Scheana Shay No Longer Scared Of Stassi, Katie and Kristen

It’s quite obvious from watching Vanderpump Rules that Scheana Shay really wants to fit in with Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute. However, that has never seemed to really work out for her, especially now that she has a new friendship with Lala Kent.

Scheana spoke about the issues on the show with Olivia Caridi on her Mouthing Off podcast.

Olivia asked Scheana, “Do you think Stassi and Ariana will ever get along?” And Scheana had no choice but to start laughing and just blurt out “No.” After she stopped laughing, Scheana continued, “Stassi is just not her cup of tea. She thinks she’s annoying. She thinks that she tries hard. She doesn’t want to be friends with her. She really just doesn’t.”

Scheana also added, “Even though Stassi and I are like on good terms, everything that’s happened in the past with her, Ariana is just like ‘This is the type of person that you are. Sure, you can grow, but do you ever really fully change? Or are you still that selfish little girl inside?’”

Scheana went on to explain why this last season was so pivotal for her relationships with her cast mates. “It was the night of the finale and I was just like ‘I need to watch this with someone.’ And [Ariana] was like, ‘I’m scheduled to work tonight, but the second I’m off, I will come straight over.’” This upset Scheana. “Everyone else- I mean I get it, it was Tom and Katie’s wedding. That was a huge day for them and a huge moment, but they were having a huge public viewing party- which I was invited to. But it’s like do you really think I want to watch my divorce in front of a hundred people I don’t know? No. Even though that day was about Tom and Katie I felt it would have been nice for one of them to text.”

“Brittany reached out and Ariana was there for me, but it was like nothing [from the rest of the cast] and I thought that was kind of sh*tty,” she recalled.

Moving on, Olivia asked Scheana what her friendship is like with Lala these days. “We can go to the gym together. We have so many things in common and I feel like this last year was a year wasted because we could have been friends and getting closer. So it’s like we are trying to make up for lost time. I talk to her almost every day and I think she’s awesome.”

She also asked Scheana if she is really scared of Stassi, Katie and Kristen. “Not anymore, but I was. Not Kristen, but Stassi and Katie are very intimidating people,” she claimed. “I shouldn’t have anxiety being friends with someone. It got to a point where I would see Stassi or Katie’s name on my phone I was like ‘Sh*t. What Did I do? What are they mad at me for?’ I shouldn’t feel that way when my friends text me, but never with Kristen. I hate that Kristen gets lumped in with them because Kristen has been amazing friend to me.”

Scheana also says she wasn’t buying the apology between Lala and Katie at the reunion. She described Katie at the reunion by saying, “It’s not like she was edited this way. It’s how you were and she kind of had to make up for all of that. I do feel they both owed each other an apology and they got it.”

She also spoke about trying to get their approval since day one. “I’m like why do you care what I say? If you don’t like the things that I say, don’t be my friend,” Scheana asked. “I find it weird that some of the cast has Google alerts on me. I find it really weird that they read every interview I do. They listen to every podcast I do, and I’m like ‘How do you have the time? And why do you want to listen to my voice all the time?’ It’s weird. I don’t get it.”

And she even said, “I guarantee you, they’re listening to this.”

Thank you to RealityTea for transcribing the interview!

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. ahah she’s not afraid of them now thanks to lala. and that’s pathetic cause lala is pathetic. Schena just a horrible person

  2. Yes, the eldest son does. My younger son has never been there.
    My eldest has been building things since he was very young. Duplos at 1, then Legos, Kinects, then (small scale) flying airplanes, robots, you name it. Now he still does it for his work too…not the robots, but building and designing.
    You know the smarter, more industrious, competitive and creative they are, the more they expect of themselves and want to succeed. Neither son is good at losing.

  3. Rain and RealSandy no one cares about your boring lives and your boring geek kids . We are here for the housewifes and you’re both boring old women . Get a life losers and your opinions suk anyway . Rain you’re the worst and I hate you

  4. Yes very proud. I already knew as I wrote it that someone would say geek. Bill Gates is a geek. Hmm. Geeks are what make this world what it is. Funny though my sons don’t fit the geek mold. They are both stylish and hip young men.
    Some may be be a tad jealous.

  5. Nobody’s forcing them to be here or they could skip through our post

    Let’s not let anyone interrupt the love fest ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Your nt talking housewifes at all , just yaking about your boring lives ,cut it out . You’re both vile and boring . I always hated that bitch now you’re catching up

    1. They are people with no life, full of hate and no friends or fun, trying to make it seem like it’s us, the happy, full of life smart people having a completely harmless conversation. They’re jealous that they have nothing like it in their life. Just their studio apt., and KFC for dinner alone, TV and blow up dolls for company, but we’re old, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Pffffffffffft.

    1. He’s probably at work. How are you, Sunshine? I wish you would bring some of your beautiful grace and Sun here for me. Then I could go outside and get my garden in order. When it’s so windy I can’t, the garden litter blows in my eyes and that’s not any fun at all. Who is your favorite on VPR? Typing one handed, Maybe is on my shoulder‼️He is getting HEAVY. I’d never had a kitty before that liked to be held like an infant. Have a great week.

    1. Yes…housewiFes, Yaking, he’s not even capable of spelling slang words. Do they still teach long and short A’s in school, or do they assume everyone allows their children to have the computer write for them? Do you know? I don’t have any grandkids, so no news on that front for me. I wonder if they still teach children what a syllable is. Sad that the English language is being lost. Have a wonderful week. ✤☀️

  7. It’ll be back, consulting a dictionary right now to make her response, gonna take a while. Spelled suck s u k. I’m not joking.

    1. That is probably text speak. Yes, this old lady knows about it!
      I would describe it as very lazy shorter spelling of words on cell phones most likely, while on the run, or maybe while the teacher is not looking, so more words can be written in a shorter space, even if it is not always able to be understood by other readers it was intended for….

  8. You’re all old and crazy. Rain is a psycho and shouldn’t be allowed out into the world . You all humor her when you know she’s crazy , you hate her as much as I do . Yourr all pretending to be friends like boring high school kids . Go get jobs

    1. Old, boring, and yes EVEN psycho people need love, too.
      You post here only to say you hate certain people.
      Sandy has offered to have a conversation with you, I would too.
      So it’s up to you now.

              1. She needs to aplogze for all the vile stuff she said about Lisa V . She wants to be her but she can’t because she’s crazy and vile . But Rain needs to take it all bak and aplogze

            1. It’s just a show. Everyone has their opinions about it. Sometimes we get carried away, but then that’s life, and we do our best and move on.
              For example, I was annoyed with you for calling people I care about here bitches, and I replied a couple of unkind things back.
              My friend Sandy took the position with you that maybe you just want to discuss one of the shows, she came back to you with good intention.
              I thought about it, and tried as well.
              Sometimes things just go left. You choose who you talk to, and who you care about. It’s all good.
              I am glad in my life to be old and boring, I had my hellraising days, buried far too many people I loved, and want peace for myself and those I love.
              I wish you good things.
              Take it or leave it.

          1. She needs to aplgze for all the vile things she said about Lisa V. She’s disgusting to say anothng about Lisa V

            1. Lisa V puts herself out there to make a good living, believe me, she’s not that concerned about this blog. It is just a show.

              1. Lisa V is the best housewife and nobody should say vile things abot her, specially a nobody like crazy Rain. She wants to be Lisa V and she can’t

    2. Go get jobs…how effing hilarious. Are you a mind reader too, or simply obsessed with Rain and Lisa V? I personally am a speed reader, so this takes very little time, my typing however could use some help. Maybe you should go take an English class honey. Then you might actually be able to have a discussion with those of us with IQ’s over 160.

    3. Dear, one day you’re going to eat those old age words of yours. Are you in juvie or something? Regardless, stop acting like such a toddler and go get busy with something more constructive. Honestly, why would you want to keep hanging out with the us ‘old’ ladies here anyway. Nobody hates anybody here dear. We’re just living our lives chitchatting about silly housewives. If you want to comment on them you’re free to. Do you need friendship or companionship because you’re lonely, if you do, stop the nonsense and behave yourself and show respect for your elders here and we may offer you a nice cup of tea and a scone. Just stop being a little honking honker.

