Season 6 RHOBH Reunion Part 1


The first part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion aired Tuesday night and the drama is just beginning.

First, new Housewife Erika Girardi addressed allegations that she is a gold digger because her husband, famous lawyer Tom Giardi, is much older than her. “His partners and their wives hating on my ass,” Erika admitted of when she first met her husband. “I was 27.”

She also denied claims that she is a submissive wife. “Submissive? I don’t think so,” she said. “I think respectful, yes, because the man works hard and has given me a lot.”

Next, the topic of Yolanda Hadid’s divorce from David Foster was brought up. While she clearly didn’t want to talk about the subject, she told Andy Cohen, “It didn’t just happen overnight. I got sick a couple of months before we got married, and I dropped off the planet. Being chronically ill for that long takes the life out of you, but also your caretaker.”

But she wasn’t going to bash David either. He “didn’t change,” she insisted. “He is a really good man.” Hadid also implied that her health was a factor in their divorce. “We had a falling out on November 2nd, and we both just had to make conscious decisions on where this is going. I didn’t think that that was the end of the road. I would have hoped to wait until I got 100 percent well.”

Yolanda also admitted that the two would probably still be together if she hadn’t been sick. “Yeah, we probably would be together, to be honest with you, yes,” she said. “Because we were a great team. I’ve lost my best friend, but it’s life.”

Cohen asked Hadid if she will ever get married again. “No, I don’t think so. No,” she said.

Then it was time for newcomer Kathryn Edwards to address her longtime issues with Kyle Richards’ best friend Faye Resnick. In case you don’t remember, Faye wrote a tell-all book about Nicole and O.J. Simpson years ago, and implied that Kathryn’s then-husband, Marcus Allen, cheated on her with Nicole.

“The women’s interviews are upsetting, and the things that people said about her,” Kyle explained. “The person I know is an amazing mom and an amazing friend.”

Kathryn revealed that Faye’s book took a toll on her marriage to Allen. “You’re discounting my real life. I went through it,” Kathryn said. “And some of the things she wrote, even pertaining to my ex-husband. It’s just, come on… ”

Lastly, it was time for Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump to discuss their differences. But first, Vanderpump asked Yolanda if menopause was contributing to her health issues.

“I have a pellet in my butt. My hormones are perfect. It’s natural,” Yolanda answered.

Hadid asked Rinna why she ever questioned her illness which led Rinna to throwing Vanderpump under the bus. Rinna claimed that on the night of her own birthday party in the beginning of the season, her husband, Harry Hamlin, said everyone should support Yolanda through her illness. But instead of getting on board, Rinna says Vanderpump said, “There goes our f*cking story line.”

Rinna also alleged that Vanderpump called and “encouraged” her to say the word “Munchausen,” and then she showed printed copies of her phone records and yelled, “ten f*cking phone calls!” This made Yolanda walk off the set in tears. Stay tuned for part two of the RHOBH reunion next week.

What were your thoughts on part one? Comment below.

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151 Replies to “Season 6 RHOBH Reunion Part 1”

  1. Kathryn still whining about Faye! Why isn’t she on Drag Race? Rinna with fresh Botox looks super bloated . LVP in a ‘bitch stole my look ‘moment , wearing an Erika dress repeat LOL, and just keeps digging herself a bigger hole! For heavens sake woman, just have some humility and admit something , apologize, show some level of humanity. ANYTHING!!! Instead she’s sitting there looking frostier than a penguins ass crack!

  2. Kathryn is boring. Bor-ing! Why are we wasting valuable reunion time on her? Erika Jayne on the other hand is interesting she deserves the camera time. I hate to admit this guys but Rinna and Eileen are making me miss Brandy, they need to be called out on their BULLSHIT. If I weren’t such a Kyle fan, I’d start campaigning to get Brandy back on the show -honest to god. Please gods of reality television, bring me two billionaire housewives next season that’ll bring the excitement back to Beverly Hills !

  3. Congrats to LVP on her Tom Ford Dress. In the “who wore it better” poll it was LVP 72% and Erika 28%, Or was it 78/22%? Either way it was a landslide. Not sure if it was a valid poll since Erika said she only owned the top, LVP had the dress. Dress or Top, it’s not something I would wear…not my style.

    1. I know that dress (and the different Ford variations of it) intimately from work. The top alone retails for almost 2,500 Euros, the dress (deepnding on the variation) runs between 5,000 to nearly 7. Lisa’s fans must have went into overdrive to make sure she won that poll, because as a fashion professional there’s no way I would have put her into that, it doesn’t compliment her figure when she sits. From an objective standpoint she most certainly did not wear it better. Standing in it I bet she looks divine, but sitting, it was no for me. Still, I’m just glad that she word another color besides pink (and this look actually comes in Rose Gold, so I’m glad she left it alone).

      1. Bon, your post made me laugh. Not being rude, but as I stated in my post, it really isn’t a valid poll if you’re judging Erica by her interview where you only see part of the top, And LVP wearing the dress. I thought LVP wore it well and she doesn’t look her best in tight dresses, but this style of dress seemed to work for her. It will be easier to see when she is standing.

        I posted earlier to note that It was not a copycat dress as Erikas was a top only.

        1. Lisa looks great in those leather type cocktail dresses. She is in her 50’s, and I always wonder who helps her decide. She can still wear the tight dress, just not the slinky ones. Sheesh, my Daughter, who has a perfect figure won’t wear those. And believe me when I say she can wear any suit, top, dress, jeans etc. She doesn’t though, she has more style and class in her baby finger than any of these ladies have in their whole body combined.

        1. Kt, this is a faux pas!! Someone wore that same outfit on the SAME show! The semantics of whether it was just the top or bottom are just excuses to save face . Andys look said it all

          1. I caught it last week or so when they posted reunion pictures…but I thought surely not. AND they have their dresses approved for the reunion – me thinks someone let it slide just to see what happened….

              1. Even though Yo and Erika are my girls, I can be objective !! My pick for best dressed is Kyle!! She is hair wow in that dress, that green is lovely on her. And not gonna deny dem tay tays 🙂

  4. (Rain) get a grip, we love LVP.
    Recap—pretty tame, we find out that lymes has clinical depression to add to her litany of illness’ (real or imagined); she has depression, menopause, calf licked my face, exploded boobs, worms, lymes, neurological issues, etc…. yada, yada, yada. And lymes/ david had their final pre divorce blowout in Nov., he wanted to leave
    We find out Lisa Rinna can lie easily on the spot and whileen is wrapped tight and ready to blow. Also, ercunty is her usual classless self—-The ever ready pit bull attack bitch ready to attack for lymes//lame….
    BTW- LVP won the poll regarding (who wore it best)—

    1. Ok you love LVP ,so???? I’m not stopping you from loving her or cheering her on lol. I’m expressing my opinion. Why the think skin? Calm down , it’s just a show

      1. I don’t love LVP.. not anymore.. she has really shown her true colors.. She is a total liar! And can’t stand Kyle. She thinks that she is a tough girl now that she is back in with LVP. Kathryn had every right to talk about her feelings about Faye. It was so annoying how Kyle kept trying to shut her down.. SHUT UP Kyle..

        1. Yup, Kyle looked terrified when Rinna told what happened at the birthday party. She knows the jig(gy) is up for LVP and her. Just who will win this defensive war remains to be seen.

    2. LVP wins every poll, we ALL Know that. Just like nene did and Vicki does and Teresa does , it’s the OG effect . And if you’re the majority , why are you so bothered by a few minority opinions here and there. Seriously , you need to get a grip

    3. If you listened to what Yolanda said, she said she doesn’t have clinical depression. She said she had clinical depression in 1999 and knows the signs and symptoms.

      Rain, keep posting your opinion.

    4. I also saw that she won the who wore it better poll – (see previous posts). And LVP does not win every poll; last year Kyle did for best dressed if I remember correctly – she looked great in that red dress – Did not at all like LVP’s Elie Saab number – and for the record it wasn’t pink. I think Eileen or Erika won more polls this season regarding who do you trust, who is the biggest pot stirrer (got the lowest #’s on that).

