Scheana Shay Releases Statement About Lawsuit Involving Neighbor


Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay is commenting about reports that her neighbor is suing her for allegations that she throws pot parties at her Los Angeles apartment.

The SURver’s neighbor complained about marijuana smoke and excessive noise coming from her apartment, and accused Scheana of leaving food outside for her black cat, which has allegedly attracted ants into his unit. TMZ reports he is now suing Scheana and building management for a discount on his rent and damages.

Scheana’s rep released the following statement:

“The [Shays] have never received a complaint from a fellow neighbor or building management relating to marijuana smoke stemming from their residence. However, there was a recent issue with a neighboring apartment, which was vacated in December 2015, that had received many complaints. While the [Shays] do have a black cat, their pet has never been allowed outside access. The cat in question belongs to another resident in the building. It should also be noted that all neighbors sharing a wall with the complainant neighbor have been named in the lawsuit against the landlord, security patrol, property management, etc., seeking a greatly reduced rent.”

Scheana and her cast mates also took to Twitter to comment about the story. She wrote, “People can’t always believe what they read, especially when details are left out and you don’t have the full story.”

Kristen Doute tweeted, “these allegations about Scheana are total BS. her enchilada making for 3 girls must really be disruptive. 😂walking on eggshells for YEARS.”

Tom Schwartz wrote, “@scheanamarie being sued for being a “bad partying neighbor” is egregious. She’s an angel of a neighbor & always considerate.”

“The accusations against Scheana are sick. She stays home, cooks & watches The Voice. If u want a pothead, I’m right here #stonerstassi,” Stassi Schroeder tweeted.

SUR manager Peter even defended Scheana, writing, “The accusations against Scheana are so ludicrous! Enchilada night is ruined bc people sit around all day twiddling their thumbs #getajob.”

Of course, Katie Maloney also defended her friend. “It’s almost laughable these accusations against @scheanamarie she has always been considerate of her neighbors and isn’t what’s said!”

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15 Replies to “Scheana Shay Releases Statement About Lawsuit Involving Neighbor”

  1. There are at least two sides to every story. Well, we may never know the true one. Sure, some people want easy money and resort to lawsuits to get it. Most tenants would just complain to the management about neighbors. I am sure there is more to this story.

    1. I agree Real Sandy. It’s not just the smell or a cat. There has to be more to this story. I’m happy that her friends did come to her defense, even Stassi! The truth always comes out in time. 😉 You are real, my friend.

  2. But….She did tell Shay she wouldn’t care if the drug test came up positive for pot. Not that I give a damn. Pot is legal in California BTW. Should be legal everywhere. We could pay off the national debt with the taxes FGSakes.

    1. Oh yes it should be legal everywhere!! If you ever watch any drug commercial on Tv and listen to the long list of side effects that many include, heartache, stroke, diarrhea , anal leakage etc … Seriously??! No such side effects with pot when used medicinally

            1. WHY can’t you get medicinal maryjane, Suze??? Don’t they have pot over there in Scotland? For pete’s sake that’s a given over here for cancer patients isn’t it? Am I wrong about that? It hardly seems fair! I bet my husband had a stash somewhere I’ll ….. I don’t dare type out the rest. I could get arrested probably couldn’t I.

              1. Yes no more here! My GP is ringing me today as she doesn’t know about the pneumonia yet, I have the letter here. I will ask her again, but I doubt it. All meds are free here on NHS in Scotland not England. They gave me a carrier bag full yesterday so I might add up what I would have paid in England just the antibiotics for two weeks would have been £40. Roughly. That’s a minute part of it I guess looking at the list £300 to £400 this time and still two to collect today. There is illegal but it’s not pure.

    2. It’s legal here in Colorado too. It helps a varaiation of ailments/diseases. I agree, it should be legal everywhere. More states are getting on board. Someday it will.

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