Ryan Culberson Blames RHOC Blowup On Bravo’s Editing, Vicki Gunvalson Speaks Out About His Behavior


Ryan Culberson has been under fire from his recent behavior on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Culberson attacked Lydia McLaughlin’s mother, Judy, calling her a bitch and screaming obscenities at her for putting her feet on the couch. Ryan is currently deployed in Afghanistan and is doing his fourth tour in the Marine Corps. He hasn’t been able to defend himself, but he is now telling the Marine Times there was more to the story than what was shown, and is blaming editing for how he came across on television.

“There was so much more … that led up to that incident which they fail to include to make me look like the crazy Marine,” Culberson told Marine Corps Times via email. “It definitely was a crazy night and I cannot get over how the producers edited it.”

Ryan said he even contacted family lawyers to get the network to show a more realistic version of what happened. “But due to the contract, anything we say or do can be cut a represented they way they want,” Ryan says. “I said somethings in the heat of the moment that I wish I hadn’t. But if the true story had of been painted it would be a lot more justified.”

Vicki Gunvalson told the Marine Times that she wasn’t there to witness what really happened between Ryan and Judy Stirling. “What Ryan did tell me when the cameras were off is she was very rude and disrespectful to him when he asked her several times to remove her feet off my sofa and the red wine she was holding,” Vicki said. “Although I can’t defend or condone how he acted because I wasn’t there at the time, I do know Ryan is a very kind man but obviously was pushed to his limit with her.”

“…I think you just need to make sure you steer clear of any drama that would make you look bad or bring discredit on the Marine Corps,” Culberson said. “I think, unless it’s something positive, it’s just not a good idea. Putting anything negative out there is only going to create problems.”

Judy Stirling told the Friendly Dish that Bravo portrayed exactly what happened, saying, “I do not drink red wine. Never have. I had no drink in my hand. Ryan came into the room shouting the f-word at me a zillion times. He was so drunk. He needs anger management. I feel sorry for his family.”

LALATE reports that The Marine Corps are “urging that Bravo no longer feature Ryan in future RHOC seasons. They also urging USMC officials to formally reprimand Staff Sgt Culberson for his conduct on camera.”

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15 Replies to “Ryan Culberson Blames RHOC Blowup On Bravo’s Editing, Vicki Gunvalson Speaks Out About His Behavior”

  1. Sorry Ryan I don’t believe a word your saying. I cannot think of one reason why Judy would make up this story. Had you come in and said, Hi Im ryan Vickie’s son in law how are you. Can I ask you to please remove your feet from the couch? The entire house has been redecorated. I would really appreciate it. Thank you. None of this would have ever happened. I think Judi is a sweet nut case but only with her fairies and fairy dust. Can you imagine her ever saying the F word in Ryan’s face? Nope sorry don’t believe you. I hope you accept the consequences that will be placed on you by the marine corps. By the way this really has nothing to do with you being a marine. This is about you being a human being.

  2. As a victim of domestic violence myself, I knew as soon as I heard Ryan that he was an abuser. I didn’t leave my abuser for myself. It took me giving birth to our son. A fist in my face threatening to knock me the f out as I breastfed my son on our first day home gave me courage to grab the diaper bag, my pocketbook and left.
    I told him I hope God forgives you because I never will. I was not going to rear my child in an alcoholic abusive environment. My son just turned 17 and he is a wonderful young man. Since he was a little boy, people have complemented on what a great kid he is. Out dentist told me last week, he had seen my son the week before and he is really a nice kid! Run Brianna, Run. Don’t keep your baby with that as a role model!

  3. Let’s break down the facts that we do know and see what the truth most likely is. 1) Ryan’s account was not just denying his poor behavior but accusing her of the words HE used and she didn’t. He lied about what she said and he lied about what he said. So his credibility is zero. Her account was exactly what we heard happened. Her credibility is 100% from everything we know. 2) His defense was that she laughed at him, and her comment that she thought he was kidding agrees with that. However, his initial comments to her, scolding her, were so outrageous who wouldn’t think he was kidding? She assumed she was laughing at his joke, not laughing at him. 3) You don’t need Emily Post to know that’s not how you treat a guest, and being “different” (Brianna, I’m talking to you) is no excuse. Were he even to have said, “Please take your feet off the couch” it would have been rude, and what he did say was way beyond rude; it was abrasive, cruel, and threatening. 4) His whole point was that it’s his house (as he almost slipped and said “I own… [it].” It isn’t his house. Period.

    The lesson to be learned for Brianna (because I think Ryan is so arrogant that he’s beyond listening, and because I think Brianna is good-hearted and wants to do right) is: There are times when someone is baldfaced WRONG, and don’t deserve defending. This is where the ‘I have your back’ lessons Brianna has learned from her mom and her friends prove to be ethically lacking. People are due support by their appropriate actions and words, not their allegiances.

    And for the Marines to put the onus on BRAVO, if they did, it is misplaced. If Ryan is on the show then I assume Ryan is being paid by the show. He needs to either remove himself from filming or learn to behave in a manner that represents Marines as they really are – with honor and dignity.

    1. DebBrenn you said it all and really there is nothing else to say on this matter. He is trouble and his past is repeating itself. Let’s see how this plays out on the reunion and or next season. He will come back being as sweet as pie unless the Marines tell him he must leave the show. Im sure they don’t need the money Vickie and buy and sell them and she would make sure they want for nothing. Good Job DebBrenn

  4. Ryan, it wasn’t your party, it wasn’t your sofa, it wasn’t wine and it wasn’t your call! You’ve got anger issues, buddy and ex-girlfriend is now speaking of domestic violence, too?!? Brianna, you better stop excusing Ryan’s rotten behavior and you best consider counseling. Something isn’t right.

