimes mean for the sake of being mean.

  3. Am I the only fan that thinks Queen Bethanny is a major cause of decreased ratings! Most annoying, self centered, and just plain bitchy Housewife!

    1. I gave up because of her and Ramona! So they can both go but it won’t be Andy’s choice if Bethenny goes! ❤️❤️

  4. why do those bitches care if she gets married…too soon or not. it is none of their business. say congratulations and go about your day. #teamlu

  5. none of them are experts on marriage…they’re all unmarried or divorcing. lu will be the only married “housewife”.
    best of luck to her! #teamlu #bethennyisjustplainmean #caroleisatool #ramonaisbatshitcrazy #poorjulesisinoverherhead

  6. Every season must have ‘bad guy.’ this season it’s Bethany; even though just hearing her grating voice is enough. LuAnn has a life history which far surpasses any of the other housewives lives. Sonja showed much grace dealing with entire LuAnn, Tom situation. Being the ‘messenger never pays, and since when does Bethany need advice from anyone, remember she’s the ‘know it all.’ yet New York is the best Housewives of them all.

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