Scheana Shay Files For Divorce From Husband Mike Shay


Unfortunately, Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay and her husband Mike have been unable to mend their marriage after a separation earlier this month.

Scheana filed for divorce from her husband on November 30th, and the couple released a joint statement to US Weekly regarding their split.

“While we have made the difficult decision to move forward separately, our story will continue on through the love and mutual respect that we have cultivated throughout our 15-year friendship. Much of the recent speculation and reporting on our relationship has been misguided, and we have come to an amicable decision on all matters. We might have failed at our marriage, but we are committed to succeeding as friends and will continue to support each other’s personal happiness and professional success.”

After leaving the home he shares with his wife of two years during the first week of November, Mike, 29, has refused to return, instead choosing to stay with family members, RadarOnline reported.

Despite reports that Mike has relapsed, the insider insists he is doing great. “Shay is great,” the insider says. “He is just focusing on his music right now.”

The couple separated following an ugly argument at home in early November.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Always sad to see a marriage end so quickly… but I’m not surprised. I had the impression that Sheanna was more into her wedding than her groom.

Scheana says to us “have some respect” .No girl. You don’t even know about respect. If you did you would take your self off of reality tv. You would not be making your business the world’s business. Have some respect Scheana, for us, the ex fans. You need to grow up. Your loosing fans
Most of us don’t even care about watching anymore. One is because of you.

This is all for the best. I hope Mike Shay gets the treatment he needs to kick the habit and stay clean. Staying with his family away from all of the drama is a good idea.
Sheana’s priorities seem skewed. Really, she does not seem empathetic to anyone else’s condition, like Mike Shay, and is too self absorbed to be in a serious relationship. They never should have married IMO.

Well said Sandy . I hope she learns and grows from this .

Thanks, Rain. We can only hope. 😉 xo

It’s extremely difficult to try and quit drinking while you’re part of that group, the vodka with coffee and toast crew!!! He needs a whole new group of people to hang around .

agree…. Sheanna never showed any support for her husband. If your husband shouldn’t be drinking or doing drugs…. then find a group of friends that are on the same page and it isn’t this group of drunks.

Well, trying to be sober around all those idiots would be IMPOSSIBLE. Not to mention, retaining an ounce of sanity having to live with that birdbrain wife of his. No big loss. He is MUCH better off. Tom Schwartz needs to RUN and RUN fast away from that drunk he married. Another idiot.

Tom is henpecked/ p….ywhipped. He is a fool. I agree.
Why is it all the bit..y girls get the sweet guys?

mommy issues…..

Yes, I think you may be right there, Gigicat. It makes sense.

Why do any of you cows watch any of these shows? It’s just the same 10 bats commenting on every post about how you HATE everyone on the show and talking to each other about crap that is completely irrelevant to Bravo or the topic. Go find a freaking knitting group or something. Jesus.

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You butter off SUZE. Go find somewhere else to talk about your tendonitis and hemorrhoids and how much you despise everyone on Bravo. Maybe find a website that blogs about something you can relate to like Weight Watchers.

STFU ASSHOLE!!!! You have no idea what this woman goes through. And if you’re so fuxkign annoyed why are you here you little shit????? Go somewhere where they are douches like you

Bravo Rain , nothing more to say besides the fact that Suze is off limits . Do not talk about her . Say what you want about me I don’t give a fuck

Daisy I don’t give a fuck about bunnikins either he or she is a Tw*t!
(Probably thinks I mean twit which I don’t!)

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Sad needy bunny ! Nobody loves this poor shitty bunny! I hate that you’re all friends waaaaaaa waaaaaa

Isn’t if funny that you’re the only one who doesn’t like it here. Why don’t you take your own advice and leave this site. It is inappropriate for you bunny. FYI: No one here hates everyone. Each person here has a right to comment on the topic at hand and to meet and greet if they wish, since the owner of this blog/site has no problem with it. In fact, she encourages it. Each and every person here has a story, but they don’t have to share it with you. If anyone is a hater, it is you. You attacked… Read more »

Sandy ❤️❤️❤️ Rae/IKnow/nycbynny /Orin etc are needy sad creatures 🙂 they claim they hate us and we are so awful yet they can’t stop posting lol. Jealousy I guess .

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I think it’s really one person sandy with multiply names

The troll was expelled from school maybe. Too much time on its hands.
What a lowlife.

Yeah, when you’re alone all the time, there is only yourself to speak to, therefore they make up the many names! It is kinda sad when someone comes here and sees the true care and interest we have for one another, and it makes them so, so angry and lonely because they want that so badly in their life. The funny side is that all the comments were about Sheana and Shay on the thread.

Sandy i’m not stressed I promise you. I just feel pity! But thank you for caring my friend xxxxxx

Good. “It” is not worth it.
Friends care. XOXOXO

You sound just like that troll Rae. You are disgusting..

Only hated, hurt “people” write hateful, hurtful, ignorant posts. I feel so sorry for you, nycbunny, that you are hated and hurt all the time. You are forgiven by me anyway. I hope truly that you can find a way to stop doing what it is obvious you do to be hated, and learn to live life in a blessed way.
So far you have wasted the chances you have been given.

