Scheana Shay’s Husband Mike Is Sober; Family Members Know Right Where He Is


Rumors that Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay’s husband Mike is back on drugs and missing are simply not true, we can reveal. Shay is sober and staying with family members after a big fight with his wife.

“He’s been with his parents and brother. Everyone knows and has known exactly where he is,” the source very close to Shay explains. “He’s doing great, focusing on his family and his music.”

As for reports that Shay drained the couple’s bank accounts, the insider insists he took out cash from their joint checking account just to get by during their separation. Scheana, who was furious, then shut down their accounts.

The stories that the musician went on a drug-fueled rampage were to divert the attention away from the couple’s martial problems, the source alleges.

“They knew people would ask questions when Mike didn’t show up to the premiere,” the insider tells RadarOnline, referring to the cast’s big L.A. bash over the weekend. “It was inevitable.”

Scheana and Shay married in 2014 and the couple shared their struggles with Mike’s addiction last year, but he got sober and their martial problems seemed to resolve.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • starr

    I like him more than I like her for some reason. Glad he is in good shape.

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      • Amy

        Me three! He seems like a kind person. And tired of getting ran over

    • Amy

      I would not be able to stay sober being married to that fame whore!!

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    She is too into herself to give a crap about anyone else. She is #fakefakefakefakefake

  • Poor Shay..
    Married to a self promoting, vacuous narcissist, like Sheana..
    Shay, get out of Sur-land before you start shooting antifreeze..

  • Geminigirl

    Ehhh…they’re both doomed to begin with.

  • glorybe

    Why is this show even on Bravo?? It is tasteless, crass with a lot of foul mouthed
    wanna be stars. Lisa Vanderpump seems to have a lot of class, but don’t understand how she allows her employees to act like they do. They all drink too much, cuss too much and have no moral compass as it seems they have all slept with each other at one time or another. Garbage!!!

    • I have also thought about this choice of programming. .
      At first, I thought it was promotion for Sur & a Spin-off series for LVP.
      Then, I realized that VR pulls in the 20- 35 audience..
      I think, VR is Bravo’s mock MTV program to entice younger viewers.

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    What has happened to Sheana’s eyes, they are brown yet on the show last week they look WHITE. It is creepy!

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    Fake phony bitch. She deserves everything she is getting. And the other girls are worse. What was up with last weeks episode?? Was I back in High School with the mean girls tribe??