Are Scheana & Mike Shay Trying to Have Kids?


As we have all seen on the current season of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Shay and her husband Mike have had marriage issues because of substance abuse issues with Mike. Now that they seem to have there life back on track, the Daily Dish spoke with Scheana if they are looking to grow there family.

We’re not ready to start trying for a few more years,” Scheana told The Daily Dish. “I mean, I only have so many years I can have kids, so we’ll just see.”

Scheana does mention that when her family does start, it might not start with just one.

“[Shay]’s like the last one other than James [Kennedy] left in his 20s, but I mean, the rest of us are all in our 30s now, so gotta get in shape. I’m like, ‘OK, if we’re getting winded running up a couple flights of stairs, what are we going to do when we have toddler twins?'” Scheana said. “It’s probably going to happen. They run in both sides of our family. We have a very high chance of having twins, so I’m just mentally preparing.”

Even though having twins can be very trying Scheana believes she would be up for the challenge.

“If it was the first time, and it was a boy and a girl, I’d be, oh my God, I’d be ecstatic. Like, I would never have to get pregnant again,” Scheana said. “If it was two boys, I’d try for a girl. If it was two girls, I would still be happy, I’d be done, but I’d try again to get [Shay] his boy.”

Scheana just wants the babies to be healthy when the time comes.

“All I want is a healthy baby. If we have one, if we have two, if we have three, that’s great,” she said. “No more than three. We’re not going to have enough for, like, a starting lineup or anything.”

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19 Replies to “Are Scheana & Mike Shay Trying to Have Kids?”

  1. Scheana has NO BUSINESS even thinking about having children. She thinks this is all a game. Before they even talk about it they need to get their crap together. Shay has an addiction that has not even been addressed. She is such a bitch to say that she could never be with someone who was 100% sober. The issues with addiction are far deeper than drinking…. the pills and the alcohol are symptoms of a very severe problem. She brushed it aside like it was an addiction to candy this is a real live problem. Wake up Scheana….. I used to like you but your a Bitch with a capital B. Your all about yourself and you don’t have a sympathetic bone in your body. Mind your own home and deal with your own shit before you start telling other people what is wrong with them or their relationships. Shay stand up and tell your wife to STFU. ENough is enough.
    Keep taking your birth control pills and forget the idea of a baby your too selfish to give a baby enough attention. God help that kid if she does get pregnant.

    1. What I thought was even more telling after thinking an addiction could be addressed with a healthy omelet was when she said she couldn’t “date” a man who didn’t drink. I think she thought the wedding was a big party where she was the center of attention and then she would go back to her life as a teen.
      I also, even without knowing what happened in the interim, that they are all being very judgmental of Ariana. They are saying she should let the whole Kristen thing go when they are the ones being judgmental of Ariana. She didn’t just put up with a small afterlife of a relationship. She tried for Sheana’s sake to play down the disturbing way Kristen went after her. Starting with a year of every day at SUR, then every gathering and her obsession with Tom. Calling her names and just being a psycho. Just because Kristen went to 9 months of therapy doesn’t make that relationship fixed. I thought it was incredibly selfish and shitty of Sheana to stay Kristens friend. Not because Ariana got bothered, but because Kristen did a bunch of shitty things to everyone. Including acting like him falling for Ariana was worse than her sleeping with Jaxx and a multitude of men during that relationship. During the time she was involved with Miami girl to make Tom look bad she was also saying in interview that if Ariana wasn’t in the picture her and Tom could be together. Now she is once again befriending the biggest douche whore on the planet, Jaxx.

      1. They are judging Ariana & they are not being good friends. I like Ariana. She has a good head on her shoulders. Make no mistake about it, Kristen has not changed. She even gave a sadistic laugh when she was on with Andy, that she might be in control of Tom.

    2. yes that remark she made that she could never be with somebody who was 100% sober because she loves to party and it would interfere with her social life made it kind of clear that Shay doesn’t have a chance of recovery ever if he’s married to her. These two having kids together is scary.

  2. Oh, I already feel bad for that poor Shayby. Just because they can procreate, it does not mean they can parent. They need their own mommies and daddies as we have seen. Maybe the grandparents/nannies will raise the child. These two almost divorced once in less than a year, and then Sheana was unable to recognize the severity of her husband’s addiction and appeared too self absorbed to do anything but party with her friends without a thought about her hubby and his drug and alcohol issues. They should stay married and work on themselves before considering a little one IMO.

    1. I know, seriously when she said “I think he wants to make me the happiest girl in the world” when speaking of his sorrow about his addiction! I was saddened by how little she has grown as a woman.

      1. She should just marry her mirror. She is way too self absorbed and insensitive, though she pretends to care for him…hard to really see that from her actions, however.

    1. God, do you have to put some vulgar post at the bottom of every page? Well, yes, apparently. Does it make you feel good to leave some crude, foul, vulgar thing for everyone to read. And don’t say not to because it’s almost impossible to miss it.

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