      1. a top is a top and a dress is a dress. cannot compare the two in a fashion poll, and even though LVP won, I don’t think the poll was valid for that reason. If I thought LVP looked bad in it I would say so; I always try to be objective about fashion. So far, I think she’s wearing it well. I didn’t see her walking around in it which I’m sure will come up, so my opinion may change. For the record, I liked Kathryn’s dress the least. The color didn’t suit her and she’s got a great figure which the dress didn’t enhance. And Kyle should have gone with different shoes. She’s about 5′ 2 and wearing a longer dress with ankle strap shoes makes everything look too choppy. (sorry, it’s early and not the best review:)

        1. I loved LVP in that dress and those shoes. Kyle didn’t look great at all. Her ‘girls’ were squashed together. Yolanda’s dress, ugh. Erika’s dress I liked. Rinna’s and Kathryn’s dress I thought were blah. Soapy, oh God, I hate saying this but I loved her dress.

          1. You’re so cruel skeptic 🙂 what do you have against glorious tits lol!! I just think Kyle took a fashion rush and it paid off to me. I liked Eileen’s dress but not her hair. Kathryn looked like a drag queen to me, sorry.

            1. I have had big hooters since I was 12 years old and teased all through high school about them. I hate big boobs. Unfortunately, in Canada, a breast reduction isn’t covered under our medical so i’d have to pay thousands out of pocket. Hubby, however, loves them.

              1. Shush your mouth girl 🙂 breast reduction? Such blasphemy :). Boobies feed the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️

              2. I knew I liked you. Same with me. HUGE since I was 12 or 13. Still are. You can’t run. You need to spend quality $’s on good bras.

                1. I am going to try this again. The last time I tried to reply to your post it ended up elsewhere and, I’m sure, readers were saying WTF?

                  Yup. I used to tape them down when I played sports so I didn’t get a black eye lol. Seriously, I did. This was even with a sports bra!

          2. I am pleased the girls wore what they wanted. Kyle looked beautiful, as always. I think they all looked fine, but Rinna needs to quit standing up to make a point. And since she refuses to quit, wear a dress that doesn’t pucker out at the ass lie a cheap pair of cords does at the knees. ( Remember “cords” Rain? ) Hahahaha.

        2. @ Janelle. Exactly. Not an accurate poll. Put both ladies in the EXACT same dress, side by side,& then have a poll.

          Personally, didn’t care for either one. Don’t think it did either one any justice.

          1. I think LVP is wearing it well (as much as I’ve seen so far), but I’m definitely not a fan of sequins/ heavy glitter/shimmer, esp gold.

  5. Fun side note for the reunion; lymes defending her hormones (leading to the fact, that her homones are fine) and she is NOT in menopause—LMAO—-51 yr. old dingy robe greasy hair liar……..

    1. I am posting for no other reason than to say how much I’ve always, always, always loved the name Prudence (!) and the meaning behind it:

      Prudence (n.) the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason

      it’s one of my favorite words, actually. I’m also quite fond of the adjective “prudent”, an appropriate synonym to words like sage, sapient, sensible and wise. Okay, do carry on… lol…

      1. Thanks—–Prudence and millions of other H-Towns are still swimming/ flooding in the massive 500 year floods that hit Sunday night—–many have lost everything…. Houston should be renamed (Flood city)…Never seen it this bad…

        1. I’m sorry to hear that Prudence – I live in Texas and we’ve been getting a lot of rain every day, but not a lot of flooding in our area. Stay safe!

    2. Rock on Prudence!! Her hormones are “perfect”!! Lol.. And I’m so with you on the greasy hair.. She needs Wash that nastiness

      1. Her hormones are “fine” since she has a “pallette?” in her butt. I guess she is used to having all kinds of weird stuff attached to her insides, with the shunt, IV’s, colonics etc. For the love of God could we move on from Yo.

  6. Lets get real….Daid probably cheated, that horsey toad. Yo probably has in David’s pre-nip she signed that states she can’t talk smack against him if she is going to get moolah.

    LVP doesn’t look too good right now that crow stew may be bit bitter. (But I still LOVE HER!)

  7. Rinna told Kim that she needed to own her own stuff. Well, Rinna should take her own advice. Even if LVP told her to talk about Munchausen – that doesn’t mean she had to do it. Doesn’t she have a mind of her own? She was the one who brought it up – even to LVP! She is so busy blaming everyone else for telling her to say it – didn’t she tell Eileen that she should confront LVP? Sorry, I can’t stand Rinna and her filthy mouth!

    1. Exactly. LVP listening to, enjoying, even adding to gossip is not manipulation. Show me the manipulation. Show me where LVP says: say this or else… Not happening.

  8. LVP wins every poll that’s a given, but that’s not the point as you know Bon :). Some stylist is getting fired lol

  9. Yo now is holding a hormone brick in her ass so she doesn’t have any effects of menopause?? She’s been sick since she married David, such bullsh#t, when she started the show she had a personal trainer showing off her workout skills, she started all this Faux-Yo stuff last season, I can’t wait for this all to be over!!

  10. Before we all get wrapped up in this silliness, let’s please send prayers and loving thoughts to our brave and wonderful friend Suze! She’s going through so much and let’s wish her the best and that she returns to us soon! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. I’ve no idea what Suze is going thru – whatever it is, our thoughts are with the wee lass ❤️❤️❤️

      1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Suze is the heart and soul of this group and a lovely and kind woman! Well said 3Ds

  11. Kathryn has every right to comment on the morally corrupt Faye Resnick. Why is Kyle giving her a platform. (as LVP asks about Brandi next week)

    I wish they had shown the clip of Kathryn. “Don’t act like you know me, when you don’t know me.” That was the best line all season.

    1. BTW, the whole Kathryn/Faye thing was a set up by Kyle from the get-go. Were the producers behind it or was this typical Kyle, pot-stirring. Was Kathryn hired because of the O.J. anniversary? The O.J. production? That’s kinda how Hollyweird works, very political.

      1. I must have a conspiracy theory thing going this morning – but I think there is a whole lot more to this Faye/OJ think that Kyle doesn’t want out…she sure starts shaking and messing with her hair. And the whole bull of ‘she didn’t sign up to be a part of the show’ well #1 keep her off and #2 FR wrote a book and said what she wanted but no one else is supposed to?

        1. Faye is a condescending butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth witch. She sold her soul a long time ago. She and Kyle must have a parasitic relationship. I think Kyle’s been jockeying for years to get her on the show and Andy’s not having it. Kyle needs a yes-woman.

    2. I commented on that very issue earlier PJ and I absolutely agree. Glad Andy gave her the time to make her point because even though I like Kyle, she has a strong alliance with Faye and wound have shut Kathryn down if Andy would have let her.

      That line you posted actually does sound like a mob wife. LOL…I remember thinking that when I heard her say it and that it sounded different than her normal voice.

      1. O.J. is good for ratings. No way Andy was shutting that down. I may try to find the book and read it, but from a library, I’d never pay for it. I’ve glimpsed some articles stating that Kathryn’s ex may have (according to Faye) had an affair with Nicole? Nice friend there, Faye, spilling the dirt on a friend who was murdered. Was that the reason Marcus Allen was in the bronco? Was O.J. going to kill him? This story is still compelling 20 odd years later.

        On another note, if a friend of mine was having an affair on her husband or screwing around with married men, she wouldn’t be my friend any more. Just sayin’.

        1. Pj , the ONLY Inrersting part about this 22 year old mess is that there was a discussion of Marcus Allens dick that I don’t know about 🙂 ! Yes I said it 😉

            1. OMG PJ!! Hilarious! If I know Vicki, even Marcus Allen would be like throwing a hot dog in a hallway!! :). No shade or hate, you should see my hallway!!

              1. Who was it that had hers fixed? Oh yes Brandi! You could always go that route! Mine is my testament to my kids! Xxxxoooo❤️❤️❤️❤️

        2. Oj is good for nothing rotting in prison where he belonged all along for apparently stealing what he thought were his own belongings. Kathryn’s only ties to anything of any interest whatsoever, no wonder she wanted to get her point across. It’s the only one she has. Minus the tragic death of her Dad and Nephew.

          1. Hi 3D’s. IMO, OJ belonged in prison long before the kidnapping incident. He should have been in prison for life since 1994. Hope you are having a good day girl!

  12. I think changes need to happen in this housewives series. And I hope one of the changes does not bring Brandi back!! Eileen and her has-been husband need to go, as they add nothing to the show. Erika is such a great addition, one more like her would really make a great show.

