Scheana Shay Opens Up About Husband’s Affair

Scheana Shay revealed during part three of the Vanderpump Rules reunion that she had once caught Shay exchanging inappropriate text messages with another woman. Now, she is opening up more about what happened and how it was a factor in ending her marriage.

Scheana tells The Daily Dish that she initially discovered the texts shortly before she and Shay celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. Scheana explained that Shay’s iPhone had broke, so he borrowed her sister’s old phone to use until he could get a new one. But the iPhone was still synced to her sister’s iCloud account. Scheana discovered the text exchange between Shay and another woman while looking at her sister’s computer one day.

Scheana said she began scrolling through the conversation, and it went back “weeks and weeks.” “There were some very inappropriate things that were said,” she revealed. “He got a very nasty phone call from me immediately. I was screaming. I said I wanted a divorce. Once a week passed, we didn’t speak, we didn’t see each other.”

After being confronted with the texts, Shay owned up to everything. “He didn’t deny anything. The texts were there. I saw it plain as day. He said it was never anything physical. It never went anywhere. Supposedly, this girl was married, and so two wrongs made a right? She lived on the East Coast, and nothing was ever gonna happen,” Scheana explained. “But whatever I wasn’t giving him, she was, whether he was feeling more confident, I don’t know. I was only able to scroll back a few weeks, and I know it was going on a few months.”

Scheana says this was the moment that changed everything in her marriage. “It was just one thing that I knew I would never fully be able to get over. I can forgive, but it changed our sex life, it changed our relationship, it broke trust. I just wasn’t able to come back from that,” Scheana said. “A year later, I was still putting on a fake smile and a happy face, and we took a second honeymoon, and it just never fully got back to where we were, as hard as I tried.”

Even though they eventually divorced, Scheana says she still wanted to work on their marriage. “Then when I really thought about it, I’m like, ‘No, we said vows. I took them very seriously, and that was for better or for worse.’ So I felt like we would be able to work through it,” she said. “So I even put some of the blame on me. I haven’t been as good of a wife as I can be. I haven’t been paying as much attention to you. I’m really caught up in filming [Vanderpump Rules] and my friendships or being in this magazine or being on this show or whatever.”

But at the time, this was part of her marriage she wasn’t willing to share with the cameras. “At the time, I couldn’t emotionally deal with that on camera. So I made the decision to talk about his addiction more than what was going on,” Scheana said. “And he resented me for it, and I don’t think he ever fully forgave me for throwing him under the bus. But he hurt me so bad that I just emotionally couldn’t deal with when this airs having every Brandi [Glanville] fan and follower in the world be like, ‘Karma. That’s what you get,’ because I just wasn’t in a good place in my life to deal with that at the time.”

Scheana said that she finally decided that divorce was the only option when she found out that Shay had allegedly been buying pills behind her back, but she was never able to forget about her husband’s text conversation with another woman. “I still haven’t gotten over this, so now that you’re doing this on top of what you’ve already done, it’s like trust was just broken time after time again, and all of it combined, I knew was a situation that I needed to get out of because I would never fully be able to move on from it, as much as I tried and wanted to, I couldn’t get over it,” Scheana said. “So do I want to live the rest of my life miserable with someone I don’t trust completely, with someone I have to worry about taking this from me, or doing this behind my back?”

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11 Replies to “Scheana Shay Opens Up About Husband’s Affair”

  1. There are parts of LVP I really truly like. Honestly last night on Vanderpump Rules, she seemed to really care about those young people. I just think BH is really entertainment for her, truly. I’ll be Eden now:

  2. I feel a sense of sadness for this young marriage & I feel bad for both parties that it ended. I wish them both happiness in the future.

  3. Yeah. I felt for both of them. Andy will do anything for ratings. It was pretty obvious to me from the beginning that Mike was not into the glitz and fame…and Scheana was becoming addicted to it. It is sad to see a marriage break up so quickly, but better now than after a few kids. I hope they stay friends and don’t trash each other in public. I hate that.

      1. Agreed. I really loved that they hugged at the end, that said a lot to me about their real love for each other before all the tough problems. I really can relate to Mike about how hard it was for him to get sober and stay sober with that partying crew…that was very hard for him it’s hard for anyone who needs to take a different path sometimes you can’t stay friends with the same people. It’s such a catch 22.

  4. I hate to say it but karma will always come and bite u in the ass. now scheana can have a sense of what she put Brandi through (although Brandi had it worse as she was married for longer and has kids).

  5. She’s the most disgusting human being I’ve ever seen on TV. First I always thought she was an a**hole because of all the brandi thing, and now, she’s using and deliberately hurting her husband to look good. She only cares about social media, all she talks about is snapchat, followers, twitter, being blocked. Damn that girl is a flip flop too, she doesn’t even know friends when she’s stabbing them in the back.

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