Rain…. you don’t know what they are going through either unless you are scheana. No one knows at all what goes on in their house. Scheana is NOT the victim here, she is equally responsible as Shay. The problem with Scheana is that when Shay had his relapse instead of saying something stupid like “I could never be with someone who is completely sober” DING DING DING… you get the award for the most hateful and stupid comment of the season. SO let’s all agree that there is no one who knows what they are or are not going through.… Read more »

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1. I don’t have tendonitis
2. I don’t have hemorrhoids
3. I don’t hate everyone at Bravo
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I do think you are a prat If that counts?

Damn, I am SuSe . . . That is not me.

No this is Suze and it is me and I have been posting here for nearly two years!
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Nice try

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Like every other 8 year old whose older brother taught them some swear words. . Only difference is usually by 8, people have compassion and know how to act and speak in public. Oh, well. Sigh. Another unhappy, toxic soon to be convict.

Ditto. I used to kind of like Katie, minus that she allowed herself to play second fiddle to Stassi, then blamed Stassi for ALL of it. It takes two people to make a friendship. If she ( Katie ) would have shown Stassi the boundaries in the beginning, Stassi wouldn’t have taken the leadership roll. There is always a stronger person in a duo. Always. Usually though, the stronger one is mature enough to allow the friendship to be healthy. Katie was just as responsible for that break as Stassi was. And Katie gets downright cruel when she drinks, aimed… Read more »
Great post 3Ds! ❤️❤️ Katie is a meanie . I do like Schwartz and I think he’s a bit confused between being a peaceful guy and making boundaries. However , it’s a good sign tbat he’s going to therapy , which means EVENTUALLY he will be able to locate hai testicles and stand his ground Against all logic and reason, Kristen remains my weakness LOL. That hot mess just makes me want to mother AND spank her lol. But I am afraid the way this cast drinks they will ALL have multiple rehab stints Oh I think the thread you’re… Read more »
Hi, my hippy soul sister. I finally found it. The raebies, nybuttho person never replies to any commentary aimed at him. Meaning, of course, that he has only one hateful thing a day to say. No potential for an argument or discussion because from what I’ve heard, on lockdown, you have only 30 minutes online. Hope all is well in beautiful SF. How is your job going? Are you still enjoying the independence it gives you? God, I hope I am not so far back from reading posts that something huge has changed. This time of year is very hard,… Read more »
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All you guys are correct. This marriage was doomed before it even began. When you have a partner who has a problem with addiction whether it’s alcohol or pills, or heavier drugs whatever, When your other partner says “I could never be with someone who didn’t drink” says it all right there. She was more interested in being part of the gang than she was helping her husband work through his addiction. Scheana is the most selfish, ugly, disrespectful, narcissist. It was always about her. She should not only be ashamed of herself she should get down on her knees… Read more »

Great post Melodie ❤️❤️

Wow! Really well said Melodie, I don’t need to say anything else as you have said it all! Xo

I concur!

Melodie I agree!! Scheana could of been more supportive of her husbands struggles you can’t drink all the time in front of an alcoholic and expect them to ever relapse.


I’d be an addict of some sort if I had to live with her and hang around the crew and watch a shit show of some type every night.

One question…… taking down the wedding wallpaper in the apartment wonder what she is going to do with the photos. Sounds really sad to me.

I’m sorry it’s always sad any time a marriage does not work,but she is not the sharpest tool in the shed…at what point does someone behave like an adult and not a spoiled brat!!! I felt so sorry for him and how she treated him and put him dow…it would drive me to run and run far!

They’ve been married for what–all of 5 minutes? So sad.e

Have Tom and Katie actually gotten married? She’s turned into such a witch this season. She behaves like some of the girls I went to HS with. There was always one in the group who called all the shots. When another group member went against the grain she found herself on the outside looking in. As for Tom, he seems like a decent guy. I think he’s in too deep to back out now.

I heard an interview that Stasie gave recently where they asked her about Katie being so mean. She said that Tom has just as much of a bite with his words as Katie does. She says that they are both so articulate that they know exactly what to say to cut you the deepest. She said that it is very rare for either of them to yell because they don’t have to.

I wonder of Sheana will keep the name. I think she liked being Sheana Shay. Maybe that was one of the reasons she married?!

I wonder If..

I read on another website that he’s actually sober and clean and that Scheana created this lie about him being missing and her waning a divorce , only to save face. He apparently had already left her

Wow. That would be crazy if it is true. She could not deal with him leaving her and how that would look. Unreal.

I am callimg it a night. I have to watch this week’s Younger and Designated Survivor episodes…at least one tonight. 🙂 It’s been fun chatting, Rain.
XOXO. Take care my friend. ❤️❤️❤️

Have fun sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️

Scheana is self absorbed and shallow. She never loved him, she just loved him loving her.

She wanted to be with someone as into her as she is. He seems like a genuinely good guy and I think he deserves to be loved. I hope he can maintain his sobriety through this heartache.

Very well said, Sasha. I hope so too.

They can mate with yours, honey. God, what the hell happened to you as a child? Myself and many of my friends here have been married most of their adult lives. That means we have beauty inside, not just outside. The ones who aren’t married aren’t unmarried because of any flaw, like yours. God, again, you must be the mot hated person in your zip code to go around with nothing to say but hateful commentary. I honestly pity you.

Typo: 5 lines down, 11th word “most” not “mot.”