    1. Kyle and Rina need to go too.. No storyline. Yawn. I think that’s why Rina started all the smack knowing she had no storyline. Setting herself up for next season. She’s s fake especially in her interviews.

  13. Rinna was probably the one that made the statement about the “storyline” for this season. Don’t believe a word she says—anymore. What a hellish drama Queen. Eileen? she sat upright as though sitting on bricks, a cold, uncaring expressionless toad. She made LVP cry, I’m about to do the same for Eileen & all because she did not get the apology she wanted. That scene on the beach, when Rinna was ranting & raving against Yo, Eileen said she was not going there with Rinna against Yo, yet she enjoyed every defamation against LVP. She is a Yo follower & should stick close to Yo, Erika, Brandi & Kim.
    Yolanda is a big, hypocritical fake. Thinks she has all her answers down pat, walked off twice when the going got too hot to handle—-another pity party stunt. Not buying her garbage at all. Truth be told, with the argument Nov. 2nd, David found his opening to run for his life. And, I don’t blame him.
    Erika, the iceberg lettuce is definitely Yo’s bodyguard. Is she the police or is her son? Cant differiantiate.
    Kyle can support her friend Faye, but for goodness sake, allow Kathryn to speak. Just seeing Faye took her all the way back & all the bad memories flooded back. To her, it was as though it had just happened.
    I hope more is revealed in part 2 & 3 & Rinna, Eileen & Yo are booted. Erika, without Yo might probably be ok.

  14. i recorded this to watch again. So, Erika doing her pat the puss move and Rinna wants to get in on the act. Good for Yolanda shutting Rinna down by saying let Erika have her moment.

    Liking Erika more now after she said she isn’t submissive but respectful. She is showing a maturity most of the others don’t have.

    For the love of all things holy. Yolanda is now saying she got sick a few months BEFORE they married. This chick can’t keep her lies straight. Earlier she said she knew on November 15 her marriage was over. Now it’s November 2nd. Oh, by the way, Yo is wearing full makeup. Now, on top of all the pills she takes daily, she has a pallet up her arse. She had clinical depression due to a broken back? Clinical depression is the most serious form of depression. I doubt she had clinical depression due to a broken back but, being Yolanda, she has to have had the most serious form of depression ever.

    Kyle just shut up and keep your bony finger to yourself. Let Kathryn speak her truth (sorry couldn’t resist). Kyle didn’t know Faye at that time. The morally corrupt Faye Resnick.

    Erika saying Rinna has energy and isn’t in missing in the bathroom so she doesn’t have an eating disorder is hilarious. Rinna doesn’t go missing because she doesn’t eat. Nothing to purge there. Princess Diana had an eating disorder and she still had tons of energy so another one of Erika’s points is moot.

    Yolanda just spoke some very, very true words. Her illness is her full time job. Glad she was called out on all her lies. Her damage control isn’t working through. Footage showing her walking and diving contradicts her. Yolanda really does manipulate the others to back down. How do you fake medical records? You go to 106 quacks around the world to get the fake records.

    Rinna said Harry said …”whether she’s sick or not”. Haha Harry came out on record saying he didn’t say that. Rinna and those ugly lips is a psychopathic liar. That fucking stroppy cow, Rinna, yelling NO and not letting Lisa defend herself. OMG ten phone calls. LVP said in front of the whole crew she RARELY calls. Then phone calls during a whole season of filming is rarely.

    The preview for next week: Once again LVP is apologizing to Soapy. I have two words for Soapy: F U.

    1. I don’t know why LVP bothers. She’s made it clear in her blogs about how she feels about Eileen. Eileen will NEVER accept ANY apology at this point; just let it die already.

    2. Skeptic , next weeks apology to Eileen is the same shtik lol. Even Andy called it ‘the standard HW apology’ :). But I actually agree with some of what you say ❤️❤️❤️ I’m afraid Rinna was smart enough (!!!) to cement herself as the villain of the show and this guaranteed her comeback to the show , I’m not happy about it but that’s my guess. I like Eileen but she’s in trouble I think, so is Kathryn . And I don’t want to hear about how LVP can fire or keep who she wants , we know that’s not true 🙂
      I’m glad you are liking Erika more. I was proud of her for standing up to Andy and not discussing Yos divorce even after yo have her permission

      Now tell me how are those darn hot Canadian men doing today 🙂

      1. Our Canadian men are apologizing to us for something, anything, it’s what we all do lol! Geez, without realizing I did it in my post.

