Scheana Shay Defends Stassi, Kristen and Katie Against Lala

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay recently spoke with the Daily Dish, and Scheana defended the other girls on the show, Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney, and Kristen Doute when it came to how they acted towards Lala Kent this season.

“I don’t see it as my friends bullying me,” she said. “Although Lala may not have done something super terrible to me, she’s done terrible things and said terrible things about some of my best friends. So as much as I may be able to get over that easier, it still doesn’t sit well with me. So I understand where their concern comes from.”

When Ariana Madix attempted to have Katie and Scheana sit down with Lala, Scheana says that whole situation was nothing more than a big misunderstanding. “For myself, I just felt like, ‘Look, if I’ve been saying things about you that aren’t true, I’m gonna apologize,'” she explained. “But everything we said about [Lala] was really true, so I thought I was being witty with it, they didn’t, and we’ve moved past that.”

Scheana admitted to sometimes feeling like the odd one out in the foursome of girls. “I think in the beginning of the summer, I did feel like it was more three against one because they were all so close, and I’m used to having that go-to person in a group, which was normally Ariana, but her and I had not been as close since last summer,” Scheana said. “I get very sensitive, I get my feelings hurt very easily, and I get left out often. I think a lot of that I create in my own head, but I know it’s not like that. It tends to feel that way at times, but they’ve always reassured me it’s not like that.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo