Scheana Reveals When Lisa Vanderpump Found Out About Her Affair With Eddie Cibrian


Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie is continuing to defend her boss, Lisa Vanderpump, when it comes to Vanderpump’s ongoing feud with Brandi Glanville. Scheana is insisting Lisa had no knowledge of her affair with Glanville’s husband Eddie Cibrian, prior to the show. “I’ve worked for Lisa for years, but she had no idea about my past,” Scheana tells the site.

“I don’t float information to my boss, like, ‘Five years ago, I slept with this guy,’” she continues. “After Brandi and I had our run at SUR years ago, Lisa obviously found out [about the affair.] Since then, Lisa had made sure I am NEVER working Brandi’s table. She doesn’t want Brandi to feel uncomfortable.”

But Brandi isn’t buying it. She took to Twitter, writing, “Lisa continually brought [Scheana] around. It makes me wonder what her motives are.”

Vanderpump has consistently denied knowing anything about Schean’s affair with Cibrian. She recently wrote in her blog, “Scheana approaches me, from what I recall, saying there had been words between her and Brandi. Nobody at SUR had a clue that there was any connection… So the only plausible thing for me to do was to remove Scheana from the situation as quickly as possible out of consideration for Brandi.”

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8 Replies to “Scheana Reveals When Lisa Vanderpump Found Out About Her Affair With Eddie Cibrian”

  1. Even if Lisa had known, it doesn’t matter. What happened between Scheana, Eddie and Brandi is between them. It’s none of Lisa’s concern and she has no obligation to do anything about it.

    Brandi is being a bratty kid expecting Lisa to choose between her and a long time loyal employee. Get over yourself, Brandi.

  2. Lisa found out in season 2. two years later and she’s having scheana work events that brandi’s invited to.. even asking brandi to talk to scheana just for the sake of her spin off show. i like lisa but it’s very obvious that her friendship with brandi only ever happened because at the time nobody else was lisa’s friend. And then she used brandi for the sake of vanderpump rules.

  3. Poor wittle Scheana Marie Jancan, so deperately flailing to whitewash her past. .. and protect her meal ticket.

    It’s time to stop altering the timeline and length of your affair, the inconsistencies becme more laughable with each retelling.

    Miss Jancan will not stop defending her own indefensible behavior.

    Stop discussing the affair. You were the mistress. You should remain silent.

    Jancan will also not stop discussing and insulting the wife of the married man she serviced years ago.

    Now, she is just as ardently defending her employer Vanderpump.
    Jancan does know how to follow the money $$$

    Polite society knows that Jancan should never utter Glanville’s name and live quietly regarding her earned notoriety. The question is, when will Jancan learn that fact?

    Jancan should be humbled that Ms. Glanville, ever, gave her even ONE civilized moment of her time. That the “sit down” led to Jancan garnering a tv role and an unimagined salary as a server, should render her grateful and beholden to Glanville for life. That’s right, without Glanville’s largess, your immediate future was the Azuza branch of Chili’s. Yet Jancan believes her inane waitress drama is due to talent (insert eye roll).
    Even Bravo and Lisa Vanderpump admit they needed and NEED the Cibrian scandal to sell Vanderpump Rules.
    You aired your filth on a nationally syndicated entertainment news show without a thought to the pain or humiliation you would cause Glanville and her family. You were intent on mustering any fame, ahem, infamy, you could create based on the affair.

    Now, your milking more press from your concubine days.

    Shall you go quietly, head tucked, with whatever dignity a woman such as yourself can muster? Doubtful, you lack humility, shame, and decency. You instead, years later, subject the now divorced single mother to more press, attacks through gossip columnists and twitter.

    Glanville has the right to vilify you. You are a villain in her life’s story. You don’t have an equal and opposite right.
    You never “dated” Eddie Cibrian, you were never his girlfriend, you were a mistress who received gifts and trips, and I daresay, “tips”?

    You can’t sing, you can’t act, you can’t keep your lies straight.

    Just go away.

    1. So Brandi hiring ghost writers now? I hate to break this to you but I don’t care where your husband pick his p***s 8 yes ago. It’s old news… There is an old saying ” Least said soonest mended” I think you practice this one.

  4. She breaks girl-code every time she mentions her bad choices. Not to mention…WHY she stayed in such a demeaning role. I agree whole heartedly with Nancy.

  5. I think brandi is being ridiculous—if it’s that bad for her (although her divorce was like 7 years ago), then just avoid Scheana, put on you’re big girl pants (first to cover you’re tampon string, and next to grow up and act like an adult), get over it and STFU already —- really, no-one cares about you and you’re nobody ex divorce…..
    But to use this lame excuse as a way to tear Lisa down is awful, brandi has proven to be driven by $$$$ and sex—she is a walking STD and makes all women look bad.
    I call BS on brandi——-
    brandi probably thought with the help of yolanda (an alleged classy women) entering the show, and with her recent book sales that somehow that would possibly make her “queen b”. brandi is too ignorant to understand that the past (sloppy messy disgusting vulgar behaviour) cannot be erased. Besides, Lisa V., is a fan favorite and a successful, classy, loving, adored woman who has worked hard for over 30 years both in her marriage and business (brandi does not get this concept)—brandi just wants to go to the front of the line and hold her hand out for more money to flow her way complete with a handsome man—–she can keep dreaming apparently gerard butler couldn’t even remember who she was and eddie ran to leann as fast as he could——–brandi would turn on her grandma if it made her a buck—-truly despicable….hope bravo gets rid of this trashy idiot along with jealous, bitter yolanda and brain damaged kim…..

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