        Rinna couldn’t even quote her own husband correctly so I think her statement about VP saying there goes our story line goes out the window. Sudsy has serious memory issues. Soapy and Kathryn are dull and boring. Kathryn really, really had to work at mustering up a tear or two.

        1. Oh yes lol, did you also catch Karhryn trying to squeeze some tears! Girl , bye!
          I’m just convinced Rinna had this strategy of being the villain and it wasn’t a coincidence. She needs that paycheck

          Oh yes apologetic men are the best! I’ll take 3 please

  15. I enjoyed Part 1 of the reunion. Thought the majority of the ladies looked beautiful. Didn’t really like Kyle’ s “70’s Studio 54″ dress , or makeup,& ED’ s frock/ hair was OK.

    Erika,& Yoloanda looked stunning.

    Yolo is a class act. People should take a page out of her ” How to Divorce,” book. She never bashed David, & basically, took most of the blame for the demise of her marriage.

    Kyle needs to stop minimizing Kathryn’s feelings regarding Faye,& the book. Respect she is defending her BFF, but she needs to hush. Kyle should have stated, would u like for me to host a lunch for the 2 of you? So, you can both have closure?

    Erika was definitely the best edition ever. Love how ” down to earth ,” she is. She’ s authentic, & real.

    Can’t wait for part 2. Should b highly entertaining

              1. @ Rain. & nice to meet you as well. I apologize for the delay in my response. I’m at work. Checking between appointments.

                Yes Hot- lanta. The New York of the South.
                Thank God, its not hot right now, but it will be here before I know it.

                I forget, where do you live?

                Yes. Like some, I do not know what Ms. Suze. is going thru. Sending prayers her way.

                1. I’m at work too booboo kitty but I have a more relaxed atmosphere lol 🙂 🙂 !! I just LOVE your comments and can’t wait to read them. It doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with you, I enjoy reading your comments ❤️❤️❤️ But I agree with everything lol

                2. Southern I hav been diagnosed with a rare cancer and not good news so hoping for a miracle all prayers are great fully received xxooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Great recap from your end, SP. I especially agree with the note about Kyle’s dress, looked like Hérve Leger, which is fine enough – they’re classic ‘after 5’ dresses..but sometimes she is so loyal to a designer brand that it comes off making her look like she’s in a style rut. I can tell that Kyle’s wardrobe is EXPENSIVE (those contemporary jewelry pieces we see her wearing all the time are INSANE), but sometimes her style choices lack “punch” because they’re so expected and repetitive. With her dark hair, I’d love to see her in something solid, sleek, and cream next year.

      1. @ bon Vivant. Thank u. Really enjoy reading your thoughts as well. Jewelry is fab. Slit her throat for her fabulous bags. Dead pile of Kyle

        Kyle looked stunning @ last year’s reunion. Loved the red dress, slick straight her, red lipstick. Beyond gorg.

      2. Yes she does tend to have brand loyalty ! I think she took a fashion risk with this dress and it worked for me, but obviously not everyone else :). I think she should be open to a stylist and outside input every once in a while , maybe borrow Erikas glam squad. She is a stunningly beautiful woman so it shouldn’t be that hard to style her . However I do feel she is one of those women who feels she knows her body and what works for her , hence the repeatiton ❤️❤️❤️

  16. I did watch the first part of the Real House Wives of Beverly HIlls last night. I figured Lisa Vanderpump was going to get ganged up on. Not the first time. Either the others fault her for coming off like she is perfect; or she is not sensitive enough, or she is manipulative, or she refuses to apologize, or she has disappointed them, or, or or, ad nauseam. My opinion of Lisa Vanderpump grows exponentially each season. She is one of the few in this Housewives Franchise that makes me proud to be a woman. She displays year by year the traits it takes to go into someone that earns respect for their hard work and their behavioral traits. This year, I found Lisa Rinna especially made me ashamed to be female. Well, Erica too, but she is so outside my respect level I just discount her. I should have known better in regards to Lisa Rinna. Saw her behavior when she was on the Apprentice. Believe people who tell you who they are. She said THEIR is nothing I would not do for a gig.!!!!! Saw it on the Apprentice and saw it this season on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her over sized lips are only matched by her oversized ambition. Neither are pretty to me.

