Scheana Marie Shay Adult Past Detailed


RadarOnline recently had the chance to talk with one of Scheana’s past directors from the show Femme Fatal, which was a show in the adult film industry.

Back in 2012 before Vanderpump Rules Scheana appeared twice on the show. “I really liked working with her a lot,” the show’s director Robert Meyer Burnett said. “We were always at odds with the actors we could get and obviously you want to get good actors, but at the same time you were like, ‘You have to get naked and simulate sex.’”

Burnett follows up saying “She was a lot of fun on the set, she didn’t complain as many actresses can do. She threw herself into the role.”

Scheana starred in two episodes titled “16 Minutes of Fame” and “Libra.”

Apparently Scheana didn’t have much of a problem taking her clothes off as the director mentions. “It’s a reality show riff — a riff on Big Brother,” Burnett mentions. “All of them were young and beautiful and all just wanted to go for it. They had no problem, like, ‘Yeah you want us to take off our clothes? Yeah, no problem.’”

“Scheana’s character turned out to be the villainess,” Burnett said. “Not only did she have to have sex in the show, but then she had a huge cat fight in the kitchen at the end where she is battling with knives and pots and pans. She really went for it — I’ve got to give her all the credit in the world because she was awesome.”

“I had a lot of fun with her,” he continued. “I thought she was great. Total trouper: she did everything that we asked of her.”

Once the show was over Burnett said Scheana was really the only one with a problem with it saying; “I had put a 2-minute directing montage of my footage from the show and I tagged everybody that was in my montage,” Burnett recalled. “And she was actually the only one who objected to it.”

Eventhough it was just simulated apparently Scheana didn’t want the information to become that big of news.

“She wrote me back, and said, ‘Look, I want you to untag me and please don’t put me on any of your stuff anymore because I’m not doing this anymore and I’m in a different phase of my career,’” Burnett said. “I kind of felt bummed out. I get it, especially the cheesecake soft core show, but I thought she was good. I wish she looked back on doing those shows as fondly as I do.”

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24 Replies to “Scheana Marie Shay Adult Past Detailed”

  1. Well she certainly has a LOT of nerve having any opinion whatsoever about LaLa considering her past history in porn and sleeping with married men.

  2. Confirms my belief that these people will do anything for any little bit of fame. And since they have no real talent, well …

    1. What career “next phase”???? Waitressing and stroking her extensions with well-manicured spuke nail as she dry-cries??? She has no acting chops, and has a very ordinary face, with limited facial expressions for “happy”, “sad”, “angry”, “surprised”; like a mask or doughface. Acting requires a variety of voices (not imitation Kim K), gestures (not hair stroking and dabbing at minimal tears in right eye only with side of index finger), and interesting subject matter THAT SHOWS YOU HAVE BRAINS AND COMPASSION (toward Brandi/Eddie, Shay, Lala, and her compassionate girlfriends(not Whiney-Cat Kristen). She’ll be stuck forever on LVP or the porn industry…is she from Las Vegas, by chance?

      1. Jealous much? She’s a very pretty girl. I was in the waiter business my entire live, in case you find something wrong with working for a living, and I would have loved to work with her.

  3. She’s super annoying this season, she’s completely fake.

    It’s beyond redicilious to make comments about how man stealers aren’t welcome in your group when Lisa only hired you for the show cuz of the drama you brought from sleeping with a married man. Trying to pretend your past doesn’t exist.

    1. ITA! Shows how ignorant a lot of reality actors are about their pasts…believe me, if you’re only in it to gain fame, for sure, someone you treated badly or stepped on in the past will happily bring you INFAMY and bust your bubble of delusion- for all the world to see. Humble down, girl, ’cause there’s more to come for sure. Take a hint from your co-actors on Bravo. Do the job for the fun of it, not for ego. If fame pursues you, we’ll and good, but don’t use the show EXPECTING to be famous.
      We often have to be broken before we can be remade, HENCE Bethenny, Nene, Sheree, Ramona, Vicki, ad infinitum…

  4. I don’t remember her voice being so whiny and drawn out in the previous seasons. Does she think she sounds cute with this new way of talking??? It’s sad to see these grown young women trying to sound like a 14 year old girl

    1. She is driving me crazy, I can’t say I have ever liked her but this season it’s ridiculous, her voice, as you have said! Xoxo

    2. She sounds nasal to me And drawn out too. I wonder if she had rhinoplasty. Her nose looks even smaller to me. That may possibly make her sound that way more too.

  5. … putting on huge, phoney-but-fashionable EYEGLASSES, like in above photo, and in last week’s segment during the discussion, DOES NOT make I believe you are really intelligent. They sell those glasses in Wal-Mart on a kiosk for $5!

  6. Scheana is proving to be a very immature young lady who’s choices are very very scary and really hurtful to many people. We all know her relationship with Kristen made her best friend Ariana back off of their relationship and guess what I don’t blame Ariana at all. As a matter of fact Scheana does not deserve to be friends with anyone who hurts people with her choices. You know I am talking about putting Ariana on the spot inviting Kristen to events that made her so called best friend very uneasy and unhappy. I watched the show with Scheana’s bachelor party and listened closely to comments about having a knife in her hand and that was dangerous. Making comments about Throwing things at her, hoping for her to get hit by cars etc. NO WAY would i ever put any friend through that. I felt Scheana should have told Kristen to leave. i know it makes for good TV but no way would I have my best friend deal with crazy. Scheana is no friend to anyone she is a fake. Lastly the comments she is making about her husbands addiction is sickening. She basically said I don’t want my husband to have therapy or get sober She wants someone to drink with and party.
    Addiction is just a symptom of a much bigger problem and Shay has some demons that he needs to excise and deal with one issue being his wife and her dominance. Once he is able to stand up to her and put his foot down around her she MIGHT get it but most of the ladies on this show are just plain stupid. If I were Ariana I would just go on with her life, if she gets calls from Scheana speak nicely and then say no Im sorry we can’t do that. Distance yourself from the toxin and you and TOm can have a really nice life.

  7. Sheana needs to close her mouth and her legs and get an education. She’s already lost the small amount of cuteness that was all she had to work with.

  8. I have to say that just 2 short years ago Sheana was really a pretty girl. I mean, wow, she is only 30, but she looks 45. Which isn’t old either, but it is old when you’re only 30. The minute the botox starts, they lose any unique or interesting quality to their looks. Their lips look like sausages, losing all shape, they have no expression on their face at all. And IMO, it doesn’t make them look younger. And Shay, he isn’t clean. Come on! Eggwhite omelet notwithstanding, she spoke over him when he was trying to tell her about his addiction.
    AND, saying SHE CAN’T DATE, DATE anyone who doesn’t drink at all!? ! I think now that you are married, honey, you are a little past “dating.” Poor Shay.

  9. She is a wanna be Hollywood starlet! Only prob is can’t act her way out f a paper bag! Didn’t dislike her so much, or even give a shit for that matter, until Shay revealed his pill problem. Sorry, but that was bad acting on her part! That crying didn’t have a single tear and she talks over him and makes it all about her like she is fully aware of cameras and auditioning for B movie!! Not good

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