        1. I’ll bet if you ask her ‘why’ in a nice manner without name calling she may answer you Sassafras with respect. Try it.

          1. I like LVP, but I am too old and boring, so S ass said. We can’t win.
            I guess if we “rite like dis” maybe it would be better understood, and we would reveal our everlasting youth. LOL
            When she finds the Fountain of Youth, she or he should let us know!

            1. Sandy there are things that I like about Lisa and things that I dislike about her also. But this child is just too invested in Lisa. It’s sad really. If the fountain of youth is ever found not going to lie I’ll be in line

              1. I never said she was perfection.There are things I do not like at all about LVP. I just always admired her for her love of animals and humanitarian efforts. I also love her sense of style. I love her with Ken and do not think he is one of her lap dogs, however, she could treat him with a little more respect, though I think a lot of it is just her weird sense of humor, and it is not all British humour, though some of it is, however.
                I don’t like how she makes the VPR cast pose in the nude or nearly nude, every single year…why? Why would I want to eat at a restaurant where a nude couple was lying on the table surrounded by fruit? That would repulse me.
                She says it is for public relations I believe and for memories of the years. Memories would be a photograph of everyone, and she has those with clothes on, so I don’t get it.
                She was treated badly by the group, especially that time in Puerto Rico. I really felt sorry for her, and everyone, especially Kim and Yo, would call Ken old. Brandi was a piece of work, but I don’t get why they were ever friends.
                Now LVP has been rude to Rinna, though Rinna is rude all the time, but LVP looks more and more like a mean girl in the later episodes, except with charity work and dog rescue which is exceptional. She is who she is,and she made me want to watch BH from the very first episode. I just do not think one person can be the entire show, and over time, people do change. I won’t watch if she is not on it, because I enjoy watching her, even if she is not perfect, and I don’t enjoy watching the rest of them, especially Erika and Rinna.

                1. I don’t think that any of us think that any of them is perfect. To be honest I don’t get the British vs America humor. Can’t believe I’m admitting to this but, Lisa’s humor is some what like mine. Yes I’ve hurt people’s feelings and made many people made because I would think something was funny but others thought it was just mean. So I’ve learned to back off a bit if I’m the only one laughing

                  1. Honestly, Daisy, if I type some things and to me they do not look at all upsetting, like in an email, and I think I am just being cute, it sometimes is misunderstood. My own hubby does not get my humor, but then again he does not get a lot of humor. He takes offense at innocent fun, so I don’t even try most of the time. He has too scientific of a brain or something. I sometimes feel like I am married to Sheldon from Big Bang Theory…not quite, but some things he just does not get. I was always funny to my friends growing up, but now I lost a lot of it, unless I meet up with an old friend or my sister sometimes. I grew up with a family who laughed together…a lot. We also had our share of dysfunctional, but we did have some very fun times.

                    1. My sister has my humor and sometimes I think oh no we are bitchy. My hubby totally gets it most of the time so no worries there. Oh and I adore Sheldon

    4. Can you stop the Sun from setting and the moon from rising? No, of course not. So, you will live long or die young. This using of “old” as an insult is obtuse, as you are.

    1. 3D’s! I am so happy to see you here. I read your post about the cream Sandy recommended making you feel better. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      You have been on my mind many times since the pink moon.
      Peace and blessings to you.

  9. First, housewiFes. Then, not capable of spelling even a slang word, yakking has 2 K’s or the A is long, like in “taking” not “talking.” That was for the ones here who aren’t educated.
    I think Ariana’s Tom is the biggest bitch on VPR. Now, he will be even more obnoxious since Lisa offered him the partnership. I care about your kids, you already knew that though, and we will take as much time and space as we want speaking of them. ❤️Maybe kt’s posts disappear like mine, I can get them back, but when I hit “Post” a blank page comes up with a small disqus window on top.
    I used to feel like I was watching a show about a bunch of kids until I realized when I was their age I had been working for 14 years and my children were at least 9,7 and 5. I am a little relieved none of them have kids, as they would have to stop drinking, and I honestly don’t believe any of them could. If Ariana is as honorable as she pretends to be, why did she choose for her bestie the one girl who thought it was just fine to be with a man who was so obviously married. Maybe that’s really why she doesn’t believe in marriage, the vows have too many rules. Have a beautiful day, Sandy, it’s super windy here.