  17. Because she makes her marriage to a famous lawyer and her exhibitionism as her bo-na-fi-dies I also remember she said she does not get along well with females. Like I said, believe people when they tell you who they are. Wonder how far she will go with Yolanda if her husband and Yolanda’s latest ex husband were not friends.

    1. I can understand her not getting along with females. Women are bitches. I was listening to a woman on Heather Dubrow’s podcast. She just sold her company for $200 million. She asked an executive one time if he was worried about women going after his job. He said, “No, because other women will take them down before that happens.” Women could rule the world, very easily, if they could just get along and unite. They can’t.

      Know why there’s no Real Husband shows? There are. They’re on the fishing channel. Two guys in a boat, fishing, saying nothing. Men are easier to get along with.

        1. Omg!! You blew my mind PJ! Women are super dooper bitches! I’ve always been a guys girl!! I love SF and 95% of my closest friends are gay men! I’ve shared on this forum before how I relate to Erica in that I have very few female friends. The constant pettiness of woman and the never letting go of trivial shit is beyond my capacity to deal. Women are way more judgey than men and let’s not forget catty lol. I’m not saying ALL women are like that, but enough of them are. Sometimes even reading comments here , just reminds me of why I have few women friends!’ :). You nailed it ❤️❤️❤️

          1. You’re both right. And I agree about the women on this blog too. I just wish we weren’t so bitchy to each and about each other. I don’t understand why we can’t have a discussion without calling people names or demonizing them in the worst way. The respect levels are atrocious.

          2. @ Rain. Thank you for reading my thoughts. My working environment is predominantly female. I’m a gay man who hears all of their cattiness, back stabbing, being completely 2 faced to each other. They all love me, so they tell me everything. I, on the other hand am a ” girl’ s guy.”
            Women love me,& most straight men , I intimidate them, until they get to know me, then they love me. Sorry about my tangant.

            1. No wonder I love you Southern Plaid 🙂 ❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m a natural hag 🙂 I had gay friends 40 years ago in SF when nobody even uttered the word! They ruined me with their compassion and love and ruined me for women hahaha ! I love strong and opinionated women but also kind , forgiving and non judgmental , that’s why I have none :). I’ve actually liked a few women on this site WAY more that most wonen I met in real life

            2. Southern, my Daughter is Gay and I think you are her in gender reverse. Friends she has had for many years been loyal friends for years even when she first came out. She blames me for not putting her in pale pink when she was a baby! Anyway I am super proud of her and I’m sure your family and friends are of you as well! Xoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

          3. I’ve seen comments on this blog that are unbelievable. About other posters, about the housewives looks etc. Nasty ass stuff. Comment on their behaviour, comment on what they say. Comment on something that happened on the show. Comment about something they did. But the name calling and the remarks about their looks??? One comment actually bitched about someone calling another person names and then proceeded to call that person names. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing at times. I never engage those people. No point.

      1. I have many female friends and none of them are bitches. I don’t know what kind of women you’ve run into, but we are all not bitches. When a woman can’t along with other women, the one woman is the common denominator and therefore, she is the one with the problem.

        1. I feel the same way GIGI. My female friends and relatives are not catty or bitchy. We get along quite well. We don’t gossip a lot (maybe that’s why:) we talk mainly about our kids and other issues important to us.

        2. Gigicat , that’s one persons opinion dear , feel free to disagree , which is fine, since we disagree on everything else anyways 🙂 I find it fascinating how some people hang on every word I say , I’m flattered ! still love you xoxo

  18. I wonder if somebody who has the entire season recorded could check something out. It was either during the pony trip or the show after I am interested in. It seems to me that there was a clip of Rinna saying to somebody that she owes LVP nothing now. Does anybody else remember that?

    1. I remember it. I think Rinna felt that she went all the way to Ohio and back to get a mini horse, spent 3 hours there, and that was in RInnas mind a HUGE favor to LVP. So in the Hamptons, LVP had no reason to complain that Rinna left that hotel. Funny thing about that scenario is, Rinna was all hopped up to go to Ohio with her! She commented that LVP was the kind of person who DID things, she didn’t just talk about doing them. Wow, talk about hindsight.

