Is Scheana Shay’s Marriage Falling Apart?


Vanderpump Rules stars Scheana and Mike Shay’s marriage may be ending following a huge fight between the couple, a new report reveals.

“Mike found out some things about Scheana on Wednesday, and was furious,” an insider shares, adding that Shay is now staying with relatives in his hometown.

The fight wasn’t centered around infidelity, but rather Scheana’s inability to support her husband’s career, the source explains: “Now that things have started to click for him, there’s been some jealousy.”

“Right now, the marriage is beyond repair,” the insider tells RadarOnline, adding that neither side has drawn up divorce papers just yet. “They both need to make a decision on the future of their marriage, but no one has made a move at this point.”

Update: An updated report claims that Scheana is currently filming her separation from her husband for Pump Rules.

Now, a source tells the site that their blow out fight is expected to air on Bravo. “They picked up production again on Vanderpump Rules,” the insider said. “So this will all be playing out this upcoming season.”

“They’ve finally chatted and they’ll be having some very necessary discussions over time to figure out what their path may be forward,” the source added.

Scheana and Mike have not discussed divorce yet, but “there are lots of question marks about their relationship” as “it would take a lot for them to reconcile.”

“There’s no plan for them to be living together again indefinitely,” the source explained. “But that could change. A lot is up in the air right now.”

“We’re not commenting on her personal life at this time, but it will play out on the upcoming season,” a rep for Scheana insisted to Radar.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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So what did Scheana do that made Mike soon mad at her? What has “Clicked” with Mikes career. Is he doing well now. Is he finding success in his music career? It just seems so childish. Jealousy over your husbands career going well? Even Scheana the most immature child in LA, wouldn’t act that way right? Well maybe not. I have not liked Scheana for a VERY long time. She is a fame whore and doesn’t care about anyone else besides herself. FOR GOD”S SAKE SCHEANA…….. take those ugly HUGE wedding pictures off the walls. Its just in your face… Read more »

Wow, Sheanea’s rep sure knows how to plug a commercial about them.

Run Shay, run! Pack up your pills and get out of there.

Lol. Smartest thing he could do is get away from that entire group.

The best thing these two could have done years ago was to move away from this area and get off of the show, but that was never going to happen. I CANNOT stand Lala and James, but I had to laugh when one of them said that Scheena is so into herself that she had to marry a guy who never talks. lol.

Hi Aunt Bee. I think you posted here in error.
I hope you are having a nice day. XOXO

Looks like that post is gone now?

Mike Shay married an attractive girl who happens to be on a reality show. Sheana loves attention, and everyone else is in her shadow. She is loving the drama too, Mike Shay may have wanted some arm candy with Shean, and Sheana wanted a wedding, maybe. I just do not understand these two as a couple. I feel sorry for Mike Shay. I think it would be better for his health if he found someone who really cared about him and not someone like Sheana who cares about the size of the rock on her finger and other petty things… Read more »

Run Mike Run as fast as you can. Get away from these idiots, grow up, get a job and live your life off camera.

“Stay Tuned”?
Yeah, right..
I just can’t. .
BTW, I was watching an old rerun of the Hills and the Tom (that lives with the Blonde, whatever her name is) was auditioning for a Fashion show..
This Cast has problems that only they could create..
A bunch of waitresses & bartenders with all this notoriety??
They will probably be working at Sur until retirement..

I don’t think they really work there any more unless they are filming…maybe very part time if that. They are employed by the show.

My baby Sister works near Sur & she frequents it often. (During lunch or Dinner with her Friends.
She is in awe of seeing these morons She just turned 23

Scheana dear, because of the lies he told before you were married, it would seem you have all the power in a divorce. I am so sorry for you, having to go through this. I know its why you lost so much weight, which I hope you put back on. You are SO beautiful and smart, that you could marry a prince in Kuwait! (Its only the richest country in the world) Actually, I hope you find the right man in your near future. Please dont settle for just anyone. I wish you the best my dear. I have always… Read more »