    1. Hey 3 D’s. You are the best! Thanks for your kind words.
      I know what you mean. These “kids” are not kids at all. I was married with at least one child at their age. I did get a later start, but still. I was not acting like a teenager when at their age. I had a job, and actually worked two jobs, when I was single and had my own place, as a nurse at a hospital and at a casino on my weekends “off” from the hospital.
      Granted, it is a TV show, and they love the drama, but yes, Ariana is friends with Sheana who had no qualms about sleeping with Eddie while Brandi was married to him and pregnant with baby number 2. He was at fault too, but Sheana is now getting a taste of what hubby maybe stepping out feels like.She was not happy to see texts from other women on his cell phone at all.
      Ariana’s parents divorced, and from what I can tell, her brother has issues in a big way…maybe from a dysfunctional childhood. I think she does not want to have a divorce herself and fears marriage, but then again, is Tom Sandoval actually a straight man? He is sending mixed signals in a big way. She is sending them too…like mayb they are both bi? Marriage may not be wise for them.
      As for Tom Sandoval being full of himself, I agree. I was shocked LVP would offer the two Toms a part of her business. Tom Sandoval cannot even memorize one line in that little bit he had. What is his IQ? He stumbles for words when he talks with Lisa. Remember when he wanted to sell Sangria for her….

    2. Oh 3D’s.LOL…..I started to comment about the spelling then decided to keep reading in-case someone else did. Good on you! I get so caught up on the bad spelling and grammar! I feel I can’t take them seriously.

  10. Sheana is probably on Adderall. She looks emaciated now. Whether it is an eating disorder or not, I do not know, but she is into the “You can never be too rich or too thin” mentality. Her priorities are skewed.

    1. Yes, I agree. It would be Rx, because then she could feel superior to Shay. At least it’s pure amphetamines. Not cut with strychnine like the old bennies or dexies from the 60’s if one didn’t know who to get them from. I know, I know, that ages me and says something about me, but I honestly don’t care now. It’s been 4 decades plus 3 years since I ingested anything like that. I’m pretty sure I’m over it. Since I was never allowed to be a child during my actual childhood, I won’t bore anyone with the details, when my folks divorced my serious sowing of wild oats began. Ended at 19 1/2. I laughed my ass off and had so much fun during that time. No responsibilities or cares in the world. Then I grew up. Then the best times really began when my children began being born. They remain the lights of my life, and always will no matter how much passion I have for my own life with my garden and my hobbies and my work.

  11. It reminds me of the season 3 reunion of NY when a viewer asked Bethenny why she brought out the heavy artillery for Kelly Bensimon, that it was like using an AK 47 to kill a fly! That was so, so funny.

  12. “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they are felt with the heart.”
    Helen Keller

    I came to this site because of Suze, I adored her beautiful ways and sayings. Little did I know that the beautiful spirit you called friend would guide me to a place of such great comfort. It is my prayer that she is in a place of indescribable beauty and peace, and you will all be together again.

    Sincerest condolences to you all upon the loss of your great friend.

    1. Thanks sunshine. That’s very sweet of you. Too bad you didn’t have the chance to get to know Sue. She was truly the best

