Scheana Marie Fires Back At Brandi Glanville, Calls Her Ignorant


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville had a run in with Scheana Marie during Kyle Richards’ party, and now Scheana is speaking out saying Brandi needs to get over the past and that she doesn’t appreciate Brandi making fun of her tooth. “Brandi likes to poke fun at me to make herself feel better?” Scheana writes in her Blog. “Or what? I’m not sure. But to attack my physical appearance and something I am very self conscious of is just a dick move.”

“I’m sorry I slept with your husband seven years ago, but might I add he was the asshole who lied and broke vows, not me!” she writes. “For Brandi to say it’s ‘karma’ is just ignorant. The definition of karma is ‘what goes around comes around.’ So because I slept with a married man seven years ago I somehow deserve to have an accident where my two front teeth are knocked out?”

“That’s equivalent to me saying her dog was stolen as a result of something she did in the past that was shameful,” Scheana says. “Makes ZERO sense!!!”

Do you agree with Scheana?

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  • DebBrenn

    Well, I’m a Buddhist, and neither of them truly understand the Karma. That aside, Brandi really does need to get over it. But Sheana shouldn’t be reduced to a mass of blubbering flesh over two temporarily discolored teeth, either, or expect everybody to mourn her oral surgery. It was also a head scratcher why she expected even the slightest amount of feigned concern from Stassi. Stassi is a cold, self centered, clueless, and entitled child. When did it become a smart of decent thing to want the friendship of someone who has continually proved she (Stassi) only cares about herself and is merciless in making sure everybody suffers if they don’t serve her purpose?

  • Erika

    It was very whorish to do what she did! Yes he was the one who broke the vows but it’s not like she stopped and decided to step out the picture because of his vows! Stop playing the victim!

  • Melodie

    Scheana you have to accept the consequences to your actions. You got yourself into it and now whatever comes your way you deserve it. By the way your tooth does look odd. Sorry but that is the truth. If your so vain to worry about a statement like that then you need to check yourself. When your implant is done then it will be over as for now people may ask and as a young mature lady you say I had an accident and Im in the process of having some dental work done. Deal with it….. by the way Im am sorry to say this but Im having a bad day. Your music is well lets say as good as Melissa Gorga just ok.

  • Fahlina_G

    I completely agree. Scheana seems to have grown, learned from her mistakes and seems hardworking and mature. I cannot say the same of Brandi.

  • MrRealHousewife

    Okay, although I do not agree with ANYONE sleeping with someone who is married, i do think that Brandi needs to let it go! It happened 7 damn years ago, she must not be over her ex husband because she sure does spend a lot of time being upset with Scheana over her actions years ago. Brandi, get a damn life please! Your storyline is becoming so damn boring!

  • Melodie

    To all of you who believe Brandi should just “Get Over It” you have probably not had someone violate your life like she has. Yes this is a tv show and yes the storyline keeps repeating itself BUT……. When someone (and no Im not letting Eddie Cibran off the hook) takes advantage of the situation such as Scheana did, they always feel like “well it wasn’t my fault he came on to me” “I did not know he was married” blah, blah, blah. blah, blah. The mistresses tell themselves things like “Well he loves me more than he does his wife or he picked me over her. THey feel a sense of “I won”. Little do they know that 70 percent of marriages/relationships that begin with infidelity end the same way they started. Anyway that said the feelings Brandi has and will continue to have are her own and no one has the right to tell her to “let it go” She had a marriage that was in the limelight although Im not sure what kind of actor Eddie is because I have not seen him in anything so he is a D list actor and lives off LeeAnn Rimes money, Am I right? It became public and that makes the situation 100 times worse. Its in front of you all the time. Many women who go through this don’t have to deal with their husbands mistresses on a regular basis and bravo has made it that she must be filmed with Scheana which I think is just terrible. I don’t care if everyone thinks Brandi’s comment about her teeth was mean or not, I would have probably asked the same thing if I saw her with perfect teeth and then with a problem. Who would not want to know? So infidelity is not easy to deal with and I don’t care what anyone says you can forgive all you want but women NEVER forget something like cheating. It will be with them all the days in their lives and affect every relationship she has in the future. I think you can see it now. Brandi made a big statement when she said ” will never need a man to take care of me ever again” She has got a large wall up and she is going to do damage to herself and her relationships if she does not get help. Sorry to burst all your bubbles but Brandi has the right to feel as she does for as long as she wants. Scheana I thinks she needs to grow up a bit and not be so vain. She has a temporary problem. Also Ive never heard her sing but Ive also never heard her name attached to anything so if her career depends on her having perfect teeth Im not sure things are going as she planned. Just saying

    • DebBrenn

      Melodie, You’re right on two of your points, although I don’t think you’re putting them together. Brandi has the RIGHT to feel whatever she feels (we all do), but she’s also damaging herself as long as she doesn’t learn to let go of it. And I agree that none of the hypothetical excuses you listed for dating a married man are valid, EXCEPT if the girl really didn’t know he was married. And I don’t think that’s been determined, has it? I think both of these girls have a lot of maturing to do, but I would like to see Brandi cope better with the bitterness. Apparently she can’t either forgive or forget, but she doesn’t have to generalize the experience so it poisons the rest of her life.

  • DebBrenn

    Does anybody know that Sheana KNEW he was married? I thought he told her he was separated.

  • Melodie

    who meets a so called movie star (I use the term lightly) and doesnt google it to find out as much information as possible. She knew he was married and she got excited about him picking her and she ran with it. She is not innocent.. I don’ t know how long it when on before they cut if off but I am sure she could have cared less. Stop making her out to be this innocent party in this story. She is just as responsible as Eddie.

  • Felina

    I read once that she didn’t know he was married and once that he told her he was separated. I think both are BS. I’m 54, single, and didn’t grow up in this computer generation and I google and research the he’ll out of a man before I out with him! You know this girl did, especially given he is a celeb.

  • Morgan

    Scheana needs to get over it she slept with a married man… Im sorry i feel for brandi. the washed up country singer better watch out for girls like scheana marie!

  • Michelle

    Scheana should stop saying that Brandi needs to “get over it”. Brandi will never get over it. Scheana was instrumental in distroying Brandi’s family…. Not just her marriage; her FAMILY. Scheana will never understand this until she becomes a mother herself. She is partly responsible for changing the course of the lives of those two little boys, and THAT is what is unforgiveable. It is clear that Brandi is still grieving for what her children have lost, not for herself.

  • Jennie Hunt the cunt

    Sheana, I hope someone sleeps with your husband when you’re married and we’ll see how you feel about it then.

  • tonya

    scheena Marie shay please stop singing……. Because you can’t, even with auto tune! enter the dropped mic sound here,please!

  • Melodie

    Tonya this post is from 2 years ago….. no one cares anymore