Rosie Pierri’s Ex-Girlfriend Ellen Minkin Regrets Appearing On RHONJ


We were introduced to Rosie Pierri’s ex-girlfriend on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Ellen Minkin. And although Rosie has revealed that there are “no hard feelings” after their break-up, Minkin is speaking to Wetpaint, revealing she felt used by Pierri to appear on the show.

“I’m sorry I did it,” Minkin said. “I’m sorry I went out with her. I feel like she used me.”

“We really weren’t in a heavy-duty relationship,” Minkin admitted. “We were just very good friends, and she makes it seem like we were together and we had this whole relationship. Really, I was just doing her a favor, and now I’m paying the price.”

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10 Replies to “Rosie Pierri’s Ex-Girlfriend Ellen Minkin Regrets Appearing On RHONJ”

  1. I wondered about that. I really did. But you played it well. Your a beautiful woman but I didn’t see anything about you and Rosie on here until now. I would feel the same way as you.

  2. Oh piss off!!! you got your 5 minutes and now you want to have a winge, I can’t stand Kathy but I really enjoy watching Rosie and I really don’t see her that desperate that she needs to put what the is your name on TV with her…Rosie can hold her own!!!

  3. What price is Ellen paying? How she made herself look like a fool for gushing on TV about her relationship with Rosie. Believe me, she signed a contract too, got paid, and no gun was forced on her head for what she said on TV or appearing as Rosie’s girlfriend–take responsibility.

  4. I just remember Rosie screaming and snarling during one of the reunions abt teresa. Not cute. She should check that temper. And I don’t buy anything the Gorgas or Wakiles are selling. They wanted on the show bad enough to sell out the guidices. I don’t doubt Rosie would lie abt this too.

    1. How did the Gorga’s “sell out” the Guidices? I agree, they wanted on the show badly, but Bravo wanted them too. Teresa DID NOT. It’s wasn’t “the Teresa Show”.

  5. You know Deedee you are right. She was yelling at Theresa, I’m gonna kill her. What pissed me
    off was the way that treated Theresa. They are sneaks and slime buckets.
    They would sell out anyone to get their homely mugs on TV.
    That low life Melissa singing Amazing Grace. What a setup. And then after all of her practicing she
    can’t even get the words right. You bet she practiced. Ooh I can’t stand her.

  6. Rosie rocks…She didn’t need you. You used Rosie for your 5 minutes of fame….
    Please don’t make shit up….Rosie Rocks.

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