Scheana Shay Reveals Viewers Will See More Of What Caused Her Divorce

Viewers will learn a lot more about Scheana Shay’s split from her husband Mike on next week’s season finale of Vanderpump Rules when Scheana opens up to Lisa Vanderpump about her marriage. Ahead of the heavy subject matter airing, Scheana revealed more about the split on Twitter, sharing some more insight into the end of their relationship.

Scheana shared that viewers are only getting a small taste of the issues that contributed to the demise of their marriage and that she’ll open up more about during the upcoming Vanderpump Rules reunion, where she was reunited with her former husband.

Currently, Scheana has found love again with actor Robert Valletta and she’s happy and sharing that on social media, “I have a good one.”

Watch the preview for next week’s episode below:

Photo Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “Scheana Shay Reveals Viewers Will See More Of What Caused Her Divorce”

  1. Personally i think What fell in love with her while drunk and high. Now that he’s sober, he found out he didn’t like anything about her or her friends. Or maybe he used her for connections and now that he has them and he’s doing his music he has no use for her.

  2. new bf is an actor eh? never heard of him. i get a feeling that he’s with her for exposure. she was never there emotionally for Mike shay. I was glad he finally told her off. she is so self absorbed. I wish Mike all the best.

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