Scheana Marie Reveals Ex-Husband Shay Appears at Vanderpump Rules Reunion

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay split from her husband Mike last November and hadn’t really kept in contact with him since, but she revealed in a new interview that the two crossed paths at the show’s reunion that was filmed recently.

“We’re not speaking as much as we were before,” she told Us Weekly. “I did see him when we filmed the reunion last week. Hopefully one day we can be friends again. But for now, I think it’s good to have some space.”

So there you have it! Looks like Shay will be making an appearance at the reunion… that will be interesting.

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “Scheana Marie Reveals Ex-Husband Shay Appears at Vanderpump Rules Reunion”

  1. Scheana your a immature little girl who has absolutely NO insight at all. Your marriage ended because you refused to accept your husbands addiction (which by the way if he was taking 6 vicodin a day that is headed towards a problem but real addition is when your taking 30 pills a day) this could have been something that could have been fixed if they had BOTH put in the time PRIOR to the wedding to get a handle on it. Scheana KNEW about his pill issue but instead of deciding to work on it before they got married they decided to go through with all the parties and then decided it was not really a big deal. He could have 1 drink instead of 3. THat’s not how addiction works Scheana the Moron.
    Again I prove my point that Scheana is a child inside a ladies body. Scheana’s mom your not without guilt here. You did NOT teach your child the appropriate MATURE WAY of handling adult situations.
    Lastly lets file for divorce, then instead of taking some time to find out why it all went bad (a good therapist) she goes out and finds a boyfriend. All I can say to that guy is your either really dumb or just immature like her.

  2. I like Shay, Scheana not so much. I feel she was the cause, too immature & only married for the wrong reasons. No patience left.

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