Scheana Shay’s Boyfriend Revealed

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay is moving on from her divorce and is dating a new man, although we haven’t known who her new man is, we now can reveal his identity.

According to a new report, Scheana’s new man is actor Robert Parks Valletta. A friend close to the SURver told RadarOnline that she was at the SLS with Valletta and was introducing him as her boyfriend.

The couple has also been spotted together at Universal Studios and Scheana has been teasing her relationship on SnapChat.

The couple has been dating for months and Scheana even celebrated the holidays with his family.

Christmas parties with your family is what makes the holidays special. #lovemytribe #crew #holidays #xmas

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Shay’s rep told Radar that she is just friends with Valletta.

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Scheana Shay’s Boyfriend Revealed”

  1. In that picture, I not only see nothing of her new bf, but I do not recognize Sheana at all. I know she has lost a lot of weight over the years, but those lips and that mouth, etc., are unrecognizable to me. What happened to her?

  2. Who already had guesses that Scheana would hop right back to dating when the ink on her divorce papers is not even dry yet. She is SO IMMATURE and (sorry STUPID). When you go through issues in your marriage it’s time to stop and reflect on the damage she caused within her marriage. Scheana who acts like a spoiled brat finds a guy hops in the sack and starts dating. Scheana you moron…… you should NOT be dating and you should be in therapy to find your fault in why your marriage broke. All that your going to do is create the same exact situation you were in before and you have NO understanding of how NOT to do what you did with Shay.
    She is on that Im over thirty and I want to start having kids yet she cannot even understand that the time between your divorce and dating again.
    Scheana will be the serial wife. It’ doesn’t matter because “I LOVE HIM” Her demanding ways and her need for constant attention is going to be the death of her relationships.

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