Scheana & Mike Shay Divorce Deal

Scheana and Mike Shay gave the California courts their judgement package on December 20th to have their divorce finalized. It could take up to six weeks for the judge to sign off on the deal, RadarOnline is reporting.

Scheana filed for divorce on November 30th coming after filing for separation on November 9th following the premiere of the new season of Vanderpump Rules.

Mike’s bandmates claimed at the time she filed for divorce for ratings for the show, as others have revealed that camera’s have captured their split as well.

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Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Scheana & Mike Shay Divorce Deal”

    1. Ditto. I also think that Shay looks a lot more handsome than he ever did before. And Sheana looks like a melting Barbie doll. Almost melting. I mean the entire planning segment of that wedding was devoid of Mike. At her age!!!! she still thought like a ten year old little girl in that the wedding would be like having fairy dust sprinkled on their lives. Seriously, like somehow the wedding, not the MARRIAGE commitment would take care of any and all real life situations. And, the ridiculous amount of money they spent would buy half of a house here where I live.
      When the addiction issues came to light, she basically made up her mind, no matter what she says now, that she couldn’t “date” a man who can not drink. SHE SAID THOSE WORDS. She proved right there that she is delusional in all aspects of life, including and especially in the real and life long situation of having a partner, who you basically JUST MADE A VOW to love & honor, cherish and adore, in sickness and in health for as long as you both shall live. For God Sakes, what a selfish, self involved, conceited little bitch.

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