  13. I am much better today. Thank you. I slept better last night than the night before, and I do drink an average of two cups of coffee per day and missing that second cup the day before and not eating with the tummy upset, probably contributed to that headache.
    I am better. I took my little dog to the vet for his first annual visit this morning…since they usually want him back for another vaccination for Lyme Disease…and I have to go back next month. I told them I would call, since my guy hates cars, and he was sick on the way there…and then he was so nervous, he peed in the waiting room on the way out, so I cleaned it with paper towels and told them…He was good for his vaccination. (Distemper,etc.)
    Just cleaned the car seat off and doing more laundry now for the towels on the seat and a shower curtain (covered the bucket seat). He wore a nice new harness attached to the seatbelt..airbag stays off…so he was good until a block before the vet. (I want to type wah wah wah here…but is that how it is spelled.). He made it home okay…barely. It is quicker to get home with the highway.
    Whew! I dread that visit. The doc is telling me the Lyme vax is 98 percent effective. I never read that anywhere. He says don’t believe the Internet…since I am having some second thoughts, weighing the pros and cons. I will talk it over with the hubby and see…We do live surrounded by deer, and I step on deer droppings in my yard…state park nearby too. So, if it is not harmful..I should. Yet…what will the long term effects be. It is a booster, since he did have it the first two years of his life and is far anyway.

    I wrote a lot. Thanks for your concern. I am not too good with most scents. I used to use vanilla scented candles around the house years ago, and then read about what was unhealthy and what wasn’t, and for my bird (parrot) most things are bad. I also become asthmatic if scents are strong. I cannot even walk down the detergent aisle at the grocery store. Some stores are better than others. I cough immediately. I do know natural scents may be different. Then again I am allergic to roses and all dogs…or most. My dog I am not allergic to! I did take allergy meds for a year, but he does not bother me. I took one today because of the vet and cats and most dogs make me asthmatic.
    Now that is a short book…not nearly as long as most of Diana Gabaldon’s. did you check out her Methadone List? She recommends books she likes while we are in withdrawal. I have not read any. I love Outlander books…with Claire and Jamie. Yes.

  14. Tillamook? I don’t know if we have that here. I love hazelnuts. It turns out my youngest son is allergic to them. He ate one of my Perugina Baci chocolate kisses over the holidays and his lip swelled..and well, I gave him Benadryl stat! I have those chocolates every holiday. My young son is allergic to some fruits too…more as he ages.
    Now, that was off topic sorta kinda! I used to hate ice cream as a kid. I wish I was like that today, only since I hated sweets as a kid too..not average. I would be thinner with that appetite today. I like ice cream as an adult, and I love nuts and/or chocolate swirls in vanilla ice cream a lot… I love Edy’s Slow Churned French Silk and Cookie Dough flavors, and Talenti Caribbean Coconut Gelato and other flavors of Gelato too like Pumpkin Pie and Tiramisu.

  15. I hope you wore protective goggles when you did that! Whew! That is a great way to release that pent up negative energy for sure!

    I hope you had some Gelato. Mmm.

  16. I think Edy’s might be called Dreyer’s out your way? Slow churned is a lighter ice cream but very tasty. I like the other brands too…like Ben and Jerry’s, but rarely buy them. I would eat a container of that too easily!
    Yours sounds more natural and really tasty. I bet it is awesome!

  17. I agree. I am steering away from them more now myself. The Gelato is tasty. The hubby likes the cheaper stuff more, but it is better to buy the full fat, I know, and I don’t buy sugar free anything ever. I won’t ingest that stuff. I don’t like all the fillers either, and am reading labels more and more.
    I never ate much ice cream, and as a kid my parents took me to a place where they had homemade ice cream. I could only eat very little. I hated sweets then….not now. I don’t like icing on cakes, but I like cream cheese frosting on carrot cake. I love cookies…just certain ones, like raspberry rugala. I can eat some Greek sweets, and they are very sweet, but only one or two occasionally. I am weird. I like fruit pies…berry pies are my favorite!
    I just had a natural cookie of oatmeal chocolate chip…no bad ingredients other than the normal ones. I also had an organic plain yogurt, and an asparagus omelet of one egg…not much but enough! Weird diet. I am not into sandwiches so much.
    Now everyone knows I eat weird. I have to get some fruit. My boys tell me the fruit and things like avocadoes are so much less expensive in CA than here. You are lucky!
    They are almost in Oregon now! I love the pictures…so pretty with all the trees in northern CA. XOXO

  18. I do most of mys shopping these days at BJ’s and Costco. I belong to both. Costco has more veggies and things. Fruit here is available but more affordable in summer. We get a lot shipped from CA and it costs way more here than by you. I love avocadoes…but not too often. They are so filling. I think Chipotle has the best guac around here…made fresh all the time.