  5. karma Brianna…….. looks like your guy is a monster compared to Brooks….. I’ve wondered for a couple of years now why you are disrepectful to your Mom on camera. You talk behind her back and now your husband is doing the same thing…. I saw that scene with Slade & Gretchen. Of all people for your husband to rag to about his mom-in-law. Shame on you Brianna…. you better run as fast as you can from this guy cuz he will hurt you someday.

  6. Wow, seriously you are blaming your rudeness and anger outburst on Bravo editing? Hate to break it to you pal, but you said the words and they caught it on camera. Yes, they made edit sequences out of order, but they don’t event your the actual words that come out of your mouth or your over the top behavior. Seems like payback for you being such a moral Nazi around Vickie’s house. Who the H___ do you think you are? I’m not a fan of Brooks, but he at least knows how to come across on camera, like a gentleman and The Lord knows how you have trashed his reputation. Can dish it put but can’t take it. Note to the Military and to Brianna: he has some really disturbing anger issues. Military: don’t give him a gun. Brianna: protect yourself and your child. He is a accident waiting to happen. Your marriage doesn’t stand a chance. You are far too smart to not know that he is a mental case. Ok, you can blame that on the war. Understood. Now go get some therapy pal. Vickie? Grow a pair and kick these two out of your house and date who you want. Your brother is the only sane one in the family! Oh, and your son, have fun.

  7. I watched the finale again because I really wanted to review Ryan’s tantrum and looking closer at it I could not believe his face when Judi was talking to the other ladies and when Vickie had her arm around Judi. His face was furious. He looked like he was going to kill her. Take a minute to look closely at the way he projects himself as well as the way he just continues to lie lie lie about everything that happened. Your right Brianna he is different. He is a rage a holic and he is dangerous. I can see it now season 10 Brianna held up at Vickies house with eyes black and blue saying “He didn’t mean it he is really a nice guy he is just different”

    1. From Day one appearing on the show, Ryan was arrogant and never really seemed to treat Vicki with any sort of respect (being an older woman not to mention being his mother in law he just met. It was pretty disturbing seeing him with such rage for a couch that isn’t his in a home that isn’t his and to lash out with a distortion of events.. I’m sure there was editing done but what we saw during his outburst was not “normal” behavior…and Judy seemed to handle the situation with class and remained calm. Arguing with people like that only makes it worse and feeds their anger. Had he behaved like that in my home, he would have been thrown out on his ass. He blurts out “I own” then catches himself lol “do I need to tell you who I am”??? wth was that! I was expecting him to say “I am GOD”! for Christ sake she wasn’t smoking a joint in the house, she simply had her feet up…BFD!!! He’s a time bomb waiting to explode and it seems that Briana and Vicki put him on the pedestal he wants and they walk on eggshell’s around him so as not to upset him and totally stroke his ego. He is a disgrace to our Brave Marines not to mention an embarrassment and should be seriously evaluated before he hurts innocent people. I knew those excuses for him would start flying as I was watching it…a person like him will NEVER own up, never apologize because in their eye’s they were RIGHT. It doesn’t matter where you are going, Afghanistan or Neverland, he made the choice to serve, he didn’t have a gun to his head..his choice…excuses excuses…

      Narcissistic Personality Disorder- an individual described as being pre occupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige, vanity. They have unwarranted feelings of self importance, they have a sense of entitlement, and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy for others. These feelings are usually defenses against deep feelings of inferiority.

      some of the SYMPTOMS-
      *they have an inflated sense of their own importance
      *believe they are superior to other people and have little regard for others feelings
      *expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments
      *expects constant attention and admiration from others
      *is arrogant in behavior and attitude, conceited
      *consider themselves better than others
      *expects others to go along with what they want
      *envies other’s and believes other’s envy them
      *expects constant praise and admiration
      *jealous of others
      *appearing tough minded or unemotional
      *easily hurt or rejected
      *have fragile self esteem and can’t take criticism

      They have an ELEVATED sense of “self worth” and in reality they have very fragile self esteems and can NOT handle criticism and will often try to compensate by belittling or disparaging other’s in an attempt to validate their own self worth.

      ~NARCISSTIC RAGE- they LOVE being the center of attention. .sometimes creating situations they will receive attention. They have the need for control their environment, if they feel wronged. The rage that is directed to the person who they feel disrespected or slighted them is usually in the form of shouting, fact distortion and making groundless accusations. They create situations so they will be the center of attention. The rage is usually incoherent and unjust. Sadly, living with people with NPD…is very draining, they are dictator’s and control freaks and verbal abusers. They are always in charge and expect to have things their way always. If not, there is hell to pay.

      I’m sure we’ll be reading about this fool down the road.

  8. Despite being raised by a narcissist, it seems Briana turned out to be a sensible young woman. I fear she has made a big mistake with this quickie courtship and marriage. I’m crossing my fingers she stays safe in the event this guy turns his rage toward her and their child.

  9. I can not understand why Vickeys daughter gives her such a hard time, when her husband treated an older woman so poorly. I dont think Brooks is truthful but Vicky is old enough to choose for herself. And i wonder if Ryan said things to lead him into half the things he says on tape, who carries a tap recorder around with them im sure Ryan and his wife set it up. That doesnt excuse Brooks but its strange that Briana wants to put Brooks down on tv and not talk about her husband, and i dont believe that she didnt mean to say she had to clean the couch of mud and red wine, she ment it. Most of my friends and family do not like Ryan, not just because of what he said at the winter party his whole attitude , i think Vicky needs to let Briana and Ryan stand on there own to feet, she and her husband are very disrespectable maybe when they pay for there rent and food and electricity they will be thankfull for what she has done for them. I will not be watching the show if Ryan is in the show . Good luck to everyone

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