Scheana Shay Reflects On Break-Up And Her Future

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay recently broke up with Robert Valletta, and has posted on Instagram reflecting on her life and the split.

“Looking optimistically into the future. Life doesn’t always turn out how you plan. It is filled with roadblocks, bumps, twists and turns,” Scheana said. “All we can do is be our best self and believe that everything happens for a reason. Timing is everything. Learn from your experiences. Know that things could always be worse. I am very fortunate to be surrounded with an amazing family and group of friends, including @robsvalletta. Living in the public eye isn’t always easy so thank you all for your continued love and support. It really means the world to me. Now let’s see what life’s next chapter has in store for me.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


7 Replies to “Scheana Shay Reflects On Break-Up And Her Future”

  1. Yaas~ … if you ever need a lawf darling, but up her video. She squeals with delight with the best of them.

  2. OH! I officially hate you! Such a gorgeous city. I’m smack dab in the middle of the midwest. but we’re having one of those brisk SanFran kind of Autumn days; sunny low 70’s.

  3. This is all 2 increase viewers 4 the show. LVP is a business woman & very talented at it! It’s the same ole trick! Once Ur on a reality show Ur subject 2 have little privacy. However I do believe that they have a right 2 keep somethings private if they chose. Some ppl join the mentality of mean & there is the problem. I’m guilty of it as well. We can disagree. I don’t care 4 a lot on social media just like this post. But I won’t say I hate any 1! Not interested in joining a pact. I will say that I wish she finds the rt guy. Just my opinion & felt like venting today! I’m out. Peace!

  4. This says it all – “Scheana Marie is best known for being one of the many mistresses of D-List actor Eddie Cibrian, as well as being unceremoniously dumped by an embarrassed John Mayer, after publicly claiming to be his girlfriend, while he was merely sleeping with her. She has a role on the Bravo reality series, Vanderpump Rules (2013).”

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