Season 8 RHOC Reunion Preview


The women from The Real Housewives of Orange County aren’t holding anything back in the season 8 reunion! From Lauri’s claims about Vicki’s indiscretions, Heather vs. Lydia, Tamra vs. Gretchen, and an angry Briana vs. Brooks, it looks like this could be one of the best RHOC reunions of all time! Watch the preview below.

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11 Replies to “Season 8 RHOC Reunion Preview”

  1. I think Gretchen is a Jealous of other women that pose a threat to her. She is so jealous of Gretchen she became her friend to only become her enemy AGAIN!

  2. Brianna & her husband should shut their faces….. it’s disrespectful how he treats Vickie and a daughter should NEVER talk ill of her Mother in public – regarding anything in her Mother’s life should morally be off limits.

  3. I LOVE Lydia with her “princess” comment to Heather that was right on! I feel so sorry for Brianna that she’s the only adult between her mother and her. And I even feel a little sorry for Gretchen, who tried on the nasty cloak this last season but it didn’t fit her like it does Tamra or Heather.

  4. I cannot wait to see Brooks get his balls handed to him,,and IF Vicki was a real woman she would set her children down and tell them she loves Brooks. But no she jumps back and forth so much no one can keep up with her, she will say one 1 or 2 shows she is not with him, then she will say they are together. And if she could make up her mind maybe her daughter would take her at her word with that jerk-off. And if not she is a grown woman with her own husband and son and they can be happy with or with out Vicki and Brooks in their lives.. But I see why she hates Brooks look at how Vicki GAVE Brooks a huge shear of the Vodka’s company and she feels that Brooks only using Vicki for her money.

  5. I just watched the preview for next week! Bravo has been ver vague on who Ryan is kicking out of the party… Is it Lydia’s mom?!?! I wonder if her mom brings up the war, peace, love, and happiness?!?! I can’t wait!

    Also, I am totally team Brianna and Ryan! Brooke’s is a douche and I can’t wait to hear what Brianna has to say to him at the reunion. On a side note, that girl is complete Marine wife material; she is strong, opinionated, and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Semper Fi, Brianna!

  6. most of these women are threatened by/jealous of Gretchen for some reason. its baffling. well we know why Vicki hates her and its sad. Vicki is just sad really. don’t hate Gretchen because she looks like she does and you look the way u do Vicki. her insecurities are consuming her. there is no reason to hate Gretchen. shes always laughing and joking around and almost always in a positive, goofy mood. its understandable that she was standoffish to alexis this year. Gretchen was mad at alexis for comments about Gretchen’s character and loyalty as a friend. understandable to be hurt. shes not a phony like Tamra who loves you one minute then hates you the next and vice versa like its no big deal. we saw this season though why tamra is theway she is. shes been screwed up since childhood. she will never change.

    cant stand heather’ holier than thou attitude but cant stand Lydia and her buttinsky attitude either. so I wasn’t cheering her princess comment.

    bottom line I don’t feel like Gretchen is a massive liar and phony that Tamra and Vicki claim she is and desperately want her to be so their disgusting juvenile behavior looks justified.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Finally, someone with some common sense. I just do not understand how people can quickly judge Gretchen to be this monster. Tamra and Vicki are evil, I honestly cannot bear to watch this sorry excuse for a show anymore because I feel like I am watching a medical show like “Mystery Diagnosis” and everyone is trying to figure out why Tamra and Vicki are so vindictive and vile.

  7. Holy cow, Ryan is a whack job! HE has out grown his britches and needs a reality check. He is a MARINE and should NEVER talk to a woman like that!!!!! Being from a large Marine family I am disgusted and embarrassed of this “Marine”. Grow up buddy!

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