Do Scheana and Mike Shay Keep in Touch?

While Scheana Shay appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen she opened up more about her recent divorce from Mike Shay.

Andy asked if the former couple are officially divorced and Scheana explained, “I don’t have the certificate yet, but mentally, emotionally, physically, in every single way, yes I am.”

The Daily Dish talked with Scheana in January and believes they will remain on good terms going forward. “Things have stayed amicable for the most part,” she said. “Maybe one day we can be friends.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Do Scheana and Mike Shay Keep in Touch?”

  1. If Shay was smart and looks like he is… then he won’t go anywhere near her or her castmates. Last group you want to hang with if you are trying to be sober. His wife was a loser in that department.

  2. Shay, run, run, run away! Stay away. Sheana only wanted your last name because it sounded nice with Sheana, maybe? She never was that into you, Shay, I am sorry to say, but you are better off without her. Please give yourself a chance to meet someone who actually cares about you and not herself above all.
    Even if Shay does not read this, and Sheana does. Sheana wake up. Your youth will not last forever. Your looks, with help even, will not last forever. You should stay alone until you can actually care about someone else and not just about yourself. This reality show is not a forever thing, and money is not the answer to happiness either. The real world still exists beyond the bubble you are in. Do yourself a favor and take a class and just educate yourself. Maybe just read a book and about current events, etc. You need to learn more about things like addiction, etc. I am shocked you are so clueless about so much.

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