Scheana Marie Defends Lisa Vanderpump, Says Lisa Didn’t Know About Her Affair With Eddie Cibrian


With the fallout of Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville’s friendship, Brandi has accused Lisa of cozying up to the woman that had an affair with her husband, Scheana Marie. Brandi has claimed that Lisa used her heartbreak for personal gain in getting her restaurant, SUR, on TV. “Lisa continually brought [Scheana] around,” Brandi told OK! Magazine. “It makes me wonder what her motives are.”

But Scheana is defending her boss until the end, insisting Lisa had no idea of her affair with Cibrian. “I don’t float information to my boss, like, ‘Five years ago I slept with this guy. Thought you should know,'” she told the mag. “Brandi just sounds like an idiotic, petty person.”

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8 Replies to “Scheana Marie Defends Lisa Vanderpump, Says Lisa Didn’t Know About Her Affair With Eddie Cibrian”

  1. Hey Brandi, get over yourself. You act like your the only woman that was stepped on by a cheating husband. Did you stop to wonder why your husband went a stray? Take a good hard look at yourself and how you act and dress and your mouth. You really feel people should pity you? Just stop already and get a life.

  2. tampon string (brandi) needs to get over herself—–no-one even knew who brandi was 4 years ago…
    brandi is pathetic and just trying to extend her 15 minutes of faux fame……and brandi should take her own advice and STFU already, please go away……….

  3. brandi is just trying to stay relevant—she is an aging model (a dime a dozen) nobody. She is vulgar and despicable, full of bitterness and envy and tries to make everyone else miserable……she needs to go back to elementary school and learn some coping skills, since the drunken antics don’t work for a 40 something year old woman / child—-just ask kim………….
    BTW—take some english classes and learn more words instead of the usual (stfu)…’s embarrassing for you and you’re boys…..The viewer’s are embarrassed for you—-you are a clown…

  4. Lisa used Brandi’s pain to launch her spin-off show. I would never think its ok to be friendly with a woman that slept with my BFFs husband.

  5. Even if Lisa had known that Scheana had an affair with Eddie, Brandi doesn’t have the right to demand that Lisa not be friends with the woman. Grow up, Brandi.

    1. Brandi is too self absorbed & self centered & is way too shallow to see beyond her over-sized cheekbones. Face it–she’s a vicious, jealous, trampy has been. Bravo to the ex who found a better life for himself.

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