    1. I don’t think we have BJs , at least not in sf . Sf is weird in what it allows , so we were all pleasantly surprised they allowed Costco. But for e.g. there is no Walmart
      Sf charges more for fruits and veggies than other CA cities , everything cost more here, it’s a bummer

      1. It seems to be that way in any big city. NYC is ridiculously expensive to buy groceries in, which my son says is why it is cheaper to get food delivered than to buy and make your own…plus he has weird hours at work, and he just has no time to shop. He does know how to cook, and his specialty is baking. He has baked pies and makes cakes with fondant. He invented what he called a cake pie many years ago in college. Now somone else has one…but his was different. It is more like a cake baked separate then split into two, and placed in a cookie crumb crust with fresh raspberry filling between very thin layers of cake and fondant icing. He has made it for his work at times. I had it once. He used organic raspberries too…not bad.
        Now when he comes home, he lets me do all of the cooking, but he did make some brussel sprouts once for me when I asked, since he bragged about his!

  19. Rain, that’s great news. You wanted him to find a nice girl after that horrible one, and he did. I wish them all the best. She sounds absolutely beautiful. And, you said smart first, I’m giving you a virtual hug for that one. OMG…those babies would be beyond cute. If he’s happy, he won’t want anything to do with witchy poo. He can see/feel the difference. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Rain just shared with me about Suze’s passing. I’m just so sad about this awful news. You and Rain had a special relationship with her and I am just sick about this. So sorry 3 D’s, so very sorry…..

  21. Suze would always say the nicest things to me both personally and on the blogs. Such a kind woman. I wish I knew her more. She will always be with us. Just think of her and she’ll fill your heart.
    Rain, I wish I could take away your pain. I know that your son is always with you. And, he is so proud and happy to call you his momma. You will see him again. I’m crying right now, I have to end this. Love, peace, and biggest of hugs to you all.

  22. I’ll be in Italy in another two weeks. I’ll be sure to light a candle for her. I will for all of us here. I’m sobbing like a fool at my desk. Love you all.

  23. I am so sorry that you all lost a friend. I know it’s hard for you ladies, but it is beautiful to see how you all hold each other up. You are all very sweet people. I felt for you and just wanted to express my condolences.

    1. Thank you karoline for your kind words . She was a legend and the heart and soul of this blog . We will never forget her

  24. So well put Real Sandy. I still cant wrap my head around the tremendous loss I & all of us feel. I never met her, but grew to love her goodness on this blog. She is so missed. There’ll never be another Suze for sure. What a blessing she was to us all. She left us with her great legacy & enormous heart.

  25. Oh Yes, Real Sandy. You were a gem to have done that for our sweet Suze & I do recall all of us were so thrilled for her. You made the rest of her life with that gift. God bless you, Real Sandy.

  26. Even my kids have been affected by her passing as they interacted with her to help me get her email address via fb.

  27. Reading all the messages yesterday had me crying. She had to be someone special. How else could a stranger that we didn’t know in person impact us all? Her family has to be very proud of that lady. I was really hoping one day we would be able to meet up in London for afternoon tea. 🙁

  28. Yes R. Sandy, Ken was wonderful-he always is. BUT, You made it happen & Suze was flying on air as she is now. Somehow I feel she is here blogging with us & also free to visit in spirit with us all. Thanks to you & you alone R.Sandy, you made her wish a reality & I thank you for that.

  29. Yes she did & so much too. But you made sure to go that double extra mile & brought to her much thrilling happiness & warming her insides the same way you feel warm inside at the great good you did. You may have felt it was little, R. Sandy, but to her it was an unexpected, beautiful gift that she never thought it was possible to receive. I am sure as she got weaker physically, the joy of Ken tweeting her was like a warm, fuzzy blanket of comfort. That makes me feel good & it should make you feel great to have brought that gift of joy to a dear much loved friend.

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