Ryan Culberson Blames RHOC Blowup On Bravo’s Editing, Vicki Gunvalson Speaks Out About His Behavior


Ryan Culberson has been under fire from his recent behavior on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Culberson attacked Lydia McLaughlin’s mother, Judy, calling her a bitch and screaming obscenities at her for putting her feet on the couch. Ryan is currently deployed in Afghanistan and is doing his fourth tour in the Marine Corps. He hasn’t been able to defend himself, but he is now telling the Marine Times there was more to the story than what was shown, and is blaming editing for how he came across on television.

“There was so much more … that led up to that incident which they fail to include to make me look like the crazy Marine,” Culberson told Marine Corps Times via email. “It definitely was a crazy night and I cannot get over how the producers edited it.”

Ryan said he even contacted family lawyers to get the network to show a more realistic version of what happened. “But due to the contract, anything we say or do can be cut a represented they way they want,” Ryan says. “I said somethings in the heat of the moment that I wish I hadn’t. But if the true story had of been painted it would be a lot more justified.”

Vicki Gunvalson told the Marine Times that she wasn’t there to witness what really happened between Ryan and Judy Stirling. “What Ryan did tell me when the cameras were off is she was very rude and disrespectful to him when he asked her several times to remove her feet off my sofa and the red wine she was holding,” Vicki said. “Although I can’t defend or condone how he acted because I wasn’t there at the time, I do know Ryan is a very kind man but obviously was pushed to his limit with her.”

“…I think you just need to make sure you steer clear of any drama that would make you look bad or bring discredit on the Marine Corps,” Culberson said. “I think, unless it’s something positive, it’s just not a good idea. Putting anything negative out there is only going to create problems.”

Judy Stirling told the Friendly Dish that Bravo portrayed exactly what happened, saying, “I do not drink red wine. Never have. I had no drink in my hand. Ryan came into the room shouting the f-word at me a zillion times. He was so drunk. He needs anger management. I feel sorry for his family.”

LALATE reports that The Marine Corps are “urging that Bravo no longer feature Ryan in future RHOC seasons. They also urging USMC officials to formally reprimand Staff Sgt Culberson for his conduct on camera.”

Photo Credit: Bravo