      1. Yup. I used to tape them down when I played sports so I didn’t get a black eye lol. Seriously, I did. This was even with a sports bra!

        Thanks, Janelle. I was hoping somebody else would remember that.

  19. Also, this was a quote from her blog dated January 6 “I owe LVP nothing after that Ohio mini horse trip, so in my book I have a free pass forever that I’ll keep pulling out! ”
    Ok, done now, have a good week and weekend 🙂

    1. Holy smokes! I replied to a comment Gigi made above and thought I posted it. THEN I posted a comment to Janelle and, somehow, both comments were combined. How weird. No wonder I couldn’t find my comment to Gigi. Strange.

      I wonder what happened on that trip to Ohio that Sudsy was so upset about that she thought she had a free pass.

      1. Ok, Now your post makes sense 🙂 Thanks for the clarification – I was wondering “who is Skeptic taping down?”

        My take on why Rinna got upset had nothing to do with Ohio. The Hamptons were soon after that, and that is when the questions by LVP to ED happened. We saw Rinna shaking her head (as if in disgust) that this was happening to Soapy. And from that point on, it seemed that Rinna became more and more negative to LVP. Just a guess but the timeline makes sense. Nothing happened in Ohio other than the miniature horse turned out to be lame and LVP didn’t think she’d be able to care for it.

  20. Re the beautiful ladies’ fashion (my 10cents worth)……..Erica’s, was lovely….Yolanda’s, very nice……Kyle’s, too long and okay….Lisa VP, nice dress but maybe better suited to someone else. She has an awesome body though….Lisa R’s, I liked best of all….Eileen’s, okay…..Kathrine’s, simple and a little dull.

    As for the comments made…..Kyle, some seasons I like her and some I don’t. She has a real problem of burying her head in the sand to avoid conflict and emotions. I guess it’s her childhood and for that I feel sympathy for her…..Kathrine, she had a right to say something about the Faye subject. She had/has strong feelings and should be allowed to speak them especially since she’s not belligerent about it. I’m not a fan of Faye……Yolanda, I think handled herself well. It doesn’t matter if she has a gag order or not. Divorce should be handled with more respect PERIOD!….Erica, (Jane) “pat the puss” LOL I love it.

    1. Now there’s a way of critiquing someone’s look without being nasty. You’re talking about clothes. It’s giving your opinion without resorting to name calling or being nasty. I appreciate that.

      1. PJ I’m not disagreeing with your post, but how can you say that when you also posted that all women are bitches? I’m a woman and I have a lot of female friends and relatives that are not bitches. I don’t consider myself one. So how is that not name calling? Some women might agree with you but I don’t and I’d wager that if you referred to most women as a bitch they would be offended.

        1. I should not have generalized by saying “all”. I will say most. I’m talking about mocking a person’s looks, their hair, their nose, their teeth etc. I was relaying a story from a woman who just sold her company for $200 Million. She’s been in the business world for a long time and has seen a lot. She was relating her story to how women act in the business world.

          To me, bitchiness is a behaviour. We see it in every single one of the Housewives shows in almost every single one of the women. It’s not name calling, it’s labeling a behaviour. I can’t think of another word that fits as well.

          Women are powerful. Why are we not running the world? My theory is because women take each other down. I call that bitchiness. There are even blogs out there that have women (and a few men) criticizing other women on tv shows. Shocking, I know.

          1. PJ, I appreciate that we can agree about how your post began and that it can be construed as offensive. The rest of it is your opinion (about bitchiness) and in some cases that may be true, sometimes not. Anywho, have a good night.

          2. PJ, I appreciate that we can agree about how your post began and that it can be construed as offensive. The rest of it is your opinion (about bitchiness) and in some cases that may be true, sometimes not. Anywho, have a good night.

          3. PJ, I agree with the use of that word “bitch” and “bitchyness”. It’s behavioral. It’s no different to, “shitty” it defines a particular action that is very clear and precise. I won’t go quickly to these words but I do go there.

  21. Did anyone else see Yo’s horrible assault on Kyle? My goodness! I hope she’s ok. It was almost as bad as Ken’s merciless beating of Yo about 2 seasons ago!

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