Sean Stewart Moves In With Adrienne Maloof? Adrienne Responds!

Adrienne Maloof, Sean Stewart

Days after going public with their new romance, Sean Stewart has moved in with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maoof! RadarOnline is exclusively reporting that Sean has moved into Adrienne’s Beverly Hills mansion! “Sean has moved into Adrienne’s Mulholland Estates rental home,” a source tells Radar.  “A lot of Adrienne’s friends are extremely concerned about the relationship because it’s getting very serious very fast. Sean has a reputation as a womanizer, and he doesn’t have steady employment. The most distressing thing to Adrienne’s friends is that she is already getting very defensive of Sean and his bad boy ways. The relationship is moving extremely fast and no one wants to see Adrienne get hurt.”

As we previously reported, Paul Nassif, Adrienne’s ex-husband wishes Adrienne the best in her new relationship. “He only wants the best for Adrienne…he just hopes she’s happy,” an insider told Radar.

Adrienne’s friend, Camille Grammer, is also supportive of Adrienne. “I just want Adrienne to be happy. She truly deserves it,” Camille told Radar. “Adrienne needs to just have some fun and light in her life right now. She doesn’t need to rush into anything serious at this point. Adrienne needs a break from the all of the drama of the divorce and filming a reality television show.”

UPDATE: Adrienne tweeted after the news broke of Sean moving in, that it wasn’t true! She wrote, “Hi @WendyWilliams hope you are well! Just wanted to say not true on my new live in lol 🙂 xo”


Do YOU think it’s too soon?

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  • Lisa

    Sean Stewart must feel like he’s been saved by his “Fairy Godmother Sugar Mama”!
    He gets to play grown-up and Adrienne gets all the good sex she’s been missing! Ah the endurance of youth and younger men. Adrienne is no dummy, give her some credit. It probably won’t last very long. She will get bored and then out he goes. Let them both live their fairy tales for however long it may last. Enjoy yourselves. Have fun and laugh every moment you can!

  • DrewHamilton

    I just don’t have a good feeling about this. But hey, for all we know, Adrienne and Sean could’ve been a thing for years now. It’s being said that Paul and Adrienne supposedly had an open marriage. Maybe Adrienne and Sean have been together for a while, and are